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Journal Journal: Another story submitted to Slashdot

This one is an interview about Jonathan Lethem and his ideas and opinions on Copyright.

One thing I didn't put in the summary was that he is offering an interesting deal for the film rights of his most recent novel, 'You Don't Love Me Yet'. The details are on on his website (it's probably good that this link didn't end up in the submission, because I am not sure could survive a solid slashdotting.)

The deal is also mentioned in the article, too.

PS. Hat tip to Norm Jenkins for linking the interview on his website.
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Journal Journal: Follow-up to my front page submission

So, my first submission to Slashdot got accepted and graced the front page with its horrific words and despicable links.

The story had a sort of Democrat slant, not because I'm pro-Democrat (I'm actually Canadian, so my connection to American politics is an indirect one) but because that's just the way things turned out. Still, I'm encouraged that the left-leaning Slashdot largely noted that the Dems are really not that different from the Republicans, and (as my submission noted) may possibly end up being worse in some ways. It is nice to see that the Slashdot crowd demands real freedom, and doesn't naively think the Dems are going to save them from what the evil Republicans have done.

However, my issue is this: politicians legislate. It's what they do. They add more laws, they rarely take them away. If the voter just goes "I don't care for laws, so I'm not going to give input on them" the politician will go and make some bullshit law anyways. And then you get "tubes"-inspired legislation. This is a very Bad Thing.

American politics, anyways, is really kind of screwed. First-past-the-post voting, and two-party-only. It's the Diet Coke of Democracy. Sure, it once led the way for a freer and more modern world, but complacency has since set in, and the rotting has started.

But that's reality, and things are unlikely to change soon. Hence the point of view of my article submission.

Also, to those who harped on my headline's grammar, a newsflash: Correct Grammar In Headlines Not Necessary.

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