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Gaim Releases Version 1.0.0 326

bfree writes "Congratulations to all in the gaim team as they release for download version 1.0.0 (changelog). For those who don't know what gaim is, you could read the full answer on their site but for the lazy: 'Gaim is a multi-protocol instant messaging (IM) client for Linux, BSD, MacOS X, and Windows. It is compatible with AIM (Oscar and TOC protocols), ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, IRC, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, and Zephyr networks.' Gaim is also the 2nd most active project on Sourceforge and the 4th most popular on Freshmeat and seemingly all round #1 Free IM client!"
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Gaim Releases Version 1.0.0

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  • gaim (Score:5, Interesting)

    by twenty-exty-six ( 772817 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @04:07AM (#10283738)
    Gaim is easily one of the best open-source apps for non-tech savvy users. Without gaim (and Firefox) I wouldn't have been able to convince some of my friends to try linux.
  • why 1.0? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by MoOsEb0y ( 2177 ) * on Saturday September 18, 2004 @04:07AM (#10283740)
    There isn't a lot of difference between 0.82.1 and 1.0. Why have they decided that this should be version 1.0?
    • Re:why 1.0? (Score:5, Informative)

      by Surye ( 580125 ) <surye80@g[ ] ['mai' in gap]> on Saturday September 18, 2004 @04:14AM (#10283768) Homepage
      Long discussion on name change. [] To sum it up, just because.
    • Re:why 1.0? (Score:5, Informative)

      by SLOviper ( 763177 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @04:21AM (#10283793)
      I'm not exactly sure why they went to 1.0 either - although it has been much more stable than ever before (since 0.7). I guess they figured that it was good enough to "officially" release.

      For those interested, here is the changelog from the sourceforge site:

      version 1.0.0 (09/17/2004):
      New Features:
      * Drag-and-drop buddy support for the Invite dialog (Stu Tomlinson)
      * Drag-and-drop buddy support for the Pounce dialog (Stu Tomlinson)
      * View Chat log available from the interface (Daniel Atallah)
      * Ability to receive offline messages in character encodings
      other than ASCII (thanks to Nick Sukharev)
      * File transfer status messages printed to conversation
      windows (Dave West)
      * Display file transfer messages when someone sends you a file
      over AIM (Dave West)
      * Handle MSN buddy lists more sanely (Felipe Contreras)
      * Zephyr can use tzc to run from behind a firewall (Arun A Tharuvai)

      Bug Fixes:
      * Work around window manager stupidity with new dialog windows (Dave West)
      * Compile with gtk 2.5.x (Gary Kramlich)
      * Escape invalid characters in log names (Daniel Atallah)
      * Fix for clicking add in an msn chat with 2 or more people in your buddy
      list (Daniel Atallah)

    • Re:why 1.0? (Score:5, Funny)

      by twener ( 603089 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @05:16AM (#10283938)
      Because Kopete went to 0.9 recently?
    • Re:why 1.0? (Score:5, Informative)

      by SimGuy ( 611829 ) <kevin@simgu[ ]et ['y.n' in gap]> on Saturday September 18, 2004 @05:24AM (#10283958) Homepage Journal
      People have (and we knew this way ahead of the actual release) this horrible misconception that 1.0.0 is Gaim's first major stable release, but for those too lazy to read the discussion on the mailing list, Gaim's versioning is very simple, and 1.0.0 is completely insignificant. We could have started at 12.8.17, but 1.0.0 is a nice place to start numbering from and not break package managers version comparison logic or seeming too completely random....

      Example versioning:

      1.0.0: First release with this numbering system
      1.0.1: No changes to Gaim's API; New features, bugfixes
      1.1.0: New Gaim API added; none removed or changed
      1.2.0: Same as above
      2.0.0: Gaim API changed or removed breaking plugins or anyone using libgaim.
      2.0.1: No changes to API; New features & bugfixes
      2.0.2: et cetera

      As I placed in the topic of #Gaim:

      1.0.0! Not special in any way, other than that you should be using it.
      • Re:why 1.0? (Score:2, Informative)

        by SimGuy ( 611829 )
        Just to be clear, I am not a Gaim developer. I am a patch contributor and plugin writer for Gaim that happens to be very familiar with the project.
    • Why does a 1.0 release always have to have a bunch of new features?

