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The Fedora Core 5 Install Experience 67

daria42 writes "A detailed image gallery walks the reader through the complete Fedora Core 5 installation."
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The Fedora Core 5 Install Experience

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  • and they seem like any RH/Fedora install.

    What are we supposed to look for?

    BTW, "The Fedora Core 5 Install Experience" sounds like a Fusion group's name. It probably work geat in Silicon Valley!

    • KDE [] is broken in the latest Fedora release, which doesn't really surprise me given the fact that Red Hat has always had abyssmal support for KDE.

      I think applications like Konqueror [] File Manager, K3B [] for burning CDs and DVDs, AmaroK [] for listening to music, Kaffeine [] for watching movies, etc are a must for a desktop computer. It's a shame that Red Hat doesn't put more resources into ensuring KDE is usable on their systems.

      Anyway, I'll stick with ArkLinux [], Kubuntu [] and openSUSE [] since KDE actually works on those
  • by WedgeTalon ( 823522 ) on Saturday May 06, 2006 @12:45PM (#15277391)
    1. Make a 32 page image gallery with ads on every page
    2. ???*POST TO SLASHDOT*
    3. PROFFIT!
  • WTF? (Score:5, Informative)

    by rodgster ( 671476 ) * <rodgster AT yahoo DOT com> on Saturday May 06, 2006 @12:46PM (#15277397) Journal
    I've been running Fedora Core 5 x86 AMD 64 on my laptop since March 20th IIRC?

    Looks good to me. I'm a little bummed they removed the right click option for terminal shell and it seems that whenever I do a view details of the boot process my video is hosed once the desktop comes up (ATI 200M).

    The add/remove programs only seems to work when connected to the web.

    Install was smooth and easy, better driver support than windows XP Pro 64-bit edition (thanks for nothing HP, broadcom, ATI & conexant).

    • If you want the option of having the terminal in the right-click menu just install this package with yum.

      yum install nautilus-open-terminal

      It was mentioned in the release notes
      • Release notes.... Naw too much like reading the instructions. Just joking.

        I added a launcher on the toolbar (even better IMHO) right next to the terminal service client (which I use to manage windows servers).

      • Holy crap! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Seriously. I wound up just tossing a terminal in my top bar and clicking on that, but I really missed my right click.
      • What the hell kind of desktop environment requires the installation of a package just to make a simple change to the right-click menu?
        • Well, it's a plugin to Nautilus so it needs to be installed. If it's not installed it can't be in the menu.
        • What the hell kind of desktop environment requires the installation of a package just to make a simple change to the right-click menu?

          One where they thought the MS Windows registry was a good thing to emulate - only you get to have one for every seperate user and you can't migrate it to a different machine. Gconf unfortunately still lurks at the heart of gnome way back from the days when it was a politically motivated project by people unfamiliar with *nix or the concept of a multiuser environment connecte

  • Insert disc.
    Do full media check.
    Reburn Disc 3 due to corruption.
    Insert disc.
    Do full media check.
    Freeze at selecting time zone.
    Select packages.
    Computer restarts at Disc 2.
    Computer gets to the end, Disc 5, 99%, and gives corrupt file error. Will not allow you to recheck the file in case of a bad read.
    Take discs, smash, shred, and burn.
    Install Debian.

    -What I did.

    • What, don't they have a netinstall image? Who wants to waste a bunch of CDs anyway?

      I typically just go with the minimum net install, and then apt-get whatever I need.
      • by Etcetera ( 14711 ) on Saturday May 06, 2006 @02:12PM (#15277768) Homepage
        They absolutely do. In fact, I've burned a full set of ISOs exactly *once* since Fedora Core 1, for a friend on a slow connection.

        For everything else, I use a USB drive with the bootnet.img [] image on it, or a CD/mini-CD with their 7M boot.iso [].
        • Have they taken care of the 'updatability' deal with their network based install yet?
          One of my biggest pet peeves with RH/Fedora and Mandwhatevertheycallitthisweek was when doing a net install, you installed from their static set of packages, _then_ updates were done. The needless redundancy of installing 200+ megs of packages, then having to install the updates to those packages seems a bit ridiculous, IMO.
          That's one of my biggest joys of doing a Debian install; you set up your sources, and the packages yo
          • Have they taken care of the 'updatability' deal with their network based install yet?

            They are working on it. In Fedora Core 5, much infrastructure work is in place since the installer now uses yum to install packages. What you ask for is planned for inclusion in FC6.

        • Can I install Fedora 5 on a USB hard drive and boot it from there?
      • It's just kind of arrogance, presumption of universal infinite bandwidth, that has finally consumed FC5 like so many other linux distros. FC4 could at least use its own distro CDs to resolve dependencies when adding RPMs post-install. FC5 can't do anything without contacting the mothership.

        What the idiots have taken it upon themself to download is a guarded secret, but they have no problem with saturating a connection for hours on end, puking when the connection drops, or throwing away 10 hours of work
        • FC4 could at least use its own distro CDs to resolve dependencies when adding RPMs post-install. FC5 can't do anything without contacting the mothership.

          This is because FC5 uses a brand-new graphical package management tool, Pirut, for this purpose. They are working to add this functionality to Pirut, and my guess is that it will be ready in time for FC6.

          As a workaround, you can create a local repository with the contents of the CDs/DVD, and add it to the yum configuration.

