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Comment EVE/Dust514 (Score 1) 57

This is unexpected, as Sony systems had not only the first example of crossplay, but also the most interesting. Eve/Dust514. Two different MMOs, set in the same persistant universe, that could interact with each other. (The interaction is admittedly limited, but it is there.) I would have expected a company to pioneer not just once, but twice to remain open. I guess I was wrong.

Comment Re: Yay (Score 1) 194

Due to the way cellular networks work, there can only be so much TOTAL bandwidth per tower, it's not as if you each have your own dedicated wire.

Because of this, if usage goes up, then there will have to be stronger restrictions.

Note: this is only true for cellular networks. Restrictions over internet that comes via wire can suck a big one.

Comment Re:IQ 135+ (Score 1) 342

Look at the biology this way..
Student: I don't need to learn boring biology because computers can do that for us. I'm a cool programmer dammit, not a biology nerd.
Teacher: Ok, write a program to locate gene sequences on DNA.
Student, one week later: This is too hard... Don't they have experts for this sort of thing?
Teacher: Never mind. Just give me the burger and small fries.

Comment Mabinogi (Score 1) 555

There's a fairly old MMO, called Mabinogi. It was one of the first MMOs to use a reflexive combat system (as opposed to everquest's hit Q for auto attack). It also plays more like a single player jrpg that happens to be an MMO, than a traditional MMO.

However, Nexon manages it, and they are terrible as far as customer support goes. It took them over two years to respond to a support request regarding NX (the real money currency) stolen from my account.

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