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Comment Re: Mall shooting in Germany (Score 1) 190

It is obvious in those cases they sought out the gun for suicide.

You are suggesting these happy people bought a gun, then, purely coincidentally, killed themselves quickly.

To go back to the train example, I am sure towns with a new train track suddenly get train suicides.

The presence of the Golden Gate Bridge is dangerously increasing suicides for a hundred years now. Without it they would be fewer by your argument.

Comment Re:You've got to appreciate the irony... (Score 1) 80

Except this isn't just about a company being sloppy (or outright lying) about a customer-friendly policy. There are laws about having to delete said things after a certain amount of time.

So, for the lawyers:

1. Does something in the drafts folder count as email?
2. Regardless of 1, does this draft still existing imply the whole email system database backup still exists, or does Yahoo do extra work to just clobber old in and outboxes?

Comment Re:You've got to appreciate the irony... (Score 1) 80

If they deleted it from their drafts folder, I would expect it to be clobbered from the backup system after the expired time simply because it is only in backed up files of the entire email database. is in a separate database just for drafts (or all non-sent, non-received data)? Or is the general email database backup sitting around existing when it shouldn't?

This is the investigation that needs to happen.

Comment Re: crowded (Score 1, Troll) 203

I lived in the Netherlands. Ray is spot on there, too. Even driving the long hour and a half on the highway from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, one giant supercity, you pass through many more miles of open farmland than urban area, dotted with villages. And inland it is almost solid farmland.

Ray is right. There is a ton of room to move out of cities there without addecting farmland use much (to say nothing of improving farming techniques that will more than compensate, i.e. food prices will continue to drop over the decades even as farmland becomed marginally, a few percent, less available. And a few percent is an enormous space for more spread out living.

Comment Re:Umm (Score 1) 203

12 comments deep before I find one that isn't some idiot's snark.

He is just re-making an old observation here, that instant worldwide communication (and now, camera videos) make the entire world a place of disaster observation. Heck, any old incident for that matter.

Tornado, hurricane, murder, car accident, train accident, these were incredibly rare in the days of old film cameras. Few had one, and never at the ready.

Now these scenes are not just common, but daily. We have an entire world of rare events to view on the Internet each evening...or live.

But that is a chimera making things seem worse when, by all objective measures, things are getting better.

Imagine a galactic society with fast information exchange. Or slow, lightspeed for that matter. Every minute you would see bombs and wars and collapsing buildings from a million worlds coming in...even if that society were 10x more peaceful per capita.

As for the land, he is right. Although much of the "unused" land is used by farms for the people in cities, as a fraction there is a buttload of room for living without impacting farm area much.

For that matter, improvements in farming not only compensate for population increase, but do so faster than it becomes a problem (thanks, Julian Simon [.org] for the unshocking observation). It would similarly budget for people moving out into these vast, "unused" spaces, and faster than it gets used.

Comment Re: Heck yes, (Score 1) 351

Meat is awful without beef fat to flavor it.

Make a burger with fatless steak tartar and see. There's a reason unmarbled steak was rated a lower grade until anti-fat started in the 1970s. It still deserves low flavor ratings. Yicky flavor, actually.

The lab people know this and add beef fat. Just cut out the middleman and add beef fat to soy.

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