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Comment Re:Most Important Websites... (Score 5, Informative) 123

Did you ever Altavista search "linux games"? If you were looking for Linux games you would have found this site, along with Happy Penguin (I think they started as separate sites - could be wrong on that), and Tux Games. Eventually Loki Games got things really rolling, and now we have Steam.

Freshmeat would be the obvious other place to search for Linux games. The TuCows Linux site wasn't very reliable.

Comment Re:New to computers (Score 1) 718

I've been MS free for over a decade and my parents and brothers for about 3 years. Debian and then Ubuntu.

Had this page included some illustrative video about what comes preinstalled with each system in a little walkthrough this A or B page may have been more fair. They could also include a primer to cloud services. I think grannies might consider Ubuntu if they saw how well it suits their needs.

I think the "new user" point makes sense coming from Dell. They sell software and would like to offer consumers the gratification of buying something that will work on their new computer. I think this works both ways. The consumer wants to buy Office, an awesome CPU-munching anti-spyware app (who doesn't), and a handful of games.

Dell customers who take Ubuntu home will be left holding their discs in their hands. I remember (and worked) at CompUSA when it was possible to buy CorelOffice and Loki games off the shelf. Those days have passed and with todays generation of console, Flash, mobile, and HTML based games ... and OpenOffice, who needs them. People would happily keep their $100-$500 Office dollars if they knew about Google Apps.

I still have the worst luck picking mid-consumer grade printers off the shelf that work under Linux without hitting the net first. I thought all Brothers were safe and I bought my mom the one that wasn't - now it is a coaster.

I think any programmer - not just "open source" programmers would benefit from the Ubuntu choice. Did they really have to spotlight the Games menu?


Submission + - Google's Silent Monopoly (Unfair With AdWords)

An anonymous reader writes: Isaac Garcia from Central Desktop Blog writes, "How much does Google pay *itself* to claim the top ad position for searches relevant to its own products?"

"Google holds the top advertisement (Adword) slot for the following key words: intranet, spreadsheet, documents, calendar, word processor, email, video, instant messenger, blog, photo sharing, online groups, map, start page, restaurant, dining, and books...if you are trying to advertise a product that is competitive to Google, then you'll never be able to receive the Top Ad Position, no matter how much money you bid and spend."

"How different is it than MSFT placing its products (Internet Explorer) in a premium marketing position (embedded in the OS)?" spreadsheet

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