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Comment Re:Oh for god sake (Score 1) 160

Paying a thief to hack is illegal. Paying another news org to show you what the hacker gave them is not.

Nor is timing the releases to harm candidates illegal -- that is political speech, the most protected of all.

He only did something illegal if he paid for the info from the original hacker, or helped in some way.

Comment Re: Mall shooting in Germany (Score 1) 191

It is obvious in those cases they sought out the gun for suicide.

You are suggesting these happy people bought a gun, then, purely coincidentally, killed themselves quickly.

To go back to the train example, I am sure towns with a new train track suddenly get train suicides.

The presence of the Golden Gate Bridge is dangerously increasing suicides for a hundred years now. Without it they would be fewer by your argument.

Comment Re:You've got to appreciate the irony... (Score 1) 80

Except this isn't just about a company being sloppy (or outright lying) about a customer-friendly policy. There are laws about having to delete said things after a certain amount of time.

So, for the lawyers:

1. Does something in the drafts folder count as email?
2. Regardless of 1, does this draft still existing imply the whole email system database backup still exists, or does Yahoo do extra work to just clobber old in and outboxes?

Comment Re:You've got to appreciate the irony... (Score 1) 80

If they deleted it from their drafts folder, I would expect it to be clobbered from the backup system after the expired time simply because it is only in backed up files of the entire email database.

So...it is in a separate database just for drafts (or all non-sent, non-received data)? Or is the general email database backup sitting around existing when it shouldn't?

This is the investigation that needs to happen.

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