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Guitar Hero II Coming to 360 61

Eurogamer reports that Guitar Hero II is coming to 360 at some indeterminate time in the future. From the article: "'The tour will continue the rockin' gameplay Guitar Hero fans have come to enjoy, and will now include expanded Xbox 360 capabilities,' according to RedOctane president Kai Huang. Who sounds pretty hip. Well, I think that sells the console pretty much single-handedly. Sony: it's SO OVER. 'With Guitar Hero II for Xbox 360 rock rhythm, lead, or bass guitar tracks with downloadable content and the new X-Plorer controller, designed specifically for the Xbox 360.' Woo! Yeah!" All I know is that the axe is killer.
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Guitar Hero II Coming to 360

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  • Just like DDR, I laughed the first time I saw somebody playing Guitar Hero. But after sitting down and actually doing it ... you're instantly hooked. Wow.
    • Re: (Score:2, Funny)

      Sitting Down? Everyone knows you can only be a true Guitar Hero while standing up and pulling off some ridiculous stage antics.
      • I sat down for Texas Flood - thought it was fitting. Its stand up for Iron Man and Cowboys from Hell all the way though.
    • by Tarlus ( 1000874 )
      Yeah, you see a kiosk for Guitar Hero in a store. You see somebody playing a half-scale plastic toy guitar. You think about how stupid they look playing it. Then you pick it up just to see what's so popular. You feel stupid wearing the thing, but give it a try anyway. Then you play through Symphony of Destruction, and don't care how stupid you look because that was the most kickass thing you have ever seen in a video game.

      Yeah, I was sold after one song after playing the demo.

      • by ack154 ( 591432 )
        That was pretty much my experience a few weeks ago. I kept hearing about this game but didn't know much about it and hadn't bought a PS2 game in quite some time (years?). I was in a Best Buy and thought "what the hell... it'll look ridiculous, but i have to try it out."

        By far the most fun I've had playing a video game as long as I can remember. I must have played there for like 20 min to a half hour, just in a trance. I put down the guitar and picked up the box and went to the register. I was sold.
        • I almost did the same thing, My brother and his friends are obsessed with the game they'd talk about it all the time but I was never over his place while they were playing, they're all musicians too so I figured it wouldn't be for me. I caught wind of a rumor it was coming to the 360 and figured I'd give it a try if it did. Later I saw it at Best Buy and decided to try it and I was HORRIBLE at it but it was stupid fun, and I imagine it was even more fun... I would have bought it right then and there but I d
      • exactly how they sold me on it. Was at a LAN tournament to play some battlefield 2, found out at midnight they were having a pick-up tournament of Guitar Hero, and there was no BF2 stuff going on, so I said what the hell and signed up, first match was Symphony of Destruction. The next weekend I had my own copy of the game (I wasn't able to make it to the mall all that week, else I would of had it that Monday).
  • by aarmenaa ( 712174 ) on Thursday September 28, 2006 @03:05PM (#16234617) Journal
    So, all the next gen systems are going to have USB ports, right? And the PS2 has them as well. So, why are they making guitars that only work with one system? I would really love to just be able to pick up any two guitars and have a multiplayer game. I play Guitar Hero sometimes with friends, but we only have one controller. The other day I was in Best Buy and they had two controllers hooked up. That's probably the most fun I've had with a video game recently.
    • by syrinx ( 106469 )
      Let's see, if I have a PS2 w/ GH2, and you have an XBox360 w/ GH2, then if they had universal controllers, we could play with two controllers without giving any more of our US dollars to Activision! Whereas this way, if we really want to play with two controllers, we'd each have to buy one more, which is two extra sales for Activision! Everybody wins! Well, at least Activision does.
    • well the 360 controller is wireless, putting a usb cord on it would be kinda pointless.
  • It's a no brainer that the game would appear on the 360 especially since with the 360's early release, it already has a significant user base. Will will see it on the other two platforms? That's the real question. Both the PS3 and Wii will ship with built in memory, and downloadable content as well, so Red Octane has no excuse. Actually with Wii's lower price tag, and expected ample availability, it is actually poised to be the top seller this Christmas. That might be the next logical platform choice.
    • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

