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Comment Re:Lost clickly keyboards? (Score 2) 662

A good, cheap alternative is the Razer Blackwidow (base version-- not the "Blackwidow Ultimate"). Previous Razer keyboards have pretty much sucked, but this one is great, uses Cherry Blue switches, and has a pretty solid build (I swear it weighs like 8 lbs). It's not as good as the Das (although I say it is damn near close), but it only costs about $60 at Newegg.

Comment Re:Uhh, Citation Please!? (Score 1) 350

It's difficult to find numbers for these kinds of things, but keep in mind that the PS2 was available in many more countries than the NES. The PS2 sold over 100 million units, sure, but I distinctly remember seeing a record showing the sales data in the US alone to be about the same for both consoles. I can't for the life of me find it, though. Ah well.

Well, the NES sold 34 million in the US (source: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/library/historical_data/pdf/consolidated_sales_e0912.pdf), and the PS2 sold over 50 million, as of more than two years ago (source: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2009/01/15/PS2-sells-over-50-million-units-in-north-america-breaks-console-sales-record/).

To make that even more significant, consider this: Sony contended pretty heavily with Microsoft and (to, I believe, a lesser extent) Nintendo for console dominance, whereas the NES completely DOMINATED Atari and Sega. Even though the NES had a MONSTROUS lead over its competitors, it still only sold about half as many units as the PS2 did.

As a matter of fact, the PS2 sold nearly as many units in the US alone as the NES did worldwide.

Comment It's been a while... (Score 1) 189

It's been a while since I've used Firefox (I believe I stopped using it just as version 3 was either being finish or just released-- switched to Opera and then Opera/Chrome).

I've gotta say, the RC isn't bad. I hate that they've completely gone the Chrome route with the UI, though (although Opera did about the same thing). If some of my plugins (Logmein in particular) worked on it, I'd probably even keep using it (as it is, Logmein only works well with Internet Explorer and stable builds of FF).

Comment Re:Slashdot bias (Score 4, Insightful) 130

If they finally go elsewhere, Facebook will miss them when they're gone.

Very true. I believe 100% that the biggest reason that Facebook has grown to the size that it is today is because of the (mostly shitty) applications.

People no longer play Farmville because it's on Facebook-- they go to Facebook TO play Farmville.

It makes me sad to say that.

Comment Re:executive summary of approaches (Score 1) 797

C is less of a problem in Windows 7 than it was in other versions. The way applications stack on the taskbar is much more efficient now.

I LOVED the ability to have multiple desktop environments when I was first introduced to them (I think in Ubuntu Breezy Badger). It was one thing that kept me using Ubuntu as my primary OS for a while. I eventually switched back to Windows because of school, and I've not missed Ubuntu since Windows 7 was released.

Comment Re:executive summary of approaches (Score 1) 797

Actually, most people I know struggle with the OSX interface. It might be because they were raised on Windows, but a lot of it never quite made sense to me ("X" doesn't mean "close"???). People tend to also expect the "maximize" button to make something take up the whole screen, which it often does not in OSX.

I would actually go as far as saying that Windows has a very nice interface. My only real problems with it at this point are:

A) The amount of viruses that seem to be able to infect even the machines with reputable anti-virus programs.

B) Some of Microsoft's actions as a company.

Comment Re:Could be good! (Score 1) 224

This might have been changed, but last time I tried, it would only let you play single player on a "guest" account-- you couldn't pick up where you had left off on your personal campaign. Also (and I know this hasn't changed), you cannot play custom games (skirmishes against the AI or custom maps) in "guest" mode.

Comment Re:Faster Speeds Still in Chattanooga! (Score 1) 314

The 1000Mbps service doesn't come cheap.

Also, I've only lived in Chattanooga for a couple of months (although I've worked here for years). The place doesn't seem half as bad as you're making it seem. Want to see bad? Go about an hour north to a place called Georgetown, TN. THAT'S a bad place to be.

Also, how many places around have Tigerdirect stores, anyways? They're not that common.

Comment Re:Text Pictures from the Highway (Score 1) 321

The consensus here seems to be that you're more a problem than a solution. No matter how much good you think you're doing, you're not. You've openly admitted that you're angering the other drivers, which is certainly not safe for anyone.

It seems like your ego is more important to you than the safety of the people on the road.

Please don't walk away from this mad. Think about it some. Maybe our comments have some merit?

Also, you're stupid. Stay away from traffic.

Comment I don't like laptops as primary machines (Score 3, Interesting) 600

I tend to shy away from using laptops (even with docking stations and such) for primary machines. I'd go with regular desktops. The costs of upkeep and such will be more predictable that way. I don't prefer any one brand over another, but I typically tell my clients to stay away from Dells (because of all the issues with capacitors on motherboards over the last several years). My clients tend to go local, even if it costs a tad more, and those that do tend to be happier with their purchases.

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