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Will Wright's E3 Spore Presentation 77

moto writes "ThinkGaming is reporting from E3, and had a chance to take a look at Will Wright's Spore during the early-hours press access. From the article: 'To start, Will showed an overview of the latest creature editing system. He mentioned that almost all parts of the editing system, from hands to the mouth, control the creature in its entirety - from its personality to the way it sounds, etc. In addition, the color system is a procedural texturing system that lays initially colors, then various textures (scales, etc.) and more all on top of your creature model. It looks like an incredibly intricate system, as has been seen quite a bit so far in previous videos. It looked like it was nearing completion and would allow for endless possibilities.'"
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Will Wright's E3 Spore Presentation

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  • Procedural (Score:1, Funny)

    by 330Pilot ( 688005 )
    If I hear the word procedural one more time from this guy...
    • by Anonymous Coward
      I have 4 words for you: procedural procedural procedural procedural...
      • by Tackhead ( 54550 ) on Wednesday May 10, 2006 @08:21PM (#15305182)
        > > If I hear the word procedural one more time from this guy...
        >I have 4 words for you: procedural procedural procedural procedural...

        Oh, crap. Will's just procedurally evolved a Steve Ballmer.

        Oh, double crap. The procedure's viral, too.

        • Now I just *have* to make one when the game comes out. I hope they have some good procedural 'yelling ape' sounds and sweat marks overlay textures.
  • Wahoo!!!

    I'm not a big gamer myself... heck, I've touched my xbox once in the last year (and still haven't finished Halo 2) but this game... bo ya! It's one of the few I am truly looking forward to.

    I may need to save my vacation time so that I can avoid work and sunlight for a week or two after things baby comes out.
  • by Suddenly_Dead ( 656421 ) on Wednesday May 10, 2006 @07:45PM (#15305026)
    IGN has a nice video [] of Wright demoing Spore at E3. I'd kill for a high-res mirror, though.
    • There was supposed to be a > in the title, incase it makes no sense to anyone. Ooops :)
    • I waited in line about 1.5 hours to see this demonstration. The line moved very slowly too, since about 2/3 of the audience in the room of about 30-40 people were invited, so they could skip the line. I didn't even know WW was going to be demoing it himself, and at first I didn't realize it was him (he didn't say his name).

      The parent's linked video is pretty much the exact same demo I saw in person, with only some minor differences (i.e. he said that the ability to toss things with your abduction ray was
  • by Lordpidey ( 942444 ) on Wednesday May 10, 2006 @07:55PM (#15305071) Homepage
    If your computer downloads content produced by OTHER players.... And then populates the world with them, I could see a problem. Look ma, my creature just got eaten by a giant goatse!
  • Expectations (Score:4, Insightful)

    by reldruH ( 956292 ) on Wednesday May 10, 2006 @07:56PM (#15305074) Journal
    No real new information other than that progress on the game is... well, progressing. The screen shots look absolutely amazing. My only fear is that all this publicity will do the game in. I think it will be a great game but even I realize that my expectations are so flagrantly high that there's almost no way he'll be able to meet them. Maybe we should all take a step back, remember that this game will not take the place of wives, kids or food and give the game a chance to be succesful. Because with expectations running as high as everybodys are right now, there's no way it will be able to meet them.
    • Honestly....I'm starting to get the same feeling in my stomach as when Black & White was about to come out. So while I may doubt the expectations I have for this game, I still have really high hopes that this game pulls through, because this concept is absolutely FASCINATING to me as I love evolution in general and to put it in game form....capturing gameplay from all the main genres...well, its just awesome. Then you throw in the fact that Wil Wright is behind it and it will be humorous as well and
      • Re:Expectations (Score:3, Insightful)

        by reldruH ( 956292 )
        One more thing to think about. You're feeling now the way you felt just before Black & White was released. It's currently the beginning of May in the year 2006 and Spore isn't slated to be released until 2007.
      • Has black and white 2 been shown much lately?
      • this concept is absolutely FASCINATING to me as I love evolution in general

        From what I've seen, the game looks more like intelligent design to me..

    • I remember my expectation and excitement for the release of Oblivion was very high and after playing it for 40 hours in the first week I can say it was definitely warranted. Who's to say Spore can't deliver just as well even with such expectations and hype?
  • Dang. . .is that a new record ?
  • Uh oh (Score:5, Funny)

    by darkhitman ( 939662 ) on Wednesday May 10, 2006 @08:43PM (#15305274)
    A popular game?

    Complete control over all aspects of the creatures?

    Textures that could possibly be construed as flesh-colored?

    I think we have a Hot Chromosome scandal coming up. Jack Thompson, get your subpoenas ready.
    • Next target: MS Paint.

