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Comment Re:More expensive? You mean LESS expensive (Score 1) 150

You kidding? If a game on the scale of Resident Evil 5 was released as a budget title, people would lap that shit up like anti-freeze at a petting zoo, and it's not like it costs any more to manufacture a copy of RE5 than it does to manufacture a copy of, for instance, Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition.

Capcom invested millions of dollars in making Resident Evil 5, I'd wager even more than they did in making Resident Evil 4 due to the HD graphics. The cost of churning the game out at the factory is not the true cost of the game. Before a single copy is even produced, millions of dollars are on the line.

If Capcom could make more money selling the game at a higher volume with a lower price, they would. They aren't going to invest big bucks in a game unless people are willing to pay big bucks for it at the store. I'd be surprised if Capcom didn't lose money releasing the game for $30.

Comment Indy games are not immune to market forces (Score 1) 150

The author mentions XNA games and a $10 price limit. You know, I've played some of these XNA games, and I'm going to go out on a limb and say I wouldn't play a lot of them for free. That's not an insult against the XNA game developers. I wish I had the skills to create an XNA game. The games just don't compare to what a high-budget team at Electronic Arts or Capcom can do.

At gamestats.com, the "top sales" chart suggests that there is a big market for high-budget games at full price. Street Fighter 4 is around $70 Canadian, and it's apparently selling very well at a similar price in the US. One of the replies to the blog post says "Create the quality. People will seek it...Things that simply occupy our time and do not enlighten us will fall into obscurity". Exactly. But do you have the money to do it? Do you have the skills to create something special?

The problem I see with indie games is, with the exception of something very special like Braid, they just cannot compete at any price with the latest high-budget games or yesterday's high-budget games (at a "Greatest Hits" price, including the crazy deals on Steam that have already been mentioned here).

The market isn't conspiring against anybody to charge the wrong price. I suspect that the indie games that sell well are priced at market value.

Comment Re:More expensive? You mean LESS expensive (Score 1) 150

If it's more than $30... you're over charging. Period. You can try to argue this with me... but everything past that mark is greed pure and simple.

So, $30 is a fixed maximum price point regardless of the costs of producing the game? In the case of a game like, say, Resident Evil 5, I doubt that the game would even break even if it launched at $30. If I'm right, that's hardly "greed".

Comment Re:The norm? (Score 0, Redundant) 545

I actually did something amazing right now and read the full article.

While the business market typically tends toward caution when it comes to new products, the figure is nonetheless surprising given that almost no large companies migrated to Vista and as a result most have been using XP much longer than planned.

So the article suggests my initial comment, but I don't see why skipping Vista implies an immediate move to Windows 7. Obviously XP works for people.


Submission + - Does Losing Weight Make You Happy?

atanas writes: "Joi Ito posted "Before and After" images of himself on Flickr. He lost 15 kgs (33 lbs.) and is happy with his new, healthier lifestyle. I congratulate him for his effort, and for achieving his goal (I assume this was his goal). But this also made me think: Have you noticed that in almost all "Before and After" images the person looks happier in the "Before" image? They look more slender, fitter, muscular, trimmer in the "After" image, but something seems to have left them... The spark in their eye is gone... http://atanasentchev.blogspot.com/2007/02/before-a fter.html"

Submission + - Canadian copyright group wants iPod taxes

Anonymous Coward writes: "Unable to define memory as a "recording medium," Canada's Private Copyright Collective goes directly after portable music player devices, memory cards, and anything else that can be used to make private copies. The Private Copyright Collective submitted a proposal to the country's Copyright Board that suggests levies of $5 on devices with up to 1GB of memory, $25 for 1 to 10 GB, $50 for between 10 GB and 30 GB and $75 for over 30 GB are in order to compensate artists and labels for the losses they suffer when people "illegally" copy or transfer music. They are also seeking a new $2 to $10 tax on memory cards. That's right, MEMORY CARDS! The backbone of digital photography has become tangled up in the fight for making sure music artists get every nickel and dime they feel that they deserve."

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