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Comment Re:Any good audio engineer will tell you- (Score 1) 849

True. While only an anecdote, I have Pink Floyd's "The Wall" in 128 Kbps MP3, taken from a spotless first-issue LP and encoded by good ol' l3enc.exe; it sounds better than many newer albums encoded in a higher bitrate or FLAC. And while I could rip the CD reissue in FLAC I won't - there's a certain quality to that old rip. I think it's something with l3enc.

However, I won't say my 320 Kbps encode of the "Let it Bleed" CD sounds better than the FLAC rip of the SACD remaster I bought -- or any album recorded, mastered and released in pure digital 24/96 or higher.

Not that I care about noise either, as evidenced by the fact that I love listening to some early Phish shows recorded on bad quality MCs. The music, performance and basic mix is good so I ignore the hiss and flutter.

Comment Re:Sale of Goods act (Score 1) 142

Nope, but legislation like this is usually also introduced through EFTA as well, which Norway is a part of.

Like the recent maximum prices for cell phone roaming in EU countries -- we'll have to comply with that as well.

Opponents of the EU say our EU membership-by-proxy is a good thing; we get the advantages without paying for it.

Proponents say we get all the bad legislation as well but don't have a say since we're not true members.

Can't win 'em all, right?

Comment Re:Sale of Goods act (Score 2, Informative) 142

We have something like that in Norway. An item is generally under one year warranty from the manufacturer (some items like washing machines come with a three-year warranty) but in cases where the product is "supposed to last longer" than the warranty you can demand to have it fixed for free -- mention the consumer ombudsman when talking to the company. Like a TV - if it fritzes after a year and two months, you CAN get it fixed for nothing still.

Comment Re:Stunts (Score 1) 282

It's not unlike Stunts (I love that game) but in the free version you have only one car. The upside is that it has excellent online play with user-created tracks that range from fast, through laugh out loud tracks to just plain insane challenges.


Post-Beta Windows 7 Build Leaked With New IE8 332

CWmike writes "A post-beta version of Windows 7, Build 7022, leaked to Internet file-sharing sites also includes an updated version of IE8, according to searches at several BitTorrent trackers. With Microsoft halting new Windows 7 beta downloads on Tuesday, and blocking all downloads as of noon (EST) today, users are again turning to illegal sources to get the new operating system."

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