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August 2nd Release For Street Fighter II 145

Gamasutra reports that Microsoft has announced Xbox Live Wednesdays, a soon-to-be weekly release of content to Xbox Live. They have a listing of the next few weeks worth of content, and happily Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting is slated for August 2nd. Frogger will be coming out tomorrow, July 12th, with Cloning Clyde due next week, Galaga the week after that, and Pac-Man expected on August 9th. From the article: "Xbox Live Arcade's Frogger has been enhanced for the Xbox 360, and features new, enhanced artwork that matches and complements the original style. In addition, according to Microsoft, the game's audio, including sound effects and music, has been modernized to sound crisp and clear on today's high performance sound systems." While these releases have mostly been seen as filler for the 360's very uneventful summer schedule, I can't complain too much about the chance to play Street Fighter II again. I'll be playing Chun Li; Who is your character?
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August 2nd Release For Street Fighter II

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  • by roguenine19 ( 901001 ) on Tuesday July 11, 2006 @01:51PM (#15699542)
    1991 called. They want their game back.
    • 1995 called. They want their joke back.
    • 1981 called. They want their game back.
    • How is that insightful in the least?
    • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday July 11, 2006 @03:45PM (#15700583)
      Dude, if you paid $400 just to play street fighter II, and you're not even happy with it, then you are the king of all jackasses. I can only assume based on the way you worded your post that you didn't notice or care about the 40 or so titles that AREN'T ports of old arcade games?

      You may find it hard to believe, but a lot of people in the world, and even quite a number that own xbox 360's, are actually excited over the prospect of playing this game on the 360 what with the global online multiplayer and the global scoreboards and all.
    • I'm guessing that you were really excited when Nintendo announced that their download service for the Wii would allow people to download and play NES, SNES and Nintendo 64 games, right? But when the Xbox 360 has the same capability, suddenly it's cliched joke time, right?

      Freakin' Slashdot.
      • Wii will not cost $400. The fact is nothing significant has been released for the 360 in months.
      • Believe it or not, not everyone on Slashdot is in love with the Wii, just like not everyone is a fan of the Xbox 360. Hell, there are even a few people - a scant few, mind you - that are trying to defend Sony every time they make another attempt to shoot themselves in the foot. Maybe, just maybe, he made the same kind of comment about the Wii?
  • That's just a down-right decent thing to do for those of us that enjoy some of the older games.
  • Reported? (Score:1, Interesting)

    by sottitron ( 923868 )
    If Microsoft announced it, why do we need Gamasutra reporting it? Does the /. community only want to hear of things through blogs these days?
    • by acomj ( 20611 )
      Gamasutra has been around for a long time and reports on game industry things. They also have some excellent articles on the making of games and game algorithms (physics engines, collision detection etc..)

      Check it out.
    • They just pulled the release. Apparently they weren't supposed to have released it yet. Anyone have a cache of the release?
  • E. Honda, as he reminds me of your mother.

    Anyways, this is nice and all, but why not bring some RPG's into this? Frogger and Galaga get really old, really fast.... at least Street Fighter will keep me occupied for a bit...

    • The idea is arcade games here. I don't know of any arcade RPGs, they just aren't really compatible formats. The closest thign would probably be the D&D hack n' slash games on the CPS-2, but those are little more than Final Fight with swords and people that level up.
    • The original Guile was the best character. I wish they'd release a remake of the "Original" SFII. You know, a glitched version. It'd be fun to have his unsweepable freeze, handcuffs and invisible throw. Being able to reset the machine was pretty sweet too >:)

      http://www.klov.com/game_detail.php?game_id=9814 [klov.com] has a nice listing of the glitch moves. I need to find a machine or ROM that these will still work on.
    • E. Honda, as he reminds me of your mother.

      Somebody, please mod waaay up. I laughed so hard when I read this I almost blew Ramen noodles out my nose.
    • Honda! I've got a fight to finish with you!
      When the game first came out, me and my cousins would pick up Chun-Li, with Honda being the guy to beat and could never get past him
      And BTW, Spinning Bird Kick!
  • Now I'll have to learn all the moves all over again. Well, that should take up my entire weekend.
  • I'd be playing Ryu of course, he can own anyone in the game.
  • by Anonymous Coward
  • dime/dozen (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Kyeo ( 577916 ) on Tuesday July 11, 2006 @02:18PM (#15699784) Homepage
    You've been able to get SF2 (in some of its many verieties) on pretty much any system. This doesn't seem like a big deal.
    • Online play is a pretty big deal - at least for those who want to pay for Xbox Live.

      Obligatory: the dreamcast had online street fighter 2 ages ago... though it was Japan only, and used modems.
  • by romrunning ( 963198 ) on Tuesday July 11, 2006 @02:18PM (#15699790)
    Nostalgia aside, SF2 really introduced one of the most balanced (character-wise)games to date, and became the touchstone against which other PvP fighting games had to measure up. Having the analog stick controls will also simply things greatly. I've been waiting for the release of SF2:HF on Live for quite a while; Geometry Wars, while quite entertaining, doesn't give you any PvP goodness. It will also be nice to have the HD graphical update for those with larger screens.
  • I was just dumb and didn't realize they were scripted -- thought it was a random "bonus" for pressing alot of buttons.

