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Comment Apple complaint from admitted fanboy (Score 1) 281

Apple does update iPhones and iPads to the point that they are slow. Try closing just about any app and pulling up the keyboard on a 3GS with iOS6 or an original iPad with iOS5. Its painfully slow just to respond to keypresses. I am pretty sure the problem is RAM. Apple was slow to go to 512MB and slow again to go to 1GB. I can see why some people might want the latest features without buying a new piece of hardware, but my two big complaints about Apple's practices are these: (1) Apple would never ship the product with such a slow response and thus a bad user experience and (2) Apple has successfully prevented downgrading so there is no going back - even the hackers can't downgrade your phone.

Comment Two times recently RS didn't have cables I needed (Score 1) 423

I went to two different Radio Shacks lately with no luck - once to get a 4-pole 3.5mm minijack to RCA AV cable and another time to get a TOSLink optical cable (again needing a 3.5mm mini-plug on one end.) I realize these are not super common cables, but in each instance the sales people had no idea what I was even talking about. I also don't understand the whole Radio Shack mobile strategy; I can go just about anywhere to find a mobile phone and pay outrageous prices like theirs. With the whole maker movement, I would think they would sell Arduinios and Raspberry Pi boards. I would also think I could go in there and get a small selection of hardware (motherboards, CPUs, Video Cards), but again, I don't think they have stock like this...

Comment Like the 2DS, the Wii Mini has a purpose (Score 4, Insightful) 147

Before you complain about the Mini being a butchered Wii, just realize that Nintendo are not going after serious console buyers here or people flush with cash. Those people might have bought a Wii U or are waiting for the XBox One or PS 4. Nintendo is going after people looking for a bargain but who don't want a used machine (these people do exist). They are serving people who don't demand the latest and greatest from a console and who will pay $99 to play the awesome games you could get on Nintendo's old system. The thing Nintendo knows is that when it sells a console, it will sell games for that console. So a Wii Mini probably represents four or five games going out the door as first sales in the next year as well. And I am pretty sure nobody sells more titles for Nintendo consoles than Nintendo itself. This is a play to make some more money on the backend of the Wii's life. Its a smart move to trim the cost of the Wii and keep selling machines and the games that play on them. And some of these people might turn into Wii U buyers when they have more money.

Comment They were on a burning platform (Score 1) 144

Just look at RIM. Their platform is literally crashing and burning as you read this. Nokia's best play was to stick with Windows Phone and get bought by Microsoft. Sure they could have made Android phones, but its not like HTC and LG and Sony are moving product. Maybe Nokia could do better, but at least with Microsoft they had a partner to push help push through technical hurdles and to contribute to marketing.

Comment Re:Glass??? (Score 1) 307

And I think the subtle thing that Google realized and did absolutely right is that Glass isn't something that needs a new service contract from Verizon or AT&T or TMobile. Everyone in the market for Glass has a smartphone and probably high speed internet at home, so Glass is a peripheral to your smartphone when you are away from home. This is what the iPad should have been - a bluetooth peripheral to your iPhone. Tethering be damned!

Comment Re:Microsoft doesn't care about PC anymore (Score 1) 786

A company that makes all its money on PC and Server operating systems and the business applications that run on them can't tell its shareholders it thinks PCs are dying. Microsoft would love to get into the tablet business, but they are so late to the game and they are finding not many people want a Windows tablet. That is their problem; Everything has to be Windows. Their best *ideas* right now are arguably Windows Phone 8, Skydrive, and Azure. What Surface needs to be is a $300 tablet that makes the experience of using the Windows ecosystem somehow better. Why that is really hard is that there are literally millions of iPad users finding that the iPad makes their experiences better. So much so that these people consider buying an Apple as their next computer. Microsoft needs to make a mobile experience so good it generates a Windows halo rather than trying to get the Windows behemoth to force users into a half baked Windows 8 'metro' UI parading as a mobile experience on their laptop/desktop.

Comment Re:What year is this? (Score 5, Insightful) 559

I think a natural equilibrium will be reached. The only reason to manufacture things is for people to buy them. If nobody has money because nobody has a job, then they won't bother to make robots to manufacture things. At some point the 'haves' need the 'have nots' to have money. Filthy rich people don't continue to get filthy rich off of one another.

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