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Midnight Best Buy Launch Locations for PS3 54

If you're on pins and needles looking forward to November 17th, you'll be very interested to know that Kotaku has a list of Best Buy stories opening at Midnight on PS3 launch day. The list of 18 stores allowed to open at the very start of the day comes from what is apparently an internal memo. The other stores are slated to open at 8am, assuming there are no restrictions on the time they can open (if they're in a mall, for example). As a refresher for launch day fans, make sure and check out the list of launch window titles, and the accessories price list.
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Midnight Best Buy Launch Locations for PS3

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    What's the fun of a console launch if you don't spend all night urban camping?

    PS3 and Wii launch two days apart: That means a 4 day urban uber camping fest (or UUCF for short). An event like this only comes around once in a life time.
  • Consumer campouts (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Mr. Samuel ( 950418 )
    Can anybody think of another type of product that people campout to buy? To me this seems like a game console sort of phenomenon, which I find rather odd.
    • by jonwil ( 467024 )
      Event tickets for one, people will camp out for days to secure good tickets for big sporting events, concerts etc.
    • My dad collects toy cars, and also happens to be a stocker at Wal-Mart, who sells toy cars. It's not exactly camping, but other collectors (well, not so much the collectors as the profiteers who hope to resell on eBay) will show up an hour before the store opens or more if they think there will be anything rare in the day's shipment. Often there will be "special edition" models that come only one to a whole crate of Hot Wheels, and these guys want to be in first to grab that one special edition so they can
      • You live somewhere that has Walmarts that actually close? Where are you? Here (Florida) there's about five Walmarts within 35 miles and they're all 24/7.
      • by gfxguy ( 98788 )
        And just out of curiosity, do you think that's bad? I don't do it, and never would, but then again, I don't have the patience of fruit fly...

        Which means I wouldn't spend $1.00 more for a console than the going rate, I don't care how long I have to wait. In fact, it'll probably be several years before I buy one, at which point the price will have come down significantly and the library of games will be large.

        It's just that if somebody is such an idiot they'd actually pay MORE for an already overpriced cons
        • Come on... this is the new millenium. Generation |V [] \v/ we need to have things instantly delivered!
        • I'm not a fan of the artificial scarcity scalpers. I collect Barbies, and this was a big problem in the late 90s when Barbie collecting was somewhat trendy (it's fallen out of fashion a bit since then, although the quality of the dolls has gone way way up).

          Back then, the problem was the people who actually worked at places like Target - a new doll would come in, they'd buy as many as their store would let them (often all of them), usually at below retail with an employee discount or something, and then pu

          • by gfxguy ( 98788 )
            You also make a good point - the difference between these consoles and the "rare" cars is that keep making more, and often enough they fix problems with the first generation, or they add features... I remember people having to use their PS1 upside down; the PS2 got slimmer... there's just no compelling reason to waste your life camping out for a PS3.
      • As a former Target employee, I just want to add that those Hot Wheels collectors had to be the single most annoying people on the planet if not because of their behavior then because of the fact that it was litirally an everyday occurance.
        If the sign says (paraphrased) "What we have out is what we have, don't ask, even if we had more we wouldn't bring them out" then why do people ask? If the cars are all neatly hung on their pegs when the store opened, why should their be dozens laying on a pile on the sh
    • by DrXym ( 126579 )
      Hyped Apple / Nintendo / Sony / MS hardware, MS Windows Vista (???), store sales, movies (Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter) etc.

      Some people lose all capacity for rational thought when things are hyped. More sensible people sit back and wait for the hype to dissipate and then try to make an objective evaluation once the good, the bad and the ugly are known. If a console really is THAT GOOD, then the chances are that you could walk into any store in several months from now or at any time in the next 5 yea

    • People camped out for the opening of the Ikea store in Michigan recently. The actual store itself- not something in particular to buy inside. And yes, the store is still there, it wasn't blown up five hours after opening or something.
    • I was listening to NPR this morning and they had a story about Tickle-Me Elmo Extreme dolls selling out in Texas before the store opened [] because they handed out makeshift place coupons to the people that camped out. Some people purchased them for resale on e-bay. One woman had driven 300 miles from Mexico to find out that they were all sold out when she arrived at opening - had she known they would be camping out she would have done so too.

      So, Mr. Samuel, it's not strictly a game console phenomenon.
  • Uh oh... (Score:3, Funny)

    by Null Nihils ( 965047 ) on Wednesday November 01, 2006 @07:25AM (#16670929) Journal
    If you're on pins and needles looking forward to November 17th ...
    I bet there's a disparaging joke in there, but I'm sure there must be some people out there who want to rootkit -- er, root -- for Sony's new console. In the name of fairness, wii all should give the P$3 the benefit of the DRM^H^H^H doubt, despite the large price tag and dubious overall entertainment value... to say nothing of Sony's utter contempt for the consumer...

