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Comment Re:Communism (Score 1) 134

You're right that its unsustainable, but every business that automates will only be thinking about their own bottom line and not about society as a whole. If they don't automate, they will be uncompetitive against others that do.
Consumers would need to vote with their feet and opt for the more expensive non automated suppliers in order to discourage the trend, but people wont because again they only think about their own bottom line.

Comment Wrong target (Score 1) 118

Trying to prevent reverse engineering is pointless, all you can do is make things more difficult and in doing so, making your code more complicated and harder to debug or potentially unreliable.
The fact is if you access something from a compromised device then you run the risk of whatever you're accessing being compromised too.

Comment Re:Strawmen and the obvious conclusion (Score 1) 48

I would quite happily watch the ad supported version (have been watching broadcast tv for years), if it provided a decent service...
Having to use specific devices to access the services, having a bunch of different services rather than a single standard usable from any compatible device (like broadcast tv), having drm etc is a big turn off.

Comment Nothing new (Score 1) 531

Fake news has always circulated, but before the only entities capable of spreading fake/manipulated news en masse were those in power... Regular people could only spread things on a very small scale so it didn't really have any effect.

People just need to learn to be cynical, and to do proper research before blindly believing what they read...

Comment Re:Next step... (Score 1) 478

It does get you back up and running immediately if some other part of the system failed and not the drive, simply swap the good drive out of the failed system into a new system and boot.
I have done exactly this myself on a laptop (smashed screen), and we've done it at work several times due to faulty keyboards, bad batteries, broken screens, faulty motherboards etc. Only if the drive itself failed have we had to restore a backup onto a fresh drive.

Comment Re:Apple has lost its Mojo (Score 1) 478

Because Apple provide a complete package including the hardware and software...
The other vendors are seen as just assembling a bunch of third party components, so it's a race to the bottom competing on price. And while some of the components are competitive, they are still forced to buy the software from a single supplier.

MS are already trying to copy Apple, introducing their own hardware...

In a few years time i think all these vendors will drop out of the market, IBM already got out, HP look to be going the same way... You'd be left with MS, Apple and maybe Google selling chromebooks.

Comment Re: Why would anyone buy Apple devices? (Score 1) 478

USB was available on wintel machines, but hardly anyone used it...
I had a pentium pro and a socket 7 motherboard both with onboard USB, where the ports were exposed as a header on the motherboard and the manufacturers of the machines never even bothered connecting them to actual sockets on the outside of the case. Serial, Parallel, PS/2 and AT keyboards were still common and thats what people used.

Linux support for USB was poor, Windows support for USB was poor, very few peripherals used it and those that did were generally niche as most people bought non-usb versions instead.

It's not until Apple came out with machines that *only* had usb, that people started using it and third parties really started producing USB peripherals. If you leave the legacy ports in place, people will continue to use them because its easier and cheaper to do so. Only by removing the legacy ports do you force people to use their modern replacements.

Comment Re: oh goody! (Score 4, Insightful) 478

SSDs/HDDs and batteries are the most frequent parts to fail on laptops, and in most laptops are also the easiest to replace.

Being able to upgrade the ram and drive is also very useful, and a quick/cheap way to increase the longevity of a device as the price of memory and storage is constantly dropping.

Comment Re:oh goody! (Score 2) 478

Will be interesting to see how consumer law treats this...
In the UK, the law says anything you buy must last a reasonable length of time up to 6 years under normal use of such a product.

I have many laptops which are more than 6 years old and still working, so it's perfectly reasonable to expect a laptop to last that long.
On some of these laptops the hard drives and/or batteries have been replaced.

If Apple are selling one with a non replaceable component which is prone to wearing out in less than 6 years then it's a defective product...

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