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Comment Not Developers, but. . . (Score 1) 438

. . . . I had to deal with outsourced services to India, back around the turn of the century, when I was working for a Dot-com. We were experimenting with outsourcing. The boss had contracted some Indian services firm to take 1000 Material Safety Data Sheets, in scanned PDFs, and type the contents of each into a Microsoft Word file. As I recall, he paid 500 bucks for it.

Average results were 20+ errors per page. Spelling, words missing, whatever, it was there in the results file.

This compares to a similar contract, same task, somewhere in Flyover Country. Zero errors, and notes pointing out mis-spellings in the ORIGINAL PDFs. Cost 5 grand, but worth it. . . .

Comment Re:The real solution.. (Score 2) 98

Back in my undergrad days, the Engineering-track Physics I and II courses had textbooks that were huge stacks of punched stencilled pages ( required a 4-inch binder. . .). Cost, between 12 and 14 dollars, plus a 6 dollar binder.

Junior Year, both volumes came out as a textbook. 80 bucks. And, of course, enough minor changes in the exercises that the old paper editions were useless.

Oddly enough, the professor who taught the course bought a new car that year.

Funny how that works. . .

Comment Re:This is all very silly. (Score 4, Informative) 477

There are a few crackpot cultists who genuinely believe a society organized around slavery would be a good thing, but opinions per se can't really hurt anyone.

Oh we have PLENTY of people who like the idea of a society organized around slavery. We call them "H1B Employers". . . . (evil grin)

Submission + - Shadow Brokers Release New Batch of Files Containing Windows and SWIFT Exploits (bleepingcomputer.com)

An anonymous reader writes: On Good Friday and ahead of the Easter holiday, the Shadow Brokers have dumped a new collection of files, containing what appears to be exploits and hacking tools targeting Microsoft's Windows OS and the SWIFT banking system. The tools were dumped via the Shadow Brokers Twitter account and were accompanied by a blog post, as the group did in the past. This dump contains three folders named Windows, Swift, and Oddjob. The Windows folder contains 23 Windows exploits ranging from SMB to IIS, while the OddJob folder contains an eponymous implant for Windows operating systems. The folder claiming to hold SWIFT exploits also contains Excel files that hint the Equation Group had hacked several banks across the world, mainly in the Middle East. One of these tools was previously linked to the NSA by Snowden.

Submission + - SPAM: Why drop the MOAB (Mother of all bombs)

chromaexcursion writes: There is a shelf life for munitions. Call it an expiration date. The military typically uses end of life munitions in life fire training. But, where do you use an end of life MOAB? There are some munitions that have been designed and specified, but never built. They actually built a MOAB, and it's getting to that life span edge. Wonders never cease, an acceptable target.
Given that Daisy Cutters turned people in tunnels under the blast to jelly in Vietnam. I doubt anyone will know how many were killed by a bomb more than twice as powerful.
Small, tactical, battlefield nukes, they don't exist anymore, obsolete cold war tech are not as powerful as the MOAB.
45 may have been sending a message to a certain belligerent state.

Submission + - New Season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 Premiers on Netflix

ewhac writes: In 1988, comedian Joel Hodgson launched what is possibly one of the silliest ideas for a television show yet conceived: A man and two sentient robots sit in a theater and heckle a bad movie. Improbably, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) became a smash success on cable, spawned a feature-length film, and ran for ten official seasons on Comedy Central and The Sci-Fi Channel, its last episode airing on 8 August, 1999. Now, 17 years later, Season 11 of MST3K debuts today on Netflix. A full season has been produced, including a stretch-goal Christmas special, funded by the highest-earning Kickstarter Film & Video campaign to date ($5.76 million) – thousands of contributors are listed in the show’s end credits, spread across all fourteen episodes.

The show remains true to its low-budget roots, relying almost exclusively on models and practical effects, including a very inventive new door sequence. The backstory for the new season is very swiftly established in the opening to Experiment 1101, as Jonah Heston (played by co-producer Jonah Ray) is abducted by the evil mad scientist Kinga Forrester (Felicia Day) and her sidekick Max a/k/a TV’s son of TV’s Frank (Patton Oswalt). Together with Gypsy (Rebecca Hanson), Tom Servo (Baron Vaughn), and Crow (Hampton Yount), Jonah quips his way through a barrage of bad movies, including Reptilicus, Starcrash, The Loves of Hercules, and The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t.

Submission + - Can an Airline Really Just Yank You Off the Plane? (popularmechanics.com) 1

schwit1 writes: By now there's a good chance you've seen the shocking video from a United Airlines plane at Chicago's O'Hare airport. The clip—in which a bloodied man is forcibly dragged off an overbooked flight to make room for an airline employee—has justifiably caused a sensation on social media. And lots of people who saw the fracas must have wondered: Does the airline really have the right to do this?

The short answer, according to aviation and government sources, is that airlines have a lot of leeway to remove a traveler from a plane, for any reason. "Passengers have far fewer 'rights' than they imagine," says George Hobica, president of AirfareWatchdog.com.

Comment Re:Remember this formula kids... (Score 1) 89

Depends. But I still have Install CDs for WinNT 4.0 and Win2000 Server and Workstation, and valid install keys for the 2000 CDs (Those of you who ran NT know how to do the serial for NT. . . ). As well as matching SQL and Exchange Servers for both generations, and all the Service Packs.

And my old books. So, if needed, I do have skills and software that will work in a pinch.

Then again, I also have current Fedora, Ubuntu, and Mint images. Methinks I'll stick with them (grin)

Submission + - Paying Customer Dragged from United Flight (nytimes.com) 7

LeftCoastThinker writes: United Airlines forcibly dragged a paying customer from a Chicago flight after overbooking it so that 4 United executives could board the flight to a corporate meeting. The actual violence was committed by a airport police officer who is now on leave.

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