      It's much better to release 1.0 when the program reaches ultimate stability, usability and reliability. Gaim has been around for a while already, so it's about time that they start calling the program 1.0.

      This has the big advantage of actually having a 1.0 release worth using, as opposed to many 1.0 releases with so many bugs (because of all those new features they tried to get in at the last moment) that you'd better wait for 1.0...
  • on the mac... (Score:3, Interesting)

    by appleLaserWriter ( 91994 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @04:07AM (#10283742)
    Should I prefer it to Fire?
    • Re:on the mac... (Score:5, Informative)

      by oboylet ( 660310 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @04:17AM (#10283779)
      A better question might be: why should I prefer it to adiumx [] []? Adium is essentially a mac-friendly gaim.

      Adiumx has a really straight forward user interface, and feels very mac-like. It supports a laundry list of protocols, but keeps things simple yet powerful in terms of UI.

      True, you won't find all the gee-gaws from iChat AV a la video/teleconfrencing, but it's a well written program that does IM extremely well (much better than iChat ... *cough* tabs, easily set up for multiple users of the same computer, etc *cough*).

      And it's not resource intensive.

      • Re:on the mac... (Score:5, Interesting)

        by Trillan ( 597339 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @04:34AM (#10283832) Homepage Journal

        I tried Fire, I tried Proteus, and I tried Adium. For multi-protocol, I use Adium.

        But on a day-to-day basis for 99%+ of my chats, I use iChat. I like the simplicity, the stability, and the way the menu works. Make no mistake, it's a one trick pony... but it does that trick very well... much better, I think, than Adiun.

        I am starting to think that both skins and customization are highly overrated. What's needed is a single good skin. The ability to custmoize is nice, but far less important than having a good skin already there.

        • I am starting to think that both skins and customization are highly overrated. What's needed is a single good skin. The ability to custmoize is nice, but far less important than having a good skin already there.

          Can't agree more. When I used windows and, especially, linux I would spend hours trying to get all the themes to look just right. Then in a few weeks time, I'd feel the need to change it all again.

          Now, with OS X, everything looks just right all the time. The only thing I did was remove the br []
          • The only thing I did was remove the brush metal from safari.

            Care to post a screenshot? Please? ;) I'm curious as to how Safari looks without the metal crap. Unfortunately I don't have a Mac yet otherwise I would try it myself.

    • > Should I prefer it to Fire?

      Dunno. Maybe it doesn't crash as much.

    • Re:on the mac... (Score:2, Insightful)

      by dn15 ( 735502 )
      There are not many reasons to use it vs. Fire or Adium. Until Gaim for Mac OS X breaks free of X11 (or until X11 itself allows for more integration with the OS) there is no good way to receive notification of new incoming messages.

      If X11 apps each automatically got their own Dock icon and could modify their icons to indicate state changes, it would be a different story. :)
  • by Toasty16 ( 586358 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @04:09AM (#10283750) Homepage
    I just used Trillian to tell my buddies on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and IRC about gaim 1.0.0

    They don't care.