      by Anonymous Coward
      They've already announced that ALL THREE next-gen systems will be getting Guitar Hero ports next year. It's just that this article only mentions the XBox 360 because, well, Zonk posted it.
    • I actually think a Wii release would work well, they could probably make the guitar a huge adapter that the wii-mote slides into (similar to how they're doing the Zapper)... it would certainly save some of the cost of the buying the guitars + wireless
  • Since there are digital tuners galore that detect the pitch or volume of a signal, couldn't there be hacked an adaptor for a regular electric guitar for this game to some extent? It would be way cooler to play along with a real guitar versus that tiny plastic thing.
    • by Fallen Kell ( 165468 ) on Thursday September 28, 2006 @03:46PM (#16235377)
      People have already been doing this to an extent. You can't just use the pickups in the real guitar because they output an analog signal. In theory, you "could" put together an external board which you plug the guitar into and have it decide what note you are hitting, but the problem is that in the game, there are only 5 frets. So you need to have 5 "steps" of frequency to figure out what notes you are hitting, but you also need to remember that you can hit multiple frets at the same time, so you would then need to have multiple external highpass/lowpass filters to discretely separate the signal into the 5 frequency bins to coorespond to the 5 different frets on the game controler. Now if you do this, how do you send the fignal for the wammy bar, since all the wammy bar does is lower or raise the frequency of the note? It would be impossible to calculate if the wammy was being used since you are simply dumping the analog out, splitting the different frequency ranges detected and putting digital on/off for each of those frequency ranges. Now this didn't even come close to talking about the harmonic frequencies that will also be generated when strumming a single string on a guitar (you will get multiple harmonics from each string, 1st order, 2nd order and sometimes even 3rd order are easily detectible).

      So to make the long story short, no you can't just plug a regular guitar into a box and have it output guitar hero controller data. You CAN however, take a real guitar, pull out the pickups, remove the strings, cuts wholes for the frets in the neck, run a bunch of lines through the neck using the slot for the neck truss bar (or cut your own), put in your own wammy bar, tilt sensor, start/select buttons, and strum bar/mechanism, and wire it to a sony PS2 controller board (make sure you wire properly, the left analog directional key needs to be hard wires in the down position, and the up and down analog directional keys need to be wired to the strum bar's up/down motions, etc., etc.,)

      There are lots of people who have taken cheap guitars and did this to them (or broken guitars, or even their normal guitar and swapped out the neck and electronics, this is easy to do on Fender Strats since the neck is bolt on and the electronics are all attached to the pickguard).
    • Have you ever seen what those tuners do when you hit more than one string at a time?

      There are midi guitars/pickups out there, but they're pretty rare. []

      Anyway, I actually play a little guitar, and I still loved guitar hero. If I wanted to play a real guitar, I would. You might as well ask why people play driving games when there's a real car in their garage.
      • Anyway, I actually play a little guitar, and I still loved guitar hero. If I wanted to play a real guitar, I would. You might as well ask why people play driving games when there's a real car in their garage.
        I think a more appropriate analogy is to ask why people play driving games with the dual shock controller, instead of with a wheel and pedals.
        In my mind the guitar controller is a complete poser. It has one whole dimension missing. I mean, it has only five frets, and then there's a "pluck string" giz
  • Where does it say it's going to be a 360 exclusive?
  • by Fallen Kell ( 165468 ) on Thursday September 28, 2006 @03:29PM (#16235075)
    How is this going to kill Sony? The controller is just a controller. Heck if you want some "killer axes" check out these:

    Diamond plate/fender style neck/head []
    Full Size Eternia Strat Body replacement []

    And that is just a taste of what is out there...

    Again how is this going to kill Sony? Sony will have GH2 BEFORE everyone else! If anything that means its a WIN for Sony. It is "nice" that the 360 will get it, but it probably won't happen for at least several months after Sony has had people playing it (you guys do know this comes out in a couple weeks don't you?).

    As for the controller, well, all I can say is that it is nothing compaired to ones I have seen out there.

    Oh, didn't you guys also know this will be out on the Wii as well? I think they are also looking for a PC version too, but it might not happen because most people would rather play this on a big screen with a decent sound system, and not many people have their PC connected to those things (although I do).
    • If anything, I'd sooner expect to see a third party GH emulator (like Freetar Hero []) get really popular. With how the PC games market is sliding, it probably wouldn't be worth it to Red Octane...

      I've gotta say though, I can't wait for third party GH songs to come out.
  • I've been a musician for years and many of my friends have. Is this game fun for non-musicians? I never got into DDR, but I'm not a dancer and don't particularly think dancing has the appeal pretending to be a rock star might have...
    • This game is excellent for non-musicians. I am not a musician, but I love to play Guitar Hero. It is really all about timing, not actual guitar skill. They just put a rhythm game in a Rock 'n' Roll setting. I highly reccomend you try this game.
      • by ClamIAm ( 926466 )
        It is really all about timing, not actual guitar skill.

