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Comment bullshit (Score 1) 467

Knee surgeries work, atheletes and the team owners have way too much money invested and knee injuries lead to knee surgeries often with remarkable success.

DXM has kept me from coughing. It's not expensive, I'll continue to buy it, whenever I get bronchitis. It beets seperating a rib.

Beta blockers slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure, they have uses.

Comment Re:Heh, figures. (Score 1) 346

There is a high failure rate and then there is the stuff that doesn't show up in the statistics. I've owned two 360's. The first one got stolen. The first one also would randomly freeze up from overheating. Even though it was placed away from other electronics on it's own table. My new one doesn't overheat but the drive in there is shoddy and gets read errors from random reads. This is now sort of fixed since you can now install games to the hard drive. The point is that neither of these consoles would have been recorded on the failure rate. The three year warranty only covers red ring of death issues after the first year.

I also have a ps3. It was a waste of money, I prefer to play games on my 360, I prefer to watch movies on my htpc. The only game I've liked on the ps3 is metal gear. Little big planet was made for little japanese girls.

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