    • IRC? (Score:2, Insightful)

      by WiseWeasel ( 92224 )
      IM clients generally make extremely poor IRC clients, so I'm not surprised it was shunned by them. As for Trillian, WORST INTERFACE EVAR!!! That, and it won't import the AIM buddy list automatically.
  • The most active (Score:5, Informative)

    by nyri ( 132206 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @04:11AM (#10283754)
    In fact, Gaim is the most active projecy on the sourceforge. The list is (from the sourceforges main page):
    1 Gaim
    2 eGroupWare: Enterprise CollaborationAccepting Donations
    3 Azureus - BitTorrent ClientAccepting Donations
    4 FCKeditorAccepting Donations
    5 phpMyAdminAccepting Donations
    6 Compiere ERP + CRM Business Solution
    7 OpenWFEAccepting Donations
    8 SugarCRM Accepting Donations
    9 WinMergeAccepting Donations
    10 POPFile - Automatic Email ClassificationAccepting Donations

    Maybe being slashdoted increased its activity...
    • Re:The most active (Score:5, Informative)

      by TunaPhish ( 81577 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @04:18AM (#10283784) Homepage

      No, Gaim is almost always on top. They're pretty good about having a two-week release schedule.

      You can check out #gaim on freenode [] and actually see how active it really is. Most of the developers are there on a daily basis working on stuff.

    • I don't use GAIM, so take this with a grain of salt, and I mean nothing personal to the GAIM team.

      It would seem to me that being on the most active list for long periods of time might indicate bloat and haphazard development, just as easily as it could indicate anything else. How is "activity" determined? CVS checkins. I'd rather be a user of a middle-of-the-road team; responsive to input and considerate of new ideas, but not just pouring bucketfuls of changes into the codebase.

  • Congratulations (Score:3, Interesting)

    by afra242 ( 465406 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @04:12AM (#10283760)
    I've been using Gaim since the late '90s. I even donated some beer to them way back in the day - it takes me back to my college days.

    Thanks guys - it's amazing how much Gaim has expanded. I check regularly for a release and have pushed many people to check it out.
  • Too heavy.. (Score:5, Interesting)

    by thewalled ( 626165 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @04:12AM (#10283762)
    gaim lost out to miranda ( for one of my customers.. his problem gaim is too heavy / resource intensive for their workstations (here in india most workstations at still stuck at celeron ~700 or so + 64 MB ram and run 98SE).

    miranda on the other hand works quite nicely, btw we use jabber only (no msn/yahoo/icq/oscar support).
    • Yeah, I've noticed that too: Gaim seems to be extremely CPU-hungry. Which is odd, since it doesn't really *do* anything. Is there some busy-waiting going on somewhere?
    • his problem gaim is too heavy / resource intensive for their workstations

      To an extent, I can agree with this, and I'm not exactly on a "stuck" workstation. I'm running XP on an AMD 2600+ with 512 megs of RAM. I just installed gaim 1.0.0 to give it a test run. gaim.exe uses about 18 megs of RAM, whereas aim.exe uses about 5 megs and ICQ runs about 4 megs. AIM and ICQ are the only IM services I use, so for me, it makes more sense to run both AIM and ICQ instead of running gaim. The two of them combined use a

      • Re:Too heavy.. (Score:5, Informative)

        by Motherfucking Shit ( 636021 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @07:11AM (#10284132) Journal
        To illustrate my points, I've created a series of screenshots []. They demonstrate the large amount of screen real estate that gaim takes up on Windows compared to AIM and ICQ, the offset preferences window that gtk generates compared to AIM's small and centered preference window, and the disk space required by AIM, ICQ, gaim+gtk, and AIM+ICQ vs. gaim+gtk.

        My conclusion is obvious, but please draw your own. You should definitely install gaim 1.0.0 if you haven't already, even if only to test it out.
        • Re:Too heavy.. (Score:5, Informative)

          by netsharc ( 195805 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @09:50AM (#10284487)
          Actually, if you turn off "Show Buddy Icons" (somewhere in the Preferences), Gaim shows only the 16x16 protocol icons, which makes for a buddy list which is a lot more compact, therefore smaller as well, especially without the ads.

