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Comment Auto manufacturers do the similar (Score 1) 477

Current BMW models require the battery to be registered with the car before it will work. You can't just go down to your local auto parts store and get a new battery and swap out the old one in your garage. This holds true even if you get your battery from the BMW dealer.

I'm waiting for the day when BMW requires only bmw approved/certified sockets to be used.

Comment How much video is consumed? (Score 2) 164

I'd love to know how much video is consumed per household? Back in 2009, you had a TV in the family room and then probably one in the master bedroom and one in the kids' bedroom(s). Now if you've got a family of 5, you've probably got 5 devices that can all stream video (phones, tablets, tv, roku/chromecast... ).

I'd be American's are watching far more video today than ever before. Very few parents advocate having their 2yr old watch TV, but plenty of them believe $kids_app will make their 2yr old more successful in getting into Stanford or MIT.

Comment Too vendor focused... (Score 1) 197

I used to like to attend conferences because they were user focused. Meaning the end-users would deliver the majority of the presentations on what they did with X and lessons learned, pitfalls avoided etc etc...

Now most of the sessions are a vendor pitching some product and feature set.

I've seen way better content with local Meetups than the larger conferences.

Comment Re:Stop using cars at all. (Score 1) 243

As it happens you do have a choice. That choice is moving closer to work, closer to shops, and closer to other people. It might inconvenience you slightly to live like the rest of humanity, but unless you have a pressing need to be way out there, you really shouldn't be.

Yeah, and costs 10x more to do so. The long commute is what we trade to be able to afford to live comfortably, save for college etc..

Comment Accountability (Score 1) 587

I expect my employees to not only be responsible for their product, but accountable for the quality of it. Maintaining data integrity and security is worth paying for. Also, it directly translates into revenue for the company. Like a chef, use cheap ingredients and have a cheap (low quality) product... nobody will come back to your restaurant.

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