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Comment Re: Really, this happens in America? How?? (Score 1) 180

ISP and home sellers can lie, or be wrong. There may be capacity issues, so that while you're covered as far as the map is concerned, there are no slots to sellou. The sales department may not know that. The owners may fib. It's basically like adding a clause like pending inspection or financing. If the move is far enough away, it pays to be up front on expectations.

Comment Re:Oh, FFS. (Score 1) 284

This is not Apple's fault. This is congress's fault. Period.

Vote accordingly.

I'm not sure why you say that. Congress did what they were paid to do. Citizens complain loudly but don't participate. Others participate quietly and have little to complain about. Half of the system works, just not the citizen's half.

Comment Re:iPhone, Nexus, Blackberry or Lumia? (Score 1) 242

Well, with that last big android bug, anybody could have it. It's a good reason to get a Nexus or to learn how to root/ROM your device. I have a nexus 4 that's been put onto Marshmallow by the XDA community, Chroma, specifically, and I got that bug fixed. That area of support is one area where Apple is ahead of 99% of the android manufacturers. Pity I don't like iOS.

Comment iPhone, Nexus, Blackberry or Lumia? (Score 1) 242

Android has many faults, but they're introduced by manufacturers and carriers. I love Android's flexibility, Apple's updates and accessory empire, Blackberry's security and Window's... umm...

Oh, my next tablet will probably be a Surface or competitor. As long as the hardware holds up and they don't throw any curveballs I can keep it running until it's EoL hits and not be out of date for security or applications.

Comment Re:How about something more useful? (Score 2) 156

What makes this great is that your client/coworker/family member can take a picture of the code and send it to you. That's far more doable than having them try to remember what the error message said. "Oh, it said skynet falls or something". Apps like Google goggles will search the picture for the QR and you have usable information.

Even my 70 year old mother can do that.

Comment Re: Odd bedfellows. (Score 1) 96

You're right. I misreadTFA. "The Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, a group dedicated to combating online abuse and harassment, said the MPAA's position is a "callous disregard for the victims of this gratuitous and unjustifiable form of voyeurism." "Adding an “intent to harass” requirement would mean that the people who distributed the private, intimate photos of celebrities, including Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence, would be free to do so with impunity because they were merely providing “entertainment.” It would mean that revenge porn site operators would be free to destroy the lives, careers, reputations, and personal relationships of thousands of people, mostly women, because they are not motived by a desire to harass but by a desire to make money. It would mean that rapists who distribute the recordings they made of their sexual assaults on social media in order to brag about their exploits would be free to continue to do so." They're the ones wanting it left vague. And I need more coffee.

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