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Comment Agreed (Score 1) 30

This is incredibly dumb, because,
1. Any real nerd would know how to grab the video anyway. If it plays on your phone, it is already on your phone and you can save it.
2. Any real nerd doesn't use some crappy website and app that restricts what you can download.

Comment BINGO (Score 2, Interesting) 268

This is probably the reason that Clinton was using her own email server: the government email systems sucked because they were run by incompetent people.
Does this "excuse" Clinton? I don't know. But at least she did what she needed to do to get shit done, which is more than what you can say about many people in government.

Comment TSA wastes more human life than terrorists could (Score 5, Interesting) 302

Flights per year in US: 800x 10^6. Assume 2/3 of those go through TSA.
Average time spent in line at TSA: 20 minutes
Average human lifetime: 40 x 10^6 minutes
800 x 10^6 * 2/3 * 20 minutes / (40 x 10^6) = 267 human lifetimes

The TSA wastes at least 270 human lives every year. Even if we had no security at airports, terrorists would never kill that many people EVERY year.
That does not even factor in the billions of dollars that it costs to run the TSA.

Submission + - Snowden interviewed at Reason (

Kludge writes: An interview with Edward Snowden is up at Reason Magazine. He discusses encryption, US politics, and this choice bit:
reason: Ross Ulbricht was prosecuted for founding the Silk Road website and is now effectively serving a life sentence. Do you assume, or should we assume, that the NSA was involved in corroborating or gathering evidence which they might have denied in the actual trial?
Snowden: Yes.
reason: That was easy enough.

Comment Prediction vs. observation (Score 4, Interesting) 85

You obviously are not up to speed on PSR B1913+16.
The observations of PSR B1913+16 did not just fit models of gravitational waves, PSR B1913+16 was predicted to radiate gravitational waves. Using the configuration of the pulsars, astronomers made predictions decades into the future about how that configuration would change over time due to the radiation of gravitational waves. Short story: they nailed it.
Your comparing astronomy to a magic show demonstrates your vast ignorance of modern astronomy.

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