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Comment Re: They want people to pay for backround music on (Score 1) 209

You don't need capitalist-specific laws.

1- Fraud is illegal.
2- Theft is illegal.
3- Destruction of property is illegal.

The issue is that since they have friends in government, those basic laws do not apply to what most people call 'capitalists'. Let's start applying the laws that exist before we start begging for more regulations.

Comment Re:Free speech zone (Score 1) 416

You have to employ your superior knowledge into actual competing projects in order to be taken seriously.

OpenRC already exists, does everything we want it to do and (more importantly) nothing we *don't* want it to do.

As such our superior knowledge can be spent in direct and vocal opposition to systemd because everything it claims to solve are issues none of its opponents consider to be actual problems.

Comment Re:No way (Score 1) 517

Back in the NT4 days, if you wanted to download service pack 6 off the Microsoft web site, there was a specific javascript that looked for Netscape and then ran a for loop for some huge number (of doing nothing) before loading the page. It took a couple minutes to run and wasn't even well hidden. Right in the source of the page itself.

Thankfully the script was removed shortly after the issue was reported but as far as I'm concerned, it shows that being a mega-corporation does not make you immune to petty or childish behaviour.

Comment Re:"very telling" indeed (Score 1) 157

I think a good point is being made that corporations are a lot better at telling the government what to do than the citizenry. Interestingly, that also boils down to corporations caring a lot more about protecting their interests. Maybe they understand what the masses do not: Ultimately, your very existence depends on it.

Comment Re:Great idea at the concept stage. (Score 0) 254

and climate research are among the application areas on the table.

See, they already know the magic words that get millions of dollars squandered on very silly research. Chances of success or usefulness are irrelevant, they'll get the grants and avoid starvation until the next crackpot idea springs up.

There's a lot of money spent on pretending to care about climate change in both government and industry.

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