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Comment Re: OPSEC (Score 1) 61

You think their internet connections aren't monitored by foreign interests already? Not just the installations, but the home connections? Maybe it's less of a concern for state side bases, but the ones overseas are a different issue. Besides, you're assuming they couldn't use a private version with known and trusted exits.

Comment Re: Really, this happens in America? How?? (Score 1) 180

ISP and home sellers can lie, or be wrong. There may be capacity issues, so that while you're covered as far as the map is concerned, there are no slots to sellou. The sales department may not know that. The owners may fib. It's basically like adding a clause like pending inspection or financing. If the move is far enough away, it pays to be up front on expectations.

Comment Re:Oh, FFS. (Score 1) 284

This is not Apple's fault. This is congress's fault. Period.

Vote accordingly.

I'm not sure why you say that. Congress did what they were paid to do. Citizens complain loudly but don't participate. Others participate quietly and have little to complain about. Half of the system works, just not the citizen's half.

Comment Re:iPhone, Nexus, Blackberry or Lumia? (Score 1) 242

Well, with that last big android bug, anybody could have it. It's a good reason to get a Nexus or to learn how to root/ROM your device. I have a nexus 4 that's been put onto Marshmallow by the XDA community, Chroma, specifically, and I got that bug fixed. That area of support is one area where Apple is ahead of 99% of the android manufacturers. Pity I don't like iOS.

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