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Comment Re:Aw, Poor Trent... (Score 4, Insightful) 428

And this, boys and girls, is what "cognitive dissonance" feels like. I had a whole 30 seconds of feeling like this had to be one of those stupid "quote troll" memes, since I couldn't imagine Trent Reznor dribbling out that kind of mealy mouthed corporate crap. Then it finally clicked that I was working off an image that is over 25 years out of date...

Man, fuck getting old. Happy freakin' birthday.

Comment Re:If you are using IE, that's what you get (Score 1) 490

From a security standpoint you are better off on 10.

WiFi Sense. Enough said.

And don't give me any bullshit about how you can turn it off or change your SSID and MS "promises to ignore it. Honest." The fact that it was ever considered worthy of being coded tells you all you need to know about Win10's attitude toward "security."

Comment Re:Caffiene, Nicotine, Preservatives, and Sugar. . (Score 1) 352

"Sad" because it gives the irony-immune moralizing anti-tobacco crusaders more bullshit grenades to throw from the "think of the children" box, which the uninformed idiots in the state and local government listen to because screw rigor, and then make it harder for smokers to get their hands on what is really turning out to be one of the most effective cessation aids in recent memory.

(20 year smoker will be 10 months free next week)

Comment Re:Hmpf. Probably 90% of the problems also apply . (Score 1) 349

That's not the same thing, though, as having it right there in the file. An (almost) real-life example from a past job had something like this in it.

#For the last time, "useful_feature" isn't compatible with $database. The next one of you scrubs that "helpfully" turns this on will be killed.
#Remember, I have access to the sudo logs and to the personnel database. You can't hide. -- Local BOFH

Can't do that with a .reg backup

Comment Re:uBlock Origin (Score 1) 523

Better user interface? Seriously? How do you even figure out where to click on a window like this one and what all the buttons do? Oh, and of course there are no tooltips. Those are for suckers.

I agree with you on the tooltips issue - all of the elements just pop up the name of the extension. That could probably use to be fixed.

The interface seems pretty self-explanatory, though: red is blocked, green is allowed. Click on the red to turn it green, and vice versa. Click the universal "power" icon to turn on/off the extension.

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