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Comment Re:And Italy has never had a history of... (Score 0) 157

HAHAHA. You don't understand the difference between statutory regulations and criminal law. Go look up the difference between the two and come back and have an informed discussion. What are you 7 years old? -- insults are not necessary. Just become informed of how law works and then we can talk. Here is a hint. Who is the plaintiff in both, what is the burden of proof in both. Who is the injured party in both? How and why? Who brings action against the accused? I never said that when someone is being mugged, you should look away. This is about statutory infractions, not about crime. Understand the difference and we can talk.

Comment Re:And Italy has never had a history of... (Score 1) 157

I think you just proved my point with Snowden. Governments have too much control over people as it is; we don't need to give them more. I think we agree on that. Governments only have control when we want them to. My ancestors and state fought long and hard to throw off an oppressive government and take up the mantle of sovereignty ourselves.

I come from a neighborhood where people mind their own business, because it is their own. I like my privacy and to be left alone. My neighbors like the same thing. We all agree on that. I don't stick my nose in someone else's affairs because I don't want them sticking their nose in mine.

Tattling to the police is like running and crying to Mom. The last bastion of those who can't handle that other people do things they don't like and want to punish them with the highest power they can.

Just because you don't like stereotypes doesn't mean they aren't true and the little old Italian wash woman sticking her nose in other people's business is very well known around me. Italians, on a whole, like to butt into other people's business. It is their entertainment. I know, I have four, off the boat, still Italian citizen, resident aliens in my family. They are great people, but they love gossip and getting into other people's affairs.

Comment And Italy has never had a history of... (Score -1) 157

Snitches. Hahaha. I wonder who vists @TrafficNaRcAntony when someone, umm, _Influential_ gets a parking ticket for a tweet sent by someone obviously standing in front of the "questionably" parked car long enough to send a good, focused picture.

We all know where snitches end up...

On a side note, wow, gotta love socialism. The state is more important than the individual to the point that the state out-sources their enforcement to the citizens. And the citizens do it! Gotta love the collectivism mindset. Tattle to mother government when they see something wrong, then codify the process through twitter.

Comment Can we... (Score 1, Insightful) 1051

all get together and sit Shuttleworth in a room with Linus and lock the door for an hour after Linus has been forced to use Unity for a week? That would probably solve the problem. After what they did with Unity and then with the passing search terms out to the internet, I can't recommend Ubuntu, but through Ubuntu and MATE. They really screwed the pooch on that. They had the best chance at corporate desktop standardization but really lost it with forcing Unity on people. And yes, I have used it. It bites.

Comment Dear Mr. Armstrong, (Score 1) 480

It will be discussed over and over, but this man did what countless generations before him dreamed about. We can never truly quantify the amount of change that has occurred because of his stepping on a celestial body. May he rest in peace and look back with pride on what has been accomplished because of what he was willing to dare. Remember, there is no tow service once you pass the ionosphere. There was no way to get back if they landed safely and had a problem. NASA delayed the video feed so that if something went wrong, it wasn't broadcast live on TV. They would just say that signal had been lost. He ignored these risks and put his life on the line.

Mr. Armstrong,
From all your fellow Eagle Scouts; Thank you.

Comment When they deserve your trust. (Score 3, Insightful) 716

Honestly. Look at the agreement between you and them. You are providing eyeballs for a product. When they believe they can track you beyond your eyeballs, there is an issue. You don't HAVE to look at billboards as you drive by them. Why do they think they can throw a GPS tracking device on your car as you drive by? All business transactions are based on equal standing. Especially contract law. You need to be on equal footing for contracts to be honored. That is why some jurisdictions don't see Shrink Wrap EULAs as valid and enforceable. You have no equal footing with something that you already purchased and cannot return, since the package was opened.

When the equation is equal again, you can walk back and deal as an equal, until it is an equal equation, the only way to win is to not play.

Kobayashi Maru

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what is for dinner.

Liberty is a well-armed lamb.

