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Comment Where is MS and Apple? (Score 1) 479

I live in Rochester, NY, and you know who's going to get hurt the most out of this? Not Time Warner -- it's Microsoft and Apple.

Xbox Gold is now too expensive. So long to that. I can't afford the bandwidth for downloading demos and games on Xbox Live, especially when it's going to cost $1/gb once I hit my first 75gb for the month. I might as well unplug my 360 from the router. That's a couple of hundred dollars a year that Microsoft lost from me.

Using iTunes is now too expensive. I similarly can't afford to buy albums and videos from Apple. That's about a hundred bucks a year that Apple lost from me.

Time Warner may lose me as a customer, but that means they're losing the $45/month I'm paying them now for high speed Internet.

Why isn't Microsoft and Apple bitching their heads off about this? Do they not get it?



Submission + - Guitar Hero Maker Sued: Cover Song Too Awesome

volpone writes: Rock band The Romantics are suing Activision over their wedding reception favorite, "What I Like About You," which appears in Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the '80s. The problem is not copyright infringement; Activision had permission to make a cover version of the song. No, the problem is that the cover sounds too much like the original.

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