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Comment Re:ARGH (Score 1) 720

Apple hasn't forced iOS updates either. Granted, they have their own tactics and the yearly update model has become a way of life in the Apple universe. But even with their artificially shortened OS lifespans, you never wake up in the morning to find your iToy suddenly rebooting to install an update you didn't want or approve.

Comment Re:ARGH (Score 1) 720

First of all, read the article. Yes, Windows forces updates. Especially Windows 10.

Second of all, no, Apple does not force updates. Accidentally updating a Mac is not the same as being forced by Apple to do so. And if you are responsible and maintain backups of your system (i.e. Time Machine), it is very easy to roll back.

Comment Re:I've had this as a plug-in. (Score 1) 190

I don't believe Google employs Flash ads, or at least I have never seen this done. I'd imagine every other manner of ad can still poke its way through to anybody not using an ad blocker, regardless of its source.

Unsolicited Flash content needs to die once and for all.

If you want to cry foul at Google, then wait until they kill Adblock Plus in their own browser extension repository.

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