    So I'd either back off and mash the controller hoping for a "dookan" or that spinning kick, or get in close and try to pull off an uppercut.
  • by anlprb ( 130123 ) on Tuesday July 11, 2006 @02:32PM (#15699944)
    ...for 10 bucks at Toys R Us? Then you get to keep it, take it to your friend's house and not have to worry if your DRM'ed file will be deleted after your "Rights" have expired. Remember, they update the Live firmware, so what works today may not work tomorrow. ::Cough WGA Cough::
    • by anlprb ( 130123 ) on Tuesday July 11, 2006 @03:39PM (#15700517)
      I still don't understand why this downloadable content is viewed as a good idea. There is too much room for abuse on the providers' end. Plus, now all of the games are tied to a physical machine. my family has a beach house with a second PS2. I take my games and memory card and that is it. This is one reason I don't play Live, it is tied to a physical machine. This means lugging the whole darned unit with me, if I want to play a game. Plus, you never really "OWN" the game. With a Disc, they can never take it away from me. With a download, they can just delete it. It also lends itself to subscription usage. What happened to the days when online content was a means to ADD to a game experience or entice a consumer away from another similar game? It used to be the deciding factor in buying a game. "Well, game A has a good single player and no online content. Game B has a good single player game AND online content, NO BRAINER" Now, it just appears to be a way to control how many times they will charge a consumer. With downloadable maps, you can still play the game without a network connection, it was a bonus to download the extra maps, etc... Now, it appears that they are getting us used to not really "OWNING" anything. Once the publishers get us used to that, that is it, there is no going back. Then we have no rights to what we play.
      • by Keeper ( 56691 ) on Tuesday July 11, 2006 @04:08PM (#15700806)
        This means lugging the whole darned unit with me, if I want to play a game.

        You don't need to tote the entire machine. Just a small memory card with your live profile on it. You can download and play the game on any machine after you've payed for it (if you are using your profile).

      • by Blakey Rat ( 99501 ) on Tuesday July 11, 2006 @04:46PM (#15701161)
        1) The game purchase is attached to your *profile*, not your hardware. This means that if you copy your profile onto a different Xbox, you can download all the games you've purchased at no charge.

        2) If you don't like it, just don't buy it. The Xbox 360 works just fine with good old fashioned disk-based games too, you know. However, I *do* like it, so let me have the choice to buy Live Arcade games if I want. Everybody wins.
        • I only scanned the parent post, so maybe there was something in there I missed or you're responding to a great-grandparent.

          If you don't like it, just don't buy it

          That's pretty much the point of the parent post. They don't like it, and explain why so that others may understand and perhaps come to the same conclusion.

          so let me have the choice to buy Live Arcade games if I want. Everybody wins.

          I missed the part where the parent said that the Live Arcade should be shut down. I think there's a common argument
      • Just that little hard drive on the side will do you. Or a memory card and you can re download it somewhere else. I've found the online games to be enjoyable and inexpensive.
      • I agree. I also like to physically own things I pay for. Also having the right of resale. I don't feel very safe about online purchases. I tolerate it for MMOs but I really don't like it for things like steam. I'd rather have a physical product that is mine.
      • I have Street Fighter Collection, so I already own the game. But I'm willing to pay a few extra bucks for the convenience of having the game immediately available on my hard drive, with access to the XBox Live features and online play.

        I'll probably be playing Blanka--some other characters are easier to win with, but somehow Blanka was always the most fun.
    • Why not just buy the Street Fighter Collection for 10 bucks at Toys R Us?

      Because the XBox 360's "partial" backward compatibility feature doesn't support it. [xbox.com]

    • Why not download MAME and the relevant ROM? it's only a few clicks away anyway. And it is not piracy in any way, since this is a 17 year old game which players will find boring after a while anyway.
  • by 2Flower ( 216318 ) on Tuesday July 11, 2006 @02:33PM (#15699953) Homepage
    As someone who drank the 360 kool-aid (and more importantly, the live arcade kool-aid) I've been increasingly annoyed with the complete lack of new content. Last thing we got was Uno, around E3; there was a drought before then and a drought since then with all these games promised, but not delivered, delayed time and time again. (SF2 was supposed to hit around March, originally.)

    One thing the 360 regulars have been asking for are real, solid release dates. After the debacle with the Prey demo being delayed with no word from HQ because as MajorNelson noted, "release dates are bad," since slips mean trouble... I'm surprised we're getting actual numbers. One a week is great pacing, too; you can plan which ones you want and when you can expect to pick them up. Assuming they stick to the schedule.

    Hats off to MS here. They've fumbled around a lot, but now they've got a good plan in place and are communicating clearly. And about time.