          The problem of directory sizes, is that Gaim installs all possible languages -- you can set LANG=?? as an environment variable and get Gaim in that language. I suppose you can delete the unnecessary language files to save space. And from the looks of it, you're using ICQlite. Whatever happened to the full-blown ICQ, which installed a light web-server so people can visit your "homepage" and even chat to you through a Java-Applet of sorts.
        • Re:Too heavy.. (Score:3, Informative)

          by quantaman ( 517394 )
          At thge end of your page with the screenshots

          AIM requires about 6.25 megs. ICQ requires about 11.1 megs. gaim requires about 13.9 megs plus 14.4 megs for the gtk files. Install AIM and ICQ, use about 17.5 megs of disk. Install gaim, use about 28.3 megs of disk. If the only messaging services you use are AIM and ICQ, you are better off installing AIM and ICQ, as opposed to installing gaim.

          Though if you're already using something gtk based, say gimp, the 14.4M for the gtk files can no longer be blamed on
      • Memory stats can be confusing. Looking at my Miranda (which I love), which is running nearly without any plugins apart from a history viewer, it has a working set of 6 MB and a virtual size of whopping 43 MB. As far as I know, the important number is the working set, that's the amount of physical RAM occupied by the program at the moment, while the virtual size includes stuff that's paged onto the hard drive. I'm not sure, though, as I said memory stats can be confusing.
        Sorting by working set size, Miranda
    • Yeah, it's probably much because of the heavy GTK+ libraries. Yuck.

      Miranda's plugin support also rocks compared to what Gaim has to offer, and I really like that Miranda comes with few features to start with so you can make it as complex as you wish, not the IM developers. I know Gaim supports plugins too, but they're not even competing in the same field here, with 5 plugins on their web page compared to 275 for Miranda.
  • no mac binary (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Leers ( 159585 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @04:13AM (#10283765)
    from those of us who don't regularly compile our own software, I don't think gaim qualifies as mac compatible till someone bothers putting a mac binary on their site.
    • Re:no mac binary (Score:4, Informative)

      by oboylet ( 660310 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @04:24AM (#10283803)
      While its true there's not a readily available binary of 1.0.0, you can always use fink/darwinports to get the latest stable binary, which right now is .8.2.1 here. []

      I agree, its misleading, and the gtk2/x11 port is butt-ugly, it does work.

      For gaim on osx I prefer adiumx [] [].

    • Re:no mac binary (Score:4, Informative)

      by knutal ( 796274 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @06:44AM (#10284089)
      I don't think gaim qualifies as mac compatible till someone bothers putting a mac binary on their site.

      A port of gaim to osx needs a port of gtk first, which is some time into the future, the GTK+OSX project aimed at this but with gtk1.x, not gtk2. Anyway, that project seems far from finished... You can ofcourse install it under X11, or you could try out adiumX [], which uses the core library of gaim anyway.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday September 18, 2004 @04:15AM (#10283772)
    Yeah, Gaim 1.0... Good...

    But, what I _really_ need is video/audio support for MSN, Y! and AIM. I am asking for this for 2 years now, no one in the OSS community has managed to integrate something like that to a multi-IM application.

    No, Gnomemeeting is not the same, it is not compatible with the 99,9% of the IM world. It is a conference app, I just need integrated video/audio for MSN, Y! and AIM.
  • by Mmm coffee ( 679570 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @04:19AM (#10283789) Journal
    While I'm glad to see gaim moving on to a "stable" number, wouldn't it be smart to wait until the boys at gaim-vv [] got video and voice chat working? Gaim rocks for an instant messaging client, but can't do the major stupid little things that the "official" clients can do. This may turn off users who see 1.0 and expect it to do that...

    Then again, I might be paranoid and need to have my morning coffee.
    • Yeah :( I get so many offers from girls wanting me to watch them on their cams, that it sometimes almost pains me to have to disappoint them.
      "No, cos I'm not using MSN."
      "No, I can talk to you cos I'm using a different client."
      "No, I can't download the Windows version."
      "Because I'm not running Windows."
      "Because I don't want to."
      "No, not running a Mac either."
      "The spawn of the devil - Linux."
      • A few months ago one of my friends in Canada wanted to flash me her tits, so I downloaded gaim-vv and started compiling it. This process ended up costing me three days, six comments on their message boards, and a lot of stress. AIM video chat wasn't implemented yet and MSN didn't work for me, but Yahoo did. In fact, Yahoo! video chat worked perfectly. Many kittens died as a direct result of this.

