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Comment Re:Stop using cars at all. (Score 1) 243

As it happens you do have a choice. That choice is moving closer to work, closer to shops, and closer to other people. It might inconvenience you slightly to live like the rest of humanity, but unless you have a pressing need to be way out there, you really shouldn't be.

Yeah, and costs 10x more to do so. The long commute is what we trade to be able to afford to live comfortably, save for college etc..

Comment Accountability (Score 1) 587

I expect my employees to not only be responsible for their product, but accountable for the quality of it. Maintaining data integrity and security is worth paying for. Also, it directly translates into revenue for the company. Like a chef, use cheap ingredients and have a cheap (low quality) product... nobody will come back to your restaurant.

Comment Re:Or just use MythTV (Score 1) 49

It existed for those that wanted something approaching an appliance, and/or were afraid of this "linux" thing and did not know where to start.

If you were afraid of this "linux thing", then Mythbuntu would be the last place you'd end up. Just like people bye Rokus or Plex enabled TVs or an of the vendor provided media streaming solutions that you directly connect to your TV. Also see "buying a home router".

Comment Re:Problem solved (Score 1) 290

The rest of the civilized world has solved this problem, it's called paid sick leave.

That's *IF* the sick coworkers take it. I know far too many people that come in sick because, "They don't want to get their spouses and children sick."

So instead, they and their hacking cough come into the office and put 100s of other families at risk. I wonder if this stems from when they were children and their mother told them, "You're not sick enough to stay home."

Comment As reliable as a iPhone touch sensor? (Score 1) 425

The touch sensor on my iPhone doesn't work if there's the least amount of water on my thumb. Now this isn't a huge problem for me, but if I had to defend my family and the gun wouldn't fire because my fingers were wet or had a foreign substance on it (say grease from food I was eating)... that's a whole different story.

Comment Re:They've created search anxiety!! (Score 1) 113

I was shocked recently when I tried to upgrade my laptop which I bought 6-7 years ago for around $800. Almost every laptop I looked at had considerably worse specs than what I currently use.

Citation please that a 6-7year old laptop is a better value than what you can buy now.

Comment Stereo Equipment and TVs... UGH... (Score 1) 294

I like to watch movies on my home theater setup with the lights out. However...
* The TV has a bright blue (which can be somewhat dimmed to not quite as bright blue),
* Yamaha AMP (tons of lights here),
* mac mini has a LED on the front...
* PDU (not a powerstrip)

Only solution I've found so far is black electrical tape or coloring in all the LEDs with a sharpie..

Why does everything need to have these ultra bright lights? We're not trying to light up a baseball stadium here.

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