    • Try disabling DMA on your CD drive for the install (add "ide=nodma" kernel param).
    • Word! My first successful Fedora Core install was with FC5, and only after much tweaking. Every time I've tried it before, Anaconda (the installer) has bollocksed up. This time, I got it installed, and was impressed with what felt like a speed improvement (I'm guessing GCC 4.0 is to blame) but good lord, KDE. Ick. I reinstalled Ubuntu the next day.
    • That's the point! So I've been using Debian for so many years.
    • That same kinda thing happened here for me. I downloaded the images, and burned them to CD, with the intent of using it on my old Dell C640 laptop. Guess what? I couldn't get past the LILO part.

      I have been a RedHat fan since 4.2, followed them right through Fedora. *Never* had a problems installing RedHat on any system, unless it had bad hardware, or badly burned disks. In the case with FC5, I was stumped. Seriously stumped. What did they do?

      Now, I use CEntOS [], and works like I expect.
  • by rdoherty ( 898394 ) on Saturday May 06, 2006 @12:51PM (#15277414)
    There's not much of a need for ZDNet's Fedora Core 5 install photos.. For all of my RH/Fedora installations, including Fedora Core 5 (over a month ago), I used Stanton Finley's site... His site is much more informative: lation_notes.html []
  • by Quirk ( 36086 ) on Saturday May 06, 2006 @12:52PM (#15277418) Homepage Journal
    uhm... no, this would be a representation of the FC5 install experience. The install experience would, you know, be the install experience. And how many /.ers need such an elementary introduction? It's nice that it's being done, maybe the FC community have taken notice of the Ubuntu user friendly experience and are trying to ease new users into a babystep by babystep install?

    I couldn't shake Jimi Hendrix doing are you experienced as an interior sound track. :)

  • Finally! (Score:4, Funny)

    by linvir ( 970218 ) on Saturday May 06, 2006 @12:59PM (#15277443)
    It [] was [] about [] time [] someone [] did [] something [] like [] this []. We [] needed [] something [] like [] this! []
    • It would have been a lot funnier had you linked to 14 different articles doing the same thing rather than 14 different slides from one article.
  • If we really want to get newbies interested in Linux, we need more video tutorial. A picture might be a thousand words, but a video gives a lot more confidence to people who wants try new things.

    I really like the new ASP.Net HOWTO video series []. I found it to be very effective to give new web developers head start with the IDE.
    • Simply Mepis has vids, courtesy of Roblimo and his "point and click linux" book. You get the Mepis OS, a DVD video disk and a dead trees manual. A noob kit in other words. About as noob friendly as possible, you can be watching the vid he made on the TV and doing stuff on the computer, just follow along with it.
  • The real post (Score:4, Informative)

    by .orvp ( 208389 ) on Saturday May 06, 2006 @01:28PM (#15277573)

    I'm posting this even though I moderated, just because the story really really is in need of help. (translation, you get two fp trolls)

    The "story" is just a bunch of screenshots, and a link to a blog on that you need to register to see. Once I got into the blog, it wasn't even on the page, because this was posted there April 20th [] with the following "content":

    Fedora Core 5 Installed.....Next Stop, XenSource
    Tags: open source, linux, virtualization, the hot button, steven s. warren, xen

    I just finished my installation of Fedora Core 5. It was a painless installation. I will be concentrating next on getting XenSource installed using Fedora Core 5. The IT grapevine says it is easier to install Xen on FC5 than FC4.

    Has anyone out there installed Xen on FC5 yet? If so, I would like to be able to pick your brain if I stumble and trust me I will stumble. Xen seems really difficult to install from the initial reading I have done. I have a sneaking suspicion it is going to be painful. We shall see.

    Click the link to view my FC5 Installation Gallery [].

    Note: You can also see my other Installation Galleries that I have done by reading the following blogs:

    Note: Here is my installation gallery [] for Linspire Five-O

    That was it, just a "have you done it?" and photos, on flickr no less. It was done by Steven S. Warren though, who was the contributer to zdnet, so it wasn't out and out theft, just quite dumb. As someone previous said, looks like they just posted it to display all the ads on each page. But if you want to see that, there is allways the Printable Version [] with only 1 ad.

  • Download ISO, ISO download failed at 100% (This is why I use Firefox and not Opera now), downloaded ISO again, burned ISO, booted CD, ran install, rebooted an hour later, wondered why the fuck the "much faster" GNOME 2.14 was running so slowly then 2 hours later removed it and put Debian on.
    • wondered why the fuck the "much faster" GNOME 2.14 was running so slowly

      Did you run with SELinux enabled? Rumor is that SELinux almost entirely cancels out the speed increase by Gnome 2.14. I run with SELinux disabled and I'd say that FC5 is much faster than FC4.

  • Oooh! (Score:3, Funny)

    by fm6 ( 162816 ) on Saturday May 06, 2006 @04:15PM (#15278260) Homepage Journal
    Install porn!
  • I am a regular with this linux-noob [] where my mate has been doing walkthrough screenshots for a while. He has managed to get FC1-5, Smoothwall3, Suse OSS 10 and some RH shots too (not all are install shots!).

    I really enjoy seeing these, its always helpful to show a new user, you say "see its this easy and here is the outcome".
  • You missed the point of the article. With a little help from me, my 4 year old son who cannot read or write, managed to install successfully fedora core 5 with the help of this 'picture book'.
    Now i am trying to find another 'picture book' for him because he is bored with FC5 after installing it 5 times a day for a week. I think he needs a new game. For the moment we are waiting for the release of FC6 picture book and the new Harry Potter Comic book.

    i gave my last 2 cents for CentOS
  • I was bugged by the absence of the "Install Everything" option.

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