AdBlock Plus just give us lambs better arms.

Comment E - Window Manager (Score 1) 654

Enlightenment. I held onto that window manager for years. I even used it with Fink for a while on an old Powerbook G3. It was simple and always worked. It was better than Gnome was at the time.

Comment Re:UK isn't England (Score 1) 253

If it only hit Missouri, it would still be called a US Tour. It happens all the time. There are 50 of us, not counting protectorates. I don't know of ONE single US tour that hit all 50 States. Come on. It NOT being called a US Tour is silly and just not standard. So, the only way for it to be called a "US Tour" would be to hit all 50 States? It is still the US Tour, as soon as it hits any State in our Union.

Our states are larger than many of your European countries. Many times, tours will have region events because we are just too big. Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, West Coast, etc... They don't EVER hit all the States.

I hope you take your sovereignty. Because fundamentally, it is yours and not someone else's to give. Every human is granted by God to be free and independent and not ruled by another. I hope everyone finally sees that. The world would be a better place. Next time I see the vote coming up is 2014 though, and sentiments can change over time. I hope you finally take your right to govern yourselves. Good luck.

Comment Re:UK isn't England (Score 1) 253

Ehh... Stop your whining, They are technically correct. Any time they are in England, they are officially in the UK. If I live in a state in the US and they don't tour my state, I don't get pissy that they didn't hit ALL of the United States. You can always solve that by taking your sovereignty. We did it. Seemed to work well for us. Become sovereign, see the world, get some respect. You may even be able to do it without killing anyone. That would be better than when we chose to do it. Other than that, quit complaining, they are technically correct, whether you like it or not. They are a company operating under a sovereign and they need to show it ALL DUE RESPECT; not just what makes you happy. The Queen is still your ruler, and hence theirs as well. They have no choice but to refer to it as the Queen's government wants it to be referred to as. Don't like it, sorry, the only option is to take your sovereignty. Get that and then you get a chance to bitch; but only if the new government you set up for yourself lets you have that right.

Comment Dear Music Industry (Score 4, Insightful) 379

It seems as if for years, you have been using the BanHammer of the Government to force others to comply with your agenda of increased control and profits. Now, that you have gotten what you asked for, why are you unhappy? The environmentalists are getting their agenda pushed by the government, just like yours. Why on Earth would you be surprised. Ohh that's right, you artsy types haven't heard of the law of unintended consequences. Congratulations, welcome to the club of people who realize Government interference in everything isn't a good thing. I hope you enjoy getting what you asked for.

Everyone else.

Comment Honestly, this is pathetic. (Score 3, Interesting) 317

I happened to use the same ID/PW on both my PSN and my LOTRO account. Three months ago, someone had the ID to the LOTRO account and sold all my stuff. Long story short, Sony has NO F'ING CLUE how long they were being exploited. I never logged in anywhere other than personal machines to LOTRO, so there is NO WAY it could have been stolen from anywhere else. They were broken into over three months ago and they never knew it. They only just found out because some silly kid who had access decided to put a file on their servers that they FINALLY SAW. This honestly is pathetic. I have no faith in Sony anymore. They lost me and everyone I advise in a technical capacity. They will never know how many people that is, but I will. Standard response now is. Go with Xbox for games, Western Digital streaming device for Netflix, and a stand alone blue ray player if needed. At least Microsoft knows it is a target and has some semblance of a clue for NOT putting all of their proverbial eggs in one basket. I don't even know how to express the anger that I have for something that I thought would be safe and turned out to have them just having completely no clue on. For a major corporation, this is pathetic. There is no going back from this. Everyone in my family and everyone who I consult at work and personally will be told what happened and how long it has happened. I have already had people say "I thought Sony was a good company." Well, they weren't. To them, this is PR, to me, this is my personal information and my time spent in a game. Wasted, because of their hubris. Thanks Sony. You just lost me, my family and everyone whose ear I can bend. You won't care, but I do.

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