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Journal Journal: Earlier post

It was spry mosaic I was thinking of. Before Netscape, IIRC.

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Journal Journal: translation software for linux?

Does anyone know of any translation software for Spanish to English and English to Spanish for linux?

I have logotrans for windows, but would like something for linux.

InterTran is too expensive.

bablefish is online only.

Anyone have any experience with Pythoñol?


I can't figure out how to post this to ask slashdot.

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Journal Journal: Sysinternals Suite free dwonload from MS technet

Available as a free 8 MB zip download.
Get it while you can


License terms:

Installation and User Rights
You may install and use any number of copies of the software on your devices.

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Journal Journal: Taking back Democracy

The AP is reporting Webb has won Virgina.


Now the question is:

How do you do a recount with electronic voting machines and NO PAPER TRAIL!


Topic for the 1st session of Congress:

Impeachment of Bush & Cheney for war crimes, subversion of the Constitution and treason.

Even though I don't want to see Peloci as President.

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Journal Journal: BSOD screensaver on Fedora Core 5

After the BSOD article for OSX, I decided to install it on Fedora Core 5 X86_64.

After installing:


I finally have BSOD as an option but there is no control to configure it.

Guess I have to RTM.


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Journal Journal: Finally got a 1st post.

I've been a member here for ???? 3 years? And almost accidentally I got my 1st first post.

I did buy a subscription around the end of the year and gave a few away too. Mainly to donate to /.

I haven't been spending much time on /. recently. Not many of the stories seem very interesting and I've been busy with work, other hobbies, etc.


(damn filters... you'll need to remove the space it puts in to follow the pseudo link)

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Journal Journal: I'm not pro-islamic 4

I hate terrorists as much as anyone else.

I have the FBI's Bin Laden wanted poster on the side of my server rack.

I'm merely pragmatic enough to see that the reason for attacks against us are probably for the stated reasons, not because, "they hate us for our freedoms".

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Journal Journal: Merry Christmas or ....

I made some donations (/. subscriptions) to some of the people I admire for their views, comments and opinions. Merry Christmas or whatever the equivalent is (if applicable).


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Journal Journal: Gentoo

I downloaded gentoo.

I'm thinking of trying it out and maybe migrating from deadhat fedora linux.

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Journal Journal: Got my first Freak

Hack'n'Slash (3463)Freak

I have no idea who this guy is. Wonder if it was my CEO comment that did it.


Or maybe it was my comment about Public Key Cryptography.


or the journal entry that I followed up with.

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Journal Journal: Damn...... Matrix Revoltions...........

The First Matrix was great.

The Second Matrix (Re-booted) was good. The entire Zion sceen could have been scrapped and you'd have never missed a thing.

The Third Matrix (Revoltions) was Average (at best). The best thing would have been to entirely scrap the whole last 1/2 hour, most of the BS with the ships flying around, Most of the battle scenes, The entire Bing thing (crap). These should have ended up on the cutting room floor where they belong. And STOP with the annoying cliches. The pauses for effect before and after were way over the top. The New oracle was weak. Even the actors didn't seem to think anyone would buy such weak and pathetic crap. Junk the Train operator (utter BS). I'm hard pressed to think of anything I liked The Marovinge Bar Scene. His ol' lady, the gun fight going into the bar, the babes getting on the elevator.

Combine the Good parts from the second (much) and third movies (not much) and you have another great movie maybe 2 and 1/2 hours long.

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Journal Journal: downloading REL3

I'm currently downloading the srpms of REL3 now.

When I have some time to play, I'll compile and see if I can install from an internal ftp or NFS.

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