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Comment Seriously computers? (Score 1) 168

And not powerpoint presentations or pointless meetings with people who you're not sure why were invited (and oftentimes that includes yourself)?

What about status updates to management who require them in powerpoint which is just an export of all the dashboards you specifically made for them so they could refresh them 10x a day instead of asking for status on a 20 person concall every week?

Comment Counting on Nostalgia? (Score 1) 94

So Nintendo has been making Mario based games for decades... then to gain some relevance they came out with the classic NES (again Nostalgia) now a SNES...

When will they come out with the retro Nintendo64 or the GameCube?

By then the Wii will be about a decade old and they can come out with a retro Wii... before re-introducing the Retro NES again...

Reminds me of Lucas issuing new "remastered" versions of SW every few years (VHS, LaserDisc, DVD etc...)

Comment Going to the arcade as a group (Score 5, Interesting) 467

I miss going to the arcade (or bowling alley) with a group of people. It wasn't just about playing the games but the social aspect of it. Lining up quarters on the SF2 cabinet as to who "had next". Now I see kids staying home, each on their own xbox/Playstation and connected via VOIP with their friends.

Even LAN parties were better than what we have now from a social interaction standpoint.

Comment Original Content? (Score 0, Offtopic) 76

The logic, essentially, is to remove one of the main incentives that spur bad actors to set up bogus accounts with somebody else's content -- the easy money.

How are they going to determine who the original content owner is? There's so many compilation videos on the site that rehash the same smartphone/dash cam content over and over. Is it "first to upload" especially when the original upload might be on some other site (vimeo/liveleak etc...).

Comment Auto manufacturers do the similar (Score 1) 500

Current BMW models require the battery to be registered with the car before it will work. You can't just go down to your local auto parts store and get a new battery and swap out the old one in your garage. This holds true even if you get your battery from the BMW dealer.

I'm waiting for the day when BMW requires only bmw approved/certified sockets to be used.

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