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Comment Re:Given that Venezuela's economy is tanking (Score 1) 87

Did you type that on iPhone or android or PC? You would have none of that relying on communism, which institutionalizes the dictatorship you lambaste.

There is no such thing as real communism that has never been tried. It is a dictatorship at its core. People are not free to satisfy the needs or desires of others, so it will always lag and fail at even the basics.

Comment Re:Poor business (Score 1) 385

Back then he was right. Art in visual design is not art in expression of gameplay. Most games just repeated the same gamsplay over and over and over, changing a monster every 15 minutes of play.

He's still largely right today. A series of cut scenes played end to end might make for a shitty B movie, but that isn't a video game. That is a movie intertwined with one.

Let's make a new Plinkett/Bechtel type test right here. Describe artistic game expression without relying on irrelevant (to the medium) things like pretty backgrounds, models, or movie cut scenes.

Where is the gameplay beef?

Comment Re:Huh? I use these all the time. (Score 1) 262

I have used close-to-right only once, a long time ago. Here are two similar things I currently often do:

1. Close all -- just click the little close box. Saves a few clicks over the close all tabs.

2. Close all but one -- grab the tab and pull it out into another window, then alt-tab back and click the close box on the previous window.

Easy, faster, and completely intuitive.

Comment Classical physics, er, error (Score 2) 412

She falls into the same trap that most do who think about this problem -- that the super-universe in which our simulation is embedded has physics anything like what is being simulated for us (or with us as a side effect.)

If it can do uncounted googleplex operations per second, with similar abailability of storage space (or equivalent for an analog computer!) then none of her speed concerns are valid. Indeed, the cosmic speed limit here is a curious oddity, perhaps deliberately ala Vinge's Zones of Thought.

As for Bell's inequality and hidden variables, again, if it is all simulated, none of that matters. Hidden variables is only an issue if you need to maintain Einstein's concept of reality, that there are real objects "out there" with real, measurable properties. If one gives up on that reality, one can base quantum mechanics on a deeper classical realism with no problems whatsoever.

But even that need not be the ultimate reality. But her concerns are only issues if one, needlessly, and I submit oddly, wants to maintain that that parent computer's physics is anything like the physics being sinulated.

Comment Re:really hard to predict what gets the attention (Score 1) 75

Spy scandal?

What, exactly, is scandalous about finding out that the CIA hoards and exploits vulnerabilities in software for strategic gains of the USA vs other nations?

Are you surprised that the CIA is actually doing it's job?

What's scandalous is the potential for misuse of these by agents to spy on people they shouldn't, like Americans without warrants, the famed LOVINT where people obsess on their crushes, and agents side-working for this or that politician. You don't think a guy like G. Gordon Liddy wouldn't happily abuse stuff like that?

Of course, it's all well-logged and reviewed by elected Congressmen on the security committees, along with necessary warrants or security letters. Ya, I'm sure it is. It must be, right?

Comment But I REALLY wanna censor it! Is that good enough? (Score 1) 554

Of course it's legal under the first amendment. The only real issue is copyrights, and there are already judements floating around that copyrights are to secure profits, and not to be used to prevent works from being used (though this has yet to make it's way to the Supreme Court.) One guy refused to let someone he didn't like use his song (even though he was paying the standard license for it.) The court said screw you, you can't do that. Copyright is to protect your profits, not to let you stop people from using it.

As for the Disabilities Act, well, "Congress shall make no law", end of story. They might be able to get away with it on campus as an official thing (though this should fail, too) but offering it to the general public, or even university students, sorry censors. You still have no sway in the US.

Comment Re:Armstrong didn't say "one small step for man" (Score 1) 52

However, NASA has studied the audio recording over and over, and found no evidence that there's an 'a' ever uttered, and plenty of evidence that there simply isn't the time for him to have said what he claims he said.

Humans have notoriously terrible memories, we remember more of what we want to, not what actually happened.

Say it yourself. It's easy to get sloppy and think you are saying "for a man", yet it comes out sound like "for man". He probably spoke it in exactly that manner.

Comment Re:$400 million deal (Score 1) 129

Anyone who has that kind of money in China has "ties to leading families of the Communist Party" - that's how they got the fucking money, or at least got to keep it.

Well, duh. That's why they went into power in the first place, and continue to do so in most, if not all, countries. Even the west they throw out tidbits to the population, but behind closed doors, money changes hands (unofficially, or officially through donations) and this or that regulatory burden or law gets changed. That's why they go into power everywhere.

This worldview has yet to fail in its massive explanatory and predictive power.

Comment Time (Score 1) 154

It's about time. I've been whining about this for 2 years now. To hell with winning the fastest script prize when you grind everything to a halt. (This is the fault of terrible testing mags/sites who weight shit wrongly.)

It has reached critical mass -- takes forever due to massive advertising overlays and chatty stuff. You click the close box, irritated, and it takes 5s to close.

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