    Now, if we could only get some retail releases that aren't shootdrivballing games with 2stick+2trigger control schemes...
    • Wait a little bit. Save your Arcade tokens or whatever for Cloning Clyde.

      I got the chance to play it a bit at E3 and was really impressed. It plays a bit like Lost Vikings or the more recent Mario Vs. Donkey Kong games, in that it's a side-scrolling puzzler. (On a related note, MvDK for DS is also very nice.) It might not be graphically fancy and it might not have 'original' gameplay, but it's a fair shade better than some recent big-name games I could mention (I'm looking at you, X-Men/Superman).

      Oh, an
    • ...The reason they're giving specific release dates now, is probably because they're actually all ready for release, but in Microsoft's wisdom they're just staggering the releases, rationing out the new (old) content rather than dumping it all on Live Arcade at once, and then going without anything new for a few weeks (or months).
  • 15 years from now, the 101st release of "Street Fighter 4 XZY: Ultra Hyper Super Fighting" for the XBOX 1080, complete with lag-free online play, and the ability to gouge your opponents eyes out, which I'm sure will come in handy when I decide to kill myself when Capcom announce another port/remake.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday July 11, 2006 @02:48PM (#15700069)
    exclusive footage [ytmnd.com]
  • by Anonymous Coward
    I've played Street Fighter II in the arcades, on the SNES and Genesis (in all their versions), on the TG-16 via a ROM, Street Fighter Collection on the PS1, and both Street Fighter Anniversary Collection and Capcom Classics Collection for the Xbox. I know I am missing one or two systems but I have gotten enough Street Fighter II to last a lifetime.

    I dunno why people are paying AGAIN for this and probably around $10 or more. You can get Hyper Fighting and all of its variants plus like 17 other games with the
  • by WndrBr3d ( 219963 ) on Tuesday July 11, 2006 @03:24PM (#15700359) Homepage Journal
    Oh man, because xbox live games are all DRM'd, I can't copy them to my other compatible platform based on the custom xbox 360 hardware... err... never mind :-(

    I'm just curious, but if these titles WEREN'T DRM'd, which platform pray tell would you play them on? Lasy checked most of these titles coming out (Frogger, PacMan, SFII) have been available on the PC via emulation or PC versions for -years-, most being had for free.

    So for those complaining about the DRM, just get a free version on another platform. And to the others who are complaining that XBox Live Arcade has been really lack luster lately with the games being released, perhaps you should ask the actual development studios?
  • Blanka of course. Ahh the memories.

    I'll never forget the 8 second win on a match I did on a guy playing Ryu. All I could think is what a pain. I was playing by myself and he didn't bother to ask first before joining in. You know be at least curtious which most were especially the good ones. Ryu always seemed to not take certain hits from Blanka well.

    I beat one kid once in under 20 seconds one day and he called it a microwave butt whooping. I thought it was funny... He did use butt either but I'm bein
  • MISSING THE POINT! (Score:5, Insightful)

    by MrJynxx ( 902913 ) on Tuesday July 11, 2006 @04:57PM (#15701248)

    I understand you can go to the local dollar store and pick up an SNES version of street fighter, or pretty much for any system. I know this is where people are getting confused, "why would I pay for this shit when I can dust off my old trust SNES and play for hours!" Well this is the reason why


    that's right! instead of having a select few friends that actually know how to play this game or even care to play you can now play . . . online!

    that's all I have to say, online play is a great selling point now a days.. I sure as hell will be buying this when it's released on the 2nd..

  • I'd use Ken. I'll Triple Fierce your ass. And then I'll do it again. Then throw you to Perfect your head-stomping, kick-tapping Chun Li into the ground.
  • the link takes you to:

    [EDITOR'S NOTE: Microsoft has asked us to remove this press release, which was erroneously sent to news outlets by them before actually intended.

    We have complied, but will re-post the information as soon as it is officially released. We thank you for your understanding.]

    They probably need to defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance.
  • Wake me when they release Marvel vs. Capcom 2.
    • I'm still paying 8% on the student loans that were consumed by that in coin-op. We had this HUGE arcade on the bar strip, with MvC2 on a big screen in a corner. Tons of people played, sometimes 7 or 8 in line for the game to play.

      Omega Red was probably the cheesiest, though wolverine was a close second. Was it 1 or 2 that featured the dirty lift kick?

      It was light medium (both ducking kicks) to get them off their feet, then a light/heavy kick to pick them up off the ground and launch into an air combo. 'tw

  • by tgibbs ( 83782 )
    OK, I'm looking forward to Street Fighter, and I've been playing a lot of Robotron. I'm willing to shell out a few bucks to have them on my XBox 360 HD. But I hope that they go beyond the games that are already available on all of the classics collections. I'd love to see a full set of the original R-Type shooters, for example. And I'd definitely like to see more of the Capcom fighting games (and how about SNK?)

    Another question is whether this will really be the arcade version of SFII. There was a rumor goi

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