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Comment Re:Cheap (Score 1) 626

How do you explain those companies investing large sums of money trying to train up American kids if they prefer the slave-labour H1Bs? Insurance perhaps?

Intel threw $300,000,000 at increasing diversity and equality.

I don't see anything about training and skills in "diversity and equality".

Comment Re:Only remove it for California (Score 1) 218

Anti-discrimination laws are allowed by the constitution. Those laws can prohibit certain speech. That's well established and tested in court.

Can you supply some of these laws and court cases? I'm not trolling nor is it a rhetorical question. Free speech has been on my mind lately, and I see a lot of people state (without evidence) that the US (or states, or something) has a few, narrow restrictive laws regarding racism and discrimination, in regard to what can be said/printed. But nobody is interested or able to provide examples. Thanks in advance.

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