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Comment Re:No (Score 1) 545

Those who do the basic workload for standard pay will be replaced by those who give everything they can for peanuts.

Those who give everything they can for peanuts will then be replaced by those who give everything they can for nothing, or next to nothing.

Then those will be replaced by automation.

Then what?

Has anyone here read this? http://marshallbrain.com/manna...

Comment Re:Rinse Lather Repeat. (Score 1) 1198

That's like telling Muslims that it's their responsibility for policing terrorists. Thinking like yours is what led to internment camps for Japanese and German American citizens.

Also: what proof do you even have that kick6's friends are raping or assaulting women?

When are you going to ask women to police their female friends about domestic violence? Study after study shows that women are equally as physically aggressive, or moreso, than the men in their relationships.

Want an even more authentic source? The CDC provides that.

You don't even want to know what the stats are for lesbian partner violence.

Comment You're not really paying less. (Score 1) 1205

The price you pay at the pump doesn't include what you pay in tax dollars for the US military to protect our oil imports, or the terrorism that this breeds.

The price you pay at the pump doesn't include the pollution we all suffer as a result of burning gasoline. There's global warming, for one, which has resulted in the recent spat of horrible weather, record droughts, and poor harvests. Of course Republicans still deny that there's any such thing as pollution, to say nothing of global warming. They think smog is a figment of moonbat tree hugging liberals' imagination...

Actual cost of a gallon of gas = $10.70 to $15.70 / gallon

Comment You're putting the cart before the horse (Score 4, Insightful) 461

What is the point of cracking open a science textbook when you are going to be competing with people in Asia who can produce the same level of genius for pennies on the dollar?

I don't care what you can learn here in America, someone in China can learn the same thing and apply that knowledge for far lower wages than you.

These people are willing to live in cages. Literally. Look.

Comment About martial arts, the worst part is (Score 2) 688

Teaching them how to react PROPERLY when their fight or flight response kicks in.

You know, like when your adrenaline levels hit 125 heart beats per minute, and your body goes into its first stage of panic. Things go real weird with the mind at that point. People freeze up or go psycho. Their ability to make rational decisions and think out their subsequent reactions plummets dramatically. Which means everything you just taught them goes right out of the window when a predator jumps in their face. Let's not even talk about when a crisis drives you to 150bpm or higher.

You can't teach people how to adapt to this inside of a day, and without being able to adapt to that 125 bpm level 1 panic mode, anything you teach them is fairly useless.

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