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Comment Re:I for one thank them (Score 1) 198

The POTUS using a pseudonym to communicate via email is hardly a scandal,

Most transparent administration evah!

The actual 'scandal', is that it seems Obama lied when he said he only found out about her email system through media reports (a way he has learned about many things).

more of an extra layer of security in case someone does get their hands on classified emails

Why would the President be emailing classified information on an unclassified system?

(and possibly a way to make finding records more difficult).

Bingo. No doubt former EPA chief "Richard Windsor" agrees.

It's even more silly in that Presidential records are generally not FOIAable or subpoenable, even when her SoS emails were being released.

Comment Re:What's wrong with this? (Score 1, Interesting) 198

Interesting how neither the AC nor you put 2+2 together.

Outrage over the allegation of a presidential candidate working with a foreign leader 'against american interests'... while giving a pass to a sitting President who has actively done that for... 8 years now?

No doubt ISIS has been grateful for a Obama Presidency (because power vacuums are such a good idea), and hopes for a Clinton (aka 'no boots on the ground') one to follow.

Russia too has benefited greatly from the opportunities given to them by this administration.

I'm no Trump fan, however I've got a difficult time imagining how Trump could do any worse with Russia than Obama & Hillary have.

Comment Re:I for one thank them (Score 3, Informative) 198

If they are behind the release of the fact Obama used a pseudonym to email hillary, despite the fact he denied having any knowledge of her private email. That's good to know too.

This I have not heard of.

It was part of a Friday document dump... you weren't supposed to hear about it:

Comment Re:After the election (Score 0) 198

The time to address these issues is after the election.

That's the only time where anyone can legitimately claim that their concern is real, and not partisan sniping.

Depends on who is in office, or haven't you noticed that during the last 8 years, virtually any criticism of the President was deemed due to racism, just as any disagreements with a Clinton-45 presidency will only be due to sexism.

Politics never ends, it simply changes form through the year & election cycles.

Comment Re:Asinine. (Score 4, Insightful) 433

Predicted response: "Won't someone think of the children! Guns kill people, encryption doesn't!"

Alas when it comes to proponents of gun control, you don't often encounter honest or thoughtful people. They have a single goal in mind and ignore all of the existing regulation on the books today.

Comment Publish a f-ing book already. (Score 4, Interesting) 433

This is nothing new, Philip Zimmermann was receiving similar threats during the first crypto-war so published the source code of PGP in a book ( and more or less dared the feds to ban a book.

He won.

(this is the short version).

Comment Re:This is my shocked face (Score 1) 272

At this moment in time, no, but it likely will be, multiple times over the next year in the next year:

Note the two yellow line? One crossing over the northern end of South America and up through the US, and another going through the middle and missing North America?

Unless a body is in geostationary orbit, you eventually going to have ever possible location within the inclination of your orbit under it at some point, as the body & the earth are rotating at different rates.

This is why polar orbits are so useful for certain types of earth viewing satellites (mapping, spy) as you've the widest inclination and everything will eventually be under the satellite.

Of course, hitting a city sized target with orbital debris is not as easy as it sounds. Unlike Call of Duty Ghosts, simply shooting down is the wrong answer (unless you happen to have unlimited energy and a projectile which will resist the higher temperatures such a high speed direct should would produce). Instead you'd attempt a de-orbit where your body is expected to land around the intended target... and hope that the shape & size of your body doesn't pull too much to one side or the other on the way down.

Comment Re:just one thing to say (Score 2) 610

For what purpose would they want to change the email address inside of an email?

Are we to believe they were so concerned about other peoples email addresses being exposed as part of a FOIA request? Or are they trying to make it harder to search for certain content and/or hide the actual identities of who they are corresponding with?

It's still tampering with federal records, which at last check used to be a federal crime... at least until the FBI & DOJ opted to let a whole lot of people walk.

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