    So yeah! Go PlayStation 3! []
    • I bet there's a disparaging joke in there, but I'm sure there must be some people out there who want to rootkit -- er, root -- for Sony's new console. In the name of fairness, wii all should give the P$3 the benefit of the DRM^H^H^H doubt, despite the large price tag and dubious overall entertainment value... to say nothing of Sony's utter contempt for the consumer...

      P$3? Oh, yeah, I forgot, only Sony is in the video game business to make money. The other corporations wish to entertain us because it ma

      •   (^_^) -  -         <-- Joke

          (> < )             <-- You (put a shirt on, please!)
           \o /
          /. . \
        / |.  |  \
           || |
           || |

        These diagrams never get old, I tell ya.
    • by Trogre ( 513942 )
      Well maybe some people want a controller that doesn't care about the rooms lighting conditions and games that aren't regionalised. Or enough computing power to actually render decent games.

      Just a guess but I'd say after the Wii is released there will be even more people queuing up for the PS3.

  • by realinvalidname ( 529939 ) on Wednesday November 01, 2006 @07:40AM (#16670999) Homepage

    Maybe they chose 18 stores because they've been told to only expect 18 units to sell, and they want to spread the love.


  • So wait... the text in that article explaining which stores are opening is supposed to be straight from the corporate mouth of Best Buy? There is no way that they would be saying "that'll" "won't" and inconsistently using phrases such as "unless prohibited by law or landlord situations" vs "unless prohibited by landlord situations". That is unless they have their janitor do their memos.
    • by thebdj ( 768618 )
      Because, the "unless prohibited by law or landlord situations" applies to the Wii launch. Please note that the Wii launch is on a Sunday. In many states, particularly the south, there are laws in place that only apply to the Sunday opening of stores. Actually, it is very rare, if not unheard of, for such laws during the rest of the week; however, it is actually somewhat common in some parts of the country to have laws prohibiting stores from opening before a certain time on Sunday.

      Also, this notion of
  • by cdneng2 ( 695646 ) on Wednesday November 01, 2006 @10:04AM (#16672063)
    I hope that Best Buy has they courtesy to tell people their inventory... so if they have 10 PS3s in stock, they will tell the 11th person to go home. They probably won't, as they will take the opportunity to milk as much as they can from the press of it. How ironic. The lack of PS3s out there will most likely drive people to pick up a Wii or a 360.
  • Lolz. Last winter I went there in the evening and after I bought my goods, I decided to stand outside and have a cigarette. I noticed 2 teenagers there sitting on chairs. They mistakened me for being fellow Xbox 360 campers. Might be a good photo opportunity for your blogger, considering it's near the heardquarters.
  • If you actually RTFA and look at the scan of the memo, you'll notice at the bottom, there's no intentions for a midnight opening for the Wii launch? What's up with that?!

    This seems silly as I would assume there'd be a lot more Wiis to go around to actually make a launch party fun, as opposed to fustrating and violent as I forsee the PS3 midnight launch.

    Makes no sense to me.

  • [b]Manager:[/b] Ok, Joseph, it's midnight. Open the doors and let them in.

    [b]Joseph:[/b] Sure... (click, crowd rushes in)

    [b]Joseph:[/b] Ok, sir. What would you like?

    [b]Customer #1:[/b] I'd like to buy a wii.

  • the only people i've seen excited (and lining up) are those that believe statements like "The P$3 will replace the home computer", the "madden"/sports crowd and lower middle class teenagers that somehow have $600 to throw away.

    Why can't stores get this excited about the Wii. Do they still view all nintendo products as "kiddie?"
    • by brkello ( 642429 )
      *sigh* I really don't understand this attitude on Slashdot. Because someone is a fan of a different console you think they are a moron. You sit there and stereotype people who would want one: "madden/sports crowd and lower middle class teenagers that somehow have $600 to throw away". Yet freak out when they label people who like Nintendo games as "kiddie".

      I find it telling that people on here are just attacking consoles and ignoring the games. Games are what make the console. Yet instead of arguing t
      • Now, i think you're adding way too many negative connnotations to my words. I only stated what i've seen in the lines. Not much room for bias. Stereotypes (although i hate to admit) come from somewhere. We don't have prejudice in this world for things people don't do. I'm a minority. I've been a geek all my life. So don't you tell me about bias or stereotyping because i've known th ugly face of prejudice for many years.

        I'm a fan of videogames and to tell you the truth, i'm not impressed with what the PS3 ha

"Yeah, but you're taking the universe out of context."