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Comment Re:*Some* people will pay (Score 1) 1115

So I agree with you and you are looking to debate it further? I never meant to casually dismiss the importance of the copyright model.

Even an economy where all digital information is free will need copyright to function.

The advertising based model of Television and Radio may still function in a full piracy scenario. Physical goods companies always need to buy advertising.

Comment Re:*Some* people will pay (Score 2, Insightful) 1115

Ok I am seeing what you meant now. It is unfair for the ethical people to support the content for the unethical, regardless of finance.

If everyone freeloaded bad stuff would happen to the existing model of buying bytes. Free advertising would not work for discs or downloads because by definition none would be bought.

Comment Re:*Some* people will pay (Score 1) 1115

Previous to recent years one successful video game would pay for a lot of experimentation. It is only a recent development where an explosion in development cost had led to single games sinking studios. Even then some like GRIN had multiple catastrophic failures before going out of business.

For your first point those people paying more than their "fair share" in media would not get any price break if more product sold.

Comment Yes they should, and do. (Score 1) 705

This was mandatory in my first year of high school(8-12). It only took a few weeks and was rolled into either the fine arts elective or the everything else course(sex ed, woodwork, cooking, sewing, etc).

Touch Typing could be taught in Elementary School but when I was there the computers were older than the students. The school could have taught touch typing on apple 2s but it did not.

Of course, maybe children are just learning this on their own or from family members now. I was managing to type a few "papers" before being taught touch typing and I do not recall hunting and pecking at the keys to do it.

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