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Comment Re:Explanations (Score 1) 71

Flashback time... I bought a Gameboy for that very reason. I was being deployed for Desert Shield and the later Desert Storm. It held up the entire time and for years beyond until the game pad had issues. It was in and out of sand, rain (yes it rained over there once like crazy), and a lot of abuse. It doesn't surprise me it survived a bombing - that thing was built nice. I played Tetris a lot and as much as I could. Which for me was a lot because we were in a hurry up and wait state. If it did anything for PTSD it only held it at bay for many years and maybe that explains some things. Maybe I need to start playing it again.

Here's a link to the article since the poster forgot that:

Comment Let me bust this one... (Score 1) 94

"further configured to download said subset to one of said output devices, and further configured to command said output device to transfer said subset onto blank media" - Phones / Tablets /Devices aren't really media but then again it seems like they count it as such for this patent (nice stretch there). However are they blank to start? Nope.

They gave the inventor one stretch by calling a device that stores something media but what about the word blank? Kind of hard to get around the term blank. Meaning nothing on it.

I'm probably misguided but if I'm right then problem solved.

Comment Re:Warrant issued upon probable cause (Score 1) 216

N outrage as long as you remember this key part in the case.

Fire investigators knew there had been “multiple points of origin of the fire from the outside of the residence.” At the time, the police cited inconsistencies in Compton’s statements when compared with the evidence from the fire.

That makes it a lot better.

Comment Re:Twelve people's security. (Score 1) 55

I would bet for his account it's a system of dual control approval for changes to the page. Something I would imagine they'd probably want to offer to big names who for image management. It would be the smart way of doing it.

Twelve people doing it just means it wouldn't be that hard to have two of the twelve around the office....

Comment This was done but look over here (Score 1) 233

The Reddit CEO edited a post on Reddit other than his own within the systems set rules. That has to be a clear violation. However he just points to another issue, the trolls, and off they go. Trey and Matt are really on top of things. Which is just amusing. I wonder if someone in the history of Reddit's employee's has done the same thing and been terminated for it. If so their HR department is probably going to have a mess on their hands.

This guy acted like one of those board admins who can't handle what's going on and jumps into the fray, then applies the ban hammer. Instead he should have just stepped back and directed efforts on making Reddit better by fixing the issues at hand and not just in one sub. Or just for one issue. Big picture is needed.

Comment Final Diagnosis (Score 1) 192

Why is it the medical field gets paid for a incorrect diagnosis and the treatment as well as correct ones? I think performance would increase if they knew they wouldn't get paid or have to refund it. Right now they can walk in and just say "It's this" and walk out knowing they'll still get paid.

Comment I has a bag (Score 1) 202

Let's get around these claims....

1. Make a bag with at least 59% post consumer content. Or to be extra picky less than 59%.
2. Don't allow the handle to droop. If you do the handle may only droop at most 89% of the top edge into the bag container.
3. Don't user corrugated cardboard for the collar.

Comment Good old days (Score 5, Interesting) 82

Funny back in the early 90s we'd go to the M-1 simulator and run through that. Then go back to the barracks and play M1 Tank platoon on my Amiga 500. It was a running joke I had my own simulator in my room. M1 Tank Platoon had a little more with the driver position. The fun part was the Micropose armor vehicle identification copy protection. Didn't need have to look that up in the manual.

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