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Submission + - Komodo dragons kill with venom, not bacteria (

Digitus1337 writes: A new study dispels the widely accepted theory that the Komodo dragon kills by infecting its prey with toxic bacteria. Researchers say the Komodo dragon has venom that keeps blood from clotting around its prey's wounds. Researchers say the Komodo dragon has venom that keeps blood from clotting around its prey's wounds. Instead, the world's largest lizard delivers a powerful bite with its serrated teeth and uses a powerful venom to bring down its victims. The whole story can be found here.

Comment there is only one way to be sure (Score 1) 705

One of the main problems with getting rid of nukes has been mentioned here: no one wants to give their own up. A few countries have already given up nuclear weapons, including South Africa. All countries cannot be expected to do the same with their weapons, which leaves us with one solution...

We have to nuke the nukes from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.

Comment French Political System (Score 1) 488

In Comparative Politics, France is considered an odd country. The President has almost unlimited power; there is no system in place to remove him except for the next popular election. He does have the power to remove the Prime Minister from power, which is the opposite of how the system usually works in the case of a system with both a PM and a President. Russia acted like it had a similar system until Putin switched from President to PM.

Comment Re:Two changes that could've been made (Score 1) 852

You are not the only one. I don't understand why such a big deal was made of Hera or what point the Opera House served (literally as well as metaphorically). The Admiral going off to live alone was pointless. The idea that Kara came back to lead them to Earth -and- another Earth, which happens to have the coordinates of the notes of an inspired song, is ludicrous.

The ending showed that it wouldn't have mattered if the colonials were wiped out at any point during the series. Most of them will die in short order, all of them will have their life spans drastically reduced. The cycle wasn't broken, there was nothing left over to learn from so that humans wouldn't repeat their mistakes.

The ending made the entire series seem worthless.

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