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Comment I hope the manufacturers use these (Score 1) 23

I hope the manufacturers of the phone hardware being targeted download these firmware files, reverse engineer them and fix whatever exploits the firmware files are taking advantage of.

The good thing about running a phone (the Nokia N900 Linux-based phone) so obscure even most geeks dont know a lot about it is that no-one is going to bother writing exploits or hacks for it.

Comment Re:its difficult to dispute the position of Apple. (Score 1) 284

As an Aussie, I only ever use "credit" (my Visa Debit card) for online purchases, for that rare case when someone takes Visa but doesn't take EFTPOS (e.g. the card readers on most vending machines) or in the case when I (or a staff member at a store) accidentally runs it up as "credit" or PayWave rather than EFTPOS.

There are still businesses out there that dont take EFTPOS or have a surcharge or a high minimum transaction but for those rare occasions I can still get cash easily enough.

Comment Doesn't surprise me (Score 2) 58

One of the biggest reasons for AllMyVideos (and a number of other similar sites) to exist is for hosting all the copyright-violating stuff that the big boys like YouTube and DailyMotion detect and block.

And the sort of people who seek out such content are exactly the sort of people who are least likely to pay AllMyVideos any money and the most likely to use whatever combination of blocking software and tools are necessary to avoid the annoying ads (after all, one big reason why they want to find the stuff online rather than watching it on TV is because they want to avoid all the ads TV gives you)

So its not surprising that AllMyVideos is failing (not getting enough people paying for premium stuff and not getting enough people viewing their ads either)

Comment Re:No shit. (Score 1) 198

As long as there are people being forced to pay for ESPN but who wouldn't subscribe to it if given the choice not to, Disney will continue to force cable providers to bundle ESPN.

And thanks to the regulatory capture of the US government and all its agencies by the big media companies, there is zero chance of a repeat of what happened to the studios in the 40s where the US government forced an end to the block booking practices (where the studios told theaters "if you want popular films you have to exhibit the less popular crap as well")

Comment Re:Smartphones have nothing to do with it (Score 1) 310

I upgraded my PC in January from a Core 2 Duo E6400 with 4GB of ram to a Core i5-6500 8GB of ram and if it wasn't for Fallout 4, I would still be on the Core 2 Duo.

Hardware has reached the point where even a nearly 10-year-old CPU can still work for most people for all the things they use their PCs for.

Combine that with the increasing number of people who dont even need or want a PC (and can get away with devices that run iOS or Android or ChromeOS for all their computing needs and its not surprising less people want PCs.

Comment Re:Movie theaters (Score 1) 342

I go to the movies a LOT. Not to a special premium cinema or anything fancy, just a regular cinema. (one of the cheapest in town as it happens) and I never experience any of the problems people on here talk about.

Basically never had a problem with people using phones in a way that is distracting or talking loudly enough that its distracting or kicking the seats or doing anything else annoying enough to make me want to complain.

The movie I went to the other day had a big message right at the start saying "dont put your feet on the seats, put all your rubbish in the bins, switch your phone off and dont talk loudly during the movie" and people respected that.

They also have an explicit ban on outside hot food/fast food (e.g. Subway, Sushi, Mexican, burgers etc) so you dont have to worry about someone sitting in the theater eating smelly greasy food.

Why American theaters (the big chains in particular) are so reluctant to simply ban these distracting things (feet on seats, using phones, bringing in smelly hot food etc) and kick people out who break the rules I dont know.

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