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Comment Re:Doesn't Matter (Score 1) 421

You're going to have to explain yourself on that one

Sure thing.

When you were quoting me, you left out this part : Whatever you want to say about them (partisan-wise, intelligence-wise, etc.)

I said that because I know a lot of the people that would be reading my comment would not find ANY of the Republican candidates acceptable, for ideological reasons or whatever. That is, I suspect that very few Slashdot regulars are Republicans.

However, you can still evaluate a candidate's suitability in the Republican primary, at least I hope you can if you use your imagination. By that criteria, surely you could see the appeal of various candidates to Republican voters, right? Nevertheless, Trump trounced them all pretty handily.

Comment Re:Doesn't Matter (Score 1) 421

Most trump "supporters" would immediately switch if an actually good candidate appeared, but trump is all they got.

They had 15 people (more?) to start with. It ended up Trump anyway. Whatever you want to say about them (partisan-wise, intelligence-wise, etc.) you probably would agree that early on, most would seem to be better candidates than Trump. But it turned out Republican primary voters weren't interested in traditional candidates.

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