        Gaim-vv has about 6 months until it's perfected, IMO. Meanwhile, the gaim authors could have spent that time pol
  • by atallah ( 71112 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @04:20AM (#10283792)
    Not to burst anyone's bubble... but i've been waiting for this story to hit the front page just so i could!

    This isn't a 1.0 release it is a 1.0.0 release: d_id=5592699&forum_id=33079 []

    All it means is that future releases will be in X.Y.Z format. X will mean a change to the API breaking old plugins, Y is any other change, and Z is pretty much meaningless.
  • my gaim experiences (Score:4, Interesting)

    by bmajik ( 96670 ) <> on Saturday September 18, 2004 @04:24AM (#10283801) Homepage Journal
    i remember when i was in school and my primary workstation was a used IRIX machine.

    I went through the pain of getting gtk built on my machine, and actually emailed the gaim people (just 2 guys back then, iirc) some trivial diffs to make gaim not die on irix.

    Back in school i think i complained about how linux-centric f/oss software was (nothing written by a linux user ever clean compiled on irix... and not often on solaris..) and gaim was certainly not stellar in this regard..

    Now i'm less antsy about such things.. and despite not really like the "penguin pimps" attitude i seem to recall the gaim crew having,
    AOL AIM client for Win32 is so bad that installing Gtk32 and Gaim seems like the path of least resistance :)

    It's nice that there's a non-AOL AIM client. I'm an IE, Media Player, and XP user, but even I can't stand AOL's installers and apps :)
    • by amorsen ( 7485 )
      Back before it was Linux, it was Solaris. I remember trying to keep various Free Software running on Solaris, HP/UX, and Irix on various architectures. Solaris was by far easiest, simply because that was what everyone else used. Irix was the trickiest, mostly because gcc was having much fun on SGI machines back in those days.

      Trust me, it has gotten far far better over the last 8 years.

  • by cerberusss ( 660701 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @04:28AM (#10283819) Homepage Journal
    I'm surprised nobody mentioned Gaim related to offshore work yet. I've been using Gaim extensively to work with the offshore part of the team. Works like a charm. It's not so intrusive as the phone, and it also circumvents language barriers. I'm not exactly Betazoid and sometimes have a problem understanding their English, instant messaging neatly circumvents this.

    Now you could say this about any instant messaging client, but Gaim supports a nice bunch of protocols and VERY regularly brings out a new update. There have been a number of problems with Yahoo in the 0.7x series, but these have been gone for long now. I plan on using it for a LONG time to come.

    I've wanted to use paypal to donate, but they don't support that; instead they sell stuff on eBay but I find that too much of a hassle.

    • Their donation policy is pretty simple, They don't feel its right to accept money for something they're only partially responsible for, and its impossible to split any donations up to each and every person that ever wrote a patch or a plugin. Instead they prefer donations in the form of documentation, code, or beer.
  • Gaim rules. (Score:5, Interesting)

    by BrookHarty ( 9119 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @04:36AM (#10283839) Homepage Journal
    I use Gaim, but a few annoying things.

    Normal windows popups when re-connecting, so if you are in the middle of typing, it gets the normal windows treatment of stealing focus. I hate focus stealing popup windows.

    MSN re-connects alot, need to hide that...

    Be nice if you could change your IM preferences under gaim, most you have to use the real client.

    Forced alias's change when the user changes their nick.

    Can't change themes without re-installing.

    But for an all 1 in one client, its the best.

    • Re:Gaim rules. (Score:2, Informative)

      by Hobadee ( 787558 )
      <i>Normal windows popups when re-connecting, so if you are in the middle of typing, it gets the normal windows treatment of stealing focus. I hate focus stealing popup windows.</i>
      <br /><br />
      Continueing with the "this is possible already trend..."
      <br /><br />
      You can change this. Tools > Preferences > Conversations > Raise IM window on events/Raise chat window on events
    • Be nice if you could change your IM preferences under gaim, most you have to use the real client.

