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Comment Academic Foolishness (Score 3, Informative) 109

These are major and invasive changes to POSIX. No reasonable person would expect to be able to do things like change PID semantics or shared memory. Yes, it might solve the problem that they sought to solve. But I would be very surprised to see this meet with any large-scale deployment. It's better to work with the system than to just arbitrarily decide Unix is wrong and rewrite it.

Submission + - Space combat MMORPG porting to Android, Tegra ( 1

Incarnate-VO writes: Guild Software, makers of the multi-platform space MMO Vendetta Online are apparently rolling a native Android port, intended for use on upcoming smartbooks and tablets powered by Nvidia's second-generation Tegra. More information on the port at the Android FAQ page on the Vendetta Online website.

Comment (Structural) Verilog (Score 1) 301

I've found that Verilog is much easier to learn and teach (at least, for an undergraduate engineering-type class). But, as others have mentioned, do NOT think of it as a programming language. Think of it as a convenient way to draw schematics, a very sophisticated keyboard layout for Xilinx. You should ALWAYS write synthesizable code for everything except your testbench, and you shouldn't have to synthesize it to know what it looks like. As to why not VHDL, well, VHDL is the COBOL of HDLs. Way too verbose for me.

Comment Re:0.027% (Score 2, Insightful) 258

Yeah, that seemed a little unlikely to me as well. There are 2**128 addresses in IPv6. Even assuming that all of these were allocated in 64-bit subnets (fairly common), that's still 5*10**15 subnets. Which is a hugely ridiculous amount, many times larger than the IPv4 Internet. Something's fishy about this number...
Operating Systems

Gentoo 2008.0 Released 164

An anonymous reader notes that the Gentoo 2008.0 final release is available. From the announcement: "Code-named 'It's got what plants crave,' this release contains numerous new features including an updated installer, improved hardware support, a complete rework of profiles, and a move to Xfce instead of GNOME on the LiveCD. LiveDVDs are not available for x86 or amd64, although they may become available in the future. The 2008.0 release also includes updated versions of many packages already available in your ebuild tree."

The Interactive Linux Kernel Map 93

Constantine writes "The Linux kernel is one of most complex open source projects. Even though there are a lot of books on the Linux kernel, it is still a difficult subject to comprehend. The interactive Linux kernel map gives you a top-down view of the kernel. You can see the most important layers, functionalities, modules, functions, and calls. Each function on the map is a link to its source code. The map is interactive. You can zoom in and drag around to see details."
Media (Apple)

How Apple Kept the iPhone Secret 539

An anonymous reader writes "Bogus prototypes, bullying the press, stifling pillow talk — all to keep iPhone under wraps. Fortune's Peter Lewis goes inside one of the year's biggest tech launches. One of the most astonishing things about the new Apple iPhone, introduced yesterday by Steve Jobs at the annual Macworld trade show, is how Apple managed to keep it a secret for nearly two-and-a-half years of development while working with partners like Cingular, Yahoo and Google."

Submission + - "Pillars of Creation" Really Ancient Phant

eldavojohn writes: "The images are well known and unmistakable. Probably one of the most widely printed Hubble Telescope images is the famous "Pillars of Creation." But now scientists are questioning if these pillars still exist or if the images captured by Hubble are merely images thousands of years out of date since the nebulae are 7,000 light years away. Scientists are now saying that a nearby supernova knocked these pillars out of existence some six thousand years ago."

Wikipedia Used for Artificial Intelligence 177

eldavojohn writes "It may be no surprise but Wikipedia is now being used in the field of artificial intelligence. The applications for this may be endless. For instance, the front of spam fighting is a tough one and it looks as though researchers are now turning towards an ontology or taxonomy based solution to fight spammers. The concept is also on the forefront of artificial intelligence and progress towards an application passing the Turing Test and creating semantically aware applications. The article comments on uses of Wikipedia in this manner: '"... spam filters block all messages containing the word 'vitamin,' but fail to block messages containing the word B12. If the program never saw B12 before, it's just a word without any meaning. But you would know it's a vitamin," Markovitch said. "With our methodology, however, the computer will use its Wikipedia-based knowledge base to infer that 'B12' is strongly associated with the concept of vitamins, and will correctly identify the message as spam," he added.'"
The Internet

Submission + - Registerfly Domain Registrar

Regsiterflies Webmaster writes: "Great News! I believe were moving in on Registerfly. Yesterday I had received several emails from and individual and if you Read On, you will see what the email says. Im withholding the name of the sender due to privacy and until further notice.

Meanwhile Im communicating with this individual to properly provide the information requested and creation of a form so that we can meet these requirements. Please Read On!

"I have deposited the request at ICANN, January 6, 2007, to withdraw the status ICANN accredited registrar for REGISTERFLY, because otherwise ICANN would lend creditbility to REGISTERFLY marketing.

If more than 100 other Registerfly customers take part, ICANN will probably be obliged to consider to follow the request. The total customer damage is in my estimation between 2 mio. USD und 20 mio. USD. ICANN will probably not like to be legally involved in the responsibility for damage compensation. The only way not to be involved, is to withdraw the accredited status.

Is it possible to coordinate on your site such a joint withdrawal demand? (with all REGISTERFLY customers specifying their damage in time, lost money, lost business) I would formulate the standardized text modules, and all participants could add a description of their
specific horror story."

This is good news folks. Registerflies, with the joint cooperation of our users, is in the process of stripping away that ICANN logo away from Registerfly. Were going to win the battle with this bad company and I hope you are all as excited as I am about this.

Now, I suggest everyone move their domains out of Registerfly quickly. Over the next couple months, things are going to get real nasty and its important to get your names out otherwise you may lose them to a closed and Bankrupt Registerfly. If you names are still showing as Enom on the Registration, contact Jennifer Bogren at Enom and she will help you to get these names in the right account and away from Registerfly. Enom is not crooked and has no Relationship with Registerfly. Contact Enom immediately if your name hasnt yet transferred to Registerfly out of Enom.

To check the Whois quickly, please visit:

Soon, there will be a form for everyone to fill out and Im in the process of preparing this. Please be patient and this effort takes time and preparation.

Also, if you can assist financially with a donation, once the form is ready, Registerflies is going submit a Press Release all over the world. Im not sure how much its going to cost but every nickle will help. I believe and effective press release will cost $300-$500. If you cant afford to donate, dont sweat it and certainly dont send money you dont have, just participate in the forms I will be providing.

Thank you all for continuing helping out with this.

Attention Registerfly — 2007 is going to mark the end of your reign of terror. Youve had your chance to clean these things up and you chose not to listen... Can you Hear US NOW!"

Dark Cloud Over Good Works of Gates Foundation 325

theodp writes "Justice Eta, a Nigerian infant, has an ink spot on his tiny thumb to show he was immunized against polio and measles thanks to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. But Justice still faces respiratory trouble, which locals call 'the cough' and blame on fumes and soot spewing from 300-foot flames at a nearby oil plant owned by Itallian energy giant Eni, whose investors include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Part one of an L.A. Times investigation reports that the world's largest philanthropy pours money into investments that are hurting many of the people its grants aim to help. With the exception of tobacco companies, the foundation's asset managers do not avoid investments in firms whose activities conflict with the mission to do good."

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