        Oh, see when I play "real" instruments, I'm always thinking about my timing. I guess I've been doing it wrong all these years...
    • by Bitwaba ( 807272 )
      I've been playing guitar for years, but never invested enough time to be extremely good.

      When I saw my friend playing Guitar Hero, I wanted to slap him because anyone that actually wanted to learn to play guitar would get a real one, not a video game.

      After about 3 months of watching him and other people I associated with sub-70s I.Q.s play the game, I got drunk one night and decided that I could own all of them because I actually know how to play a real guitar.

      I was mistaken.

      So I set out get better, and over
  • I play guitar...though im no Hendrix or Van Halen, I worry that playing it would completely jack up my real guitar playing. I know it sounds silly, but do any actual guitar players play this? it looks like a lot of fun, I just dont want to end up developing bad playing habits due to letting the controller retrain me.
    • by ack154 ( 591432 )
      Check out this IGN review []... they go into a little bit about the similarities between this and the real thing and that it's really not a bad changeover.
    • by syrinx ( 106469 )
      I play guitar... the game isn't really like playing the guitar at all, so there's little danger of screwing up your real playing.

      It's still a really fun game though. Highly recommended. I hope it comes out on the Wii.
    • I play bass. It won't screw with real guitar/bass playing. What WILL happen is you'll find yourself trying to play the actual note on the guitar, which will screw up your timing in the game when that split second of "WTF??? WHERE'S THE STRING?!?"
    • by ClamIAm ( 926466 )
      So by your logic, learning to play an instrument means always playing the same physical instrument with the same physical accessories (strings, pick, bow, reed, etc). Seriously dude, if you can't logically separate one from the other, then yes, it will screw up your "real" playing. However, learning to overcome this will improve your "real" musicianship.
      • No by my logic, I generally play a guitar the same way I hold chords with the same fingering and strum or pick the same way pretty much regardless of the guitar. The controller looks like a guitar and you hold it like a guitar, but you "play" it much differently from what I read. Habits in playing do tend to effect me, I learned to play a G for instance with what is concidered an incorrect fingering by most instructors but if I cant get used to doing it the correct way.

        I guess im just not adventurous enou
        • by ClamIAm ( 926466 )
          By your logic, your post here makes sense. Go back and read my post again, this time invoking comprehend().
  • I don't know. (Score:3, Interesting)

    by MBCook ( 132727 ) <> on Thursday September 28, 2006 @04:04PM (#16235715) Homepage

    I love Guitar Hero and I will buy 2 the second it comes out. That said, I'm not sure about this. The downloadable content is nice, but I'm not sure if it would be enough to get me to re-buy the game (since it won't come out 'till next year at least and I'm not waiting that long).

    If they offered me a way to transfer my profiles off my PS2 (and even better, to copy the tracks off Guitar Hero 1 and onto the 360's HD so you could play those also) I would plunk money down no question.

    If they were going to release it on the same day as the PS2 version (which they won't) then I'd buy it then no question, including the 360 I would need to play it on.

    But as a PS2 owner, I don't think it's compelling enough for me to wait to buy at all.

    Maybe I could buy now, then get the 360 version and sell my PS2 version when that comes out...

  • by lightspawn ( 155347 ) on Thursday September 28, 2006 @06:33PM (#16238193) Homepage
    How can you support a company that sells its own DDR pads [], yet sues a company making wireless controllers []?
  • The PS2 has no online base, but the 360 certainly does. I'd love some online matches and the downloadable content makes it worth picking up a 360. So long as they actually come through with their promise of more downloadable tracks...
  • A whole generation of kids playing a video game instead of taking up the guitar.

    Kinda like bragging about being a trackstar yet the only track you ever saw was Konami's Track n Field.

    It's not like an entry level guitar and amp are that expensive.
    • A whole generation of kids playing a video game instead of taking up the guitar. Kinda like bragging about being a trackstar yet the only track you ever saw was Konami's Track n Field. It's not like an entry level guitar and amp are that expensive.

      Some of us have disabilities that prevent us from playing a real guitar but still permit (limited) console gameplay. That is why many of us play GH.

      I, personally, was heartbroken last year when I discovered that my disability would prevent me from learni

    • Guitar Hero got me to be serious about learning how to play the guitar that had sat in my closet for the last 5 years. Learned the major chords and scales on the old POS and went out and got a new one and amp. Now I have been playing daily since May... still not very good though but learning.

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