      Just click on accounts, find the account and you can usually change everything about it (buddy icon, SSL, etc.)

      Can't change themes without re-installing.

      What? It just uses the default GTK theme; if you change your GTK theme, GAIM happily uses the new one just fine -- no need to reinstall.

      But for an all 1 in one client, its the best.

      Yep, it _is_.

    • Re:Gaim rules. (Score:3, Informative)

      by ImpTech ( 549794 )
      > Normal windows popups when re-connecting, so if you are in the middle of typing, it gets the normal windows treatment of stealing focus. I hate focus stealing popup windows.

      I believe the Auto-Reconnect plugin has had options to disable this behavior for at least a couple of releases now.
  • by chocolatetrumpet ( 73058 ) <> on Saturday September 18, 2004 @04:42AM (#10283859) Homepage Journal
    Am I the only one who doesn't like scrolling through my buddy list?

    Most applications, when maximized, will utilize the entire available area to display information. Gaim will leave 90% whitespace. This is weird.

    Does anyone want the buddy list to spill into multiple columns feature, or is it just me? Sean said it probably wouldn't happen. :-(
  • by Parnic ( 713955 ) <slashdot.parnic@com> on Saturday September 18, 2004 @05:01AM (#10283904) Homepage
    I won't be happy until comes out...hopefully that will fix the nasty "version number isn't obfuscated enough" bug.
  • by phaze3000 ( 204500 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @05:09AM (#10283922) Homepage
    Try bitlbee [] - an IRC to IM gateway. I've been using it for sometime and it's superb, I can use my favourite IRC client (irssi []) to chat to everyone via an ssh session to my box at home, whatever server room I happen to be holed up in at the time.
  • Did they ever resolve that whole Window-Binary/Source license bitch-fest they were having before?
  • just downloaded it (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Cynikal ( 513328 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @06:11AM (#10284040) Homepage
    i always assumed gaim was just another aim client, never realized it did msn and icq as well... this story convinced me to try it out, and yeah its pretty cool... just needs one little added option... options > preferences > text size > readable.. aside from that i like it.
  • by 0x0d0a ( 568518 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @06:13AM (#10284044) Journal
    You still don't get native encryption with Gaim, and Gaim lacks GPG support for Jabber (as Gabber does). The only way to get support is to download gaim-e, which frequently doesn't build with the current gaim.
    • gaim-encryption ( is about a jillion times better than gaim-e. It lets me use 4096 bit RSA to talk to all my friends overseas about taking out the capitalist machine.
  • Another Protocol... (Score:5, Informative)

    by elFarto the 2nd ( 709099 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @06:49AM (#10284100)

    For those of you who are sick of using the Sametime client, Meanwhile is a plugin for Gaim to let you use Sametime.

    It's availible from []

  • by Erik Hollensbe ( 808 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @07:57AM (#10284214) Homepage
    I'm not a big fan of GAIM the client.

    However, I'm a huge fan of libgaim.

    Does anyone remember mICQ? They were the first people to reverse engineer the ICQ protocol. Until then, you were forced to use the seriously crappy Java ICQ client if you wanted to use it on anything but windows.

    micq however, IMO of course, was a crappy text-based program that had a horrific interface. Really, I would much rather use my IRC client for ICQ than stick with this thing.

    And now I can. See, the micq guys caught on and released libicq or libmicq, I can't remember at this point. I imagine a good portion of this code is still in libgaim.

    The point is though, that others took libicq and applied their UI design skills and made very useful programs out of it.

    And this is what I get in libgaim.

