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Comment re: Butcher's pricing (Score 3, Interesting) 299

Butcher prices his Dresden files books at over $10 a pop. I read the first four or five but the pricing is too stupid and the quality's simply not that good. Not for significantly greater than pulp paperback.

If he priced his stuff at $6 a pop I would have read the catalog. But $12? Now you're taking advantage.

Comment one anecdote here (Score 1) 908

I'm in the market for a new game right now. It won't be Amalur, just like it wasn't Anno 2070 (though I really really wanted Anno 2070).

They want to end-around first sale doctrine, that's fine. I'll just forego their products.

This is about First Sale Doctrine, not whether or not I'll resell my stuff. I use Steam so it's moot anyhow.

Comment False Equivalency Horseshit (Score 1) 954

There are simply not enough taxable dollars in that lofty 1% realm to honestly make a difference. It makes for great popular sentiment as it supposedly impacts those "other" people. I also haven't heard a single viable argument as to how it is better to have that money get into the hands of a government that has shown a complete inability to manage money rather than let that money continue to flow into the economy.

Actually, there's enough to reverse most of the ballooning deficit strictly by reinstating the Bush tax cuts. Furthermore, the best argument is the one that every deficit hawk all over the tubes are stating: current debt levels are untenable and need to be reversed.

But yeah, it's helpful to pretend this is an intractable problem and "both sides are doing it". But it's a lie and repeating it makes you a liar.

Comment and the buzzword bingo continues (Score 1) 138

We used to call that sort of thing an Accounting System.

I imagine we call them ERPs to jack up the price and set up a business model where there's continuous fucking^W servicing of the customer.

Honestly, after working within them for the past decade, I can't imagine anyone would want to calcify their business with such a tightly coupled morass requiring continuous upgrades.

Just terrible

Comment eh, I see his point re: Progressives (Score 1) 80

The abolitionists (anti-slavery being quite progressive) tended to also be prohibitionists.

I like to think of it as "nobody has a monopoly on bad ideas".

The larger point, progressives want to expand the power of the state, is a little fallacious.

That really ties into paternalism, how hard/soft do you like it (if at all), and where is it appropriate. Those questions/answers don't fall on either side of the political spectrum, I think. (e.g. Republicans believe in hard paternalism when it comes to a woman's body, whilst Democrats tend to believe in paternalism when it comes to health care)

Comment funny that (Score 1) 884

It's only called class warfare when the lower class fights back. Otherwise, it's what, "measures to ensure profitability"?

RE: taxation - I only agree because the top 10% pays zero (ZERO) taxes in America, with our 35% tax rate.

Making that more sane is the first step, but no matter what happens corporations have to step up and pay for doing business in America. Period.

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