    • Oh, I am sure that when travelling the galaxy in Spore, you will encounter multiple instances of the Planet of the Hot Nymphomaniacs. If only real space were like that, humans would have conquered the galaxy by now.
      • If real space were like that, humanity (at least the male half) would more likely have found the first of those planets and then suddenly discovered better things to do than space exploration.
  • Drat (Score:5, Funny)

    by aztec rain god ( 827341 ) on Wednesday May 10, 2006 @09:57PM (#15305700)
    "In order to move from one step to the next in terms of evolution and generations, you must find a mate."

    Looks like I won't be getting very far in this game.
  • There is a longer more detailed video at [] . scroll about 4/5 down on the page. The video is just over an hour long; I'm not sure if it shows more gameplay or not.
  • Where's the FUN...? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by AdamTrace ( 255409 )
    Don't get me wrong... Spore looks AMAZING! The whole creature-creation stuff is like nothing I've ever seen.

    But will the game be FUN?! I guess maybe it's kind of like the Sims, where users create their own fun...?

    Can someone explain it to me?

    • But will the game be FUN?

      That depends on who you are. I expect it will be fun for me.

    • I recently read an article that noted how few details were known about Spore. Notably, the writer wondered how the game would be "scored", and how one would "win". In the view of the writer, these seemed to be terribly important aspects of a game. After I read that I wondered if they really are. Some of the most enjoyable games I've played lately (Nintendogs, Animal Crossing) lack these "integral" componenents. Both have some sort of loosely defined goal (raise a dog, build a cool town), but neither have an
      • Nintendogs has various "scores" (trainer points, competetion scores, and money), and various things that might be considered win conditions, although the designer's real goal was to get the gamer playing in perpetuity.

        Animal crossing, similarly, has a few different score-like things, as well as different win-conditions depending on user preference. A "perfect town," a full catalog at Nook's, museum collections, HRA scores, etc. Depending on your goals, it's entirely possible to "win" at Animal Crossing.

      • I don't think the game's going to be "scored" per se. The impression I've had from what's out there is that the motivation for playing is simply to advance to the next stage of evolution, which would be fine by me. Of course, I don't know for sure, but considering that The Sims didn't have attempt to score your character or their life, I'd bet that's going to be the case again here.

        Really, how WOULD you score the game? Number of times your creature mates? ;)

    • Designing a killing machine over eons, and knowing it will be unleashed on other, weaker (shall we say "Sissy") creatures doesn't sound fun to you? The carnage!! Or take the other side, designing a critter that can defend itself from the warp perversions of life that the twisted minds of the web can throw at you? Come on, that sounds a little fun doesn't it? It's like Robot Rumble, except with fake-organics ;)
  • Learn to LINK man. Take the following phrase:

    "ThinkGaming is reporting from E3, and had a chance to take a look at Will Wright's Spore during the early-hours press access."

    The Zonk approach: link from "Will Wright's Spore" goes to article.

    The *sensible* approach: link from "Will Wright's Spore" goes to official site; link from "ThinkGaming is reporting" goes to article.

    I mean seriously, how many times do you have to post "edited for clarity - Z" before you figure it out?
    • (I know, don't feed the trolls, but I can't help myself):
      Here's an idea: maybe by linking relevant text rather than the website name, spiders can extract meaningful data about the linked page other than the obvious "it's from ThinkGaming". Useful in a different way than what you mentioned. After all, you don't stop using a spoon altogether just because a fork exists, right?
  • This game goes a few steps beyond all of those first-person shooters that are open to modification by skilled designers. It literally makes the all the tools needed to create fully custom, playable characters available to the average person using a highly intuitive interface. Combine this with the possibility to create several hundred thousand variations in character design, each with their own custom world for them to populate in a virtual universe open to millions of users around the world via the interne
    • by Flyboy Connor ( 741764 ) on Thursday May 11, 2006 @05:37AM (#15306843)
      I am really looking forward to this game and the uproar it'll inevitably cause with the "intelligent design" proponents.

      Why would there be an uproar from them? Basically it simulates a universe that is constructed as they think it actually is.

    • I doubt this game would cause any sort of uproar with proponents of "intelligent design" ... mostly because this game is all about intelligent design, and maybe even includes some aspects about the heritability of acquired traits. I'm still excited about playing Spore, both personally and professionally (I'm a high school biology teacher and a biology education researcher). I'm hoping to get this loaded on all of our laptops in school (that is, if they have the horsepower...) and have the students play as
  • Obligatory Penny Arcade link []. I just hope it's better than Black & White. For some reason, I could never get into that game. The ideas were great, but it never jelled for me.

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