    I'm not a fan of how you have to contort gaim or work on a specific system with specific plugins to keep windows from popping up on you while you're typing. (I will admit it's been a while since I used gaim, so this climate may have changed)

    However, if you wanted the best support for the various networks out there, GAIM is the way to go.

    libgaim allows me to get rid of the (IMO again) clunky interface and replace it with something else. On the mac, my workstation, I use AdiumX [], but before I used Fire (no link, sorry). Both are libgaim-based which means that the advances in this library (especially recently as YIM and MSN seem to change their protocols hourly) are almost instantly integrated into the front-end of my choice. The 'hive mind' mentality here is very effective.

    I *really* wish that more people working on protocols would do this - right now, several HTTP libraries are available but developers refuse to settle on one - I hope apr solves this once and for all. I don't want to worry as a developer about the idiosyncracies of apr, libwww, and others when developing a web app.

    Object brokers are another example. If I install GNOME, KDE, and any other app that uses an ORB, chances are I have many ORBs on my system - for what reason? Those "extra" features that the developer can't live without. I know GNOME and KDE are finally working on making it cross-platform (in the GUI sense), but this provides another good example.

    Do what you like at the GUI or application level - but normalize the libraries (and make MORE of them that meet specific, unique needs so they can be chained together). This gives the developer a reasonable notion of stability at the library and API layer, and the user a reasonable notion of functionality. Also portability, security, and enhancements come quicker and cheaper because more eyes are looking at the same code. Fix a buffer overflow? Well, you've fixed it in 20 programs instead of one. Doesn't that make everyone happy?

    Sorry for the rant. I just feel the need to talk about important topics on my mind that no one will listen to or care about because they're buried at the bottom of a slashdot forum. :)
  • Gaim 1.0.0 (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Perdition ( 208487 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @08:01AM (#10284225)
    Tried it, liked it, kept it. It's about the nicest thing I can say about software.
  • by Patik ( 584959 ) * <> on Saturday September 18, 2004 @08:26AM (#10284283) Homepage Journal
    It's a shame this nasty bug is still in GTK. When you view a profile that has characters in Symbol or some other weird font, such as a heart or fancy icon, Gaim will crash. The only work around for now is to go to Preferences, Message Text, and turn on "ignore font faces."
  • it's now a 1.0 but there's STILL no proper support for Direct IM with the offical client. is this REALLY that hard to implement properly? I think it's gotten to the point where they simply ignore the lack of support as a bug report.
  • the #1 ? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by moro_666 ( 414422 ) <`moc.liamg' `ta' `rotaanimluk'> on Saturday September 18, 2004 @09:34AM (#10284429) Homepage
    one thing that does them "all", never becames the #1, at least not yet ...

    while trying to be effective in all possible ways the config has been getting quite big, but at the same time, some options are grouped together so tight, that you lose either one or another feature that you would like to see.

    when i use irc, i wanna have all the "business" in one windows, with different tabs, and no "alters" about any messages, when i do msn or yahoo, i want different windows, on different virtual desktops even, and i do want the popupping effect.

    there are actually tons more examples why having it all in one does destroy the features that it would have, when it'd be separated

    i use amsn for example while trying to work with people on msn. why ? cause it's far more easier to configure, it works better, looks better, supports stuff that gaim doesn't.

    don't get me wrong here, i do use gaim sometimes, but only when i have to yahoo someone, otherwise i keep my fingers away from it, cause it's clumsy and need's yet some more tuning in config/look until you can really say that's an possible alternative to other more advanced clients.

    i'll keep my fingers crossed for gaim, as it seems to have a promising future, but a lot of work does have to be done first.
  • Gaim log analyzer (Score:5, Interesting)

    by RainbowSix ( 105550 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @09:45AM (#10284470) Homepage
    Here's a half-baked log analyzer [] that I wrote in a weekend. It works with GAIM log files for the AIM protocol format up to about version .72 (I run it on .59.9, the last GTK 1 version).

    Here [] is an example of its output on my primary username.
  • ... keeping me from using this, is that it doesn't support GPG encryption like gabber or psi :-(

    if it did, all my friend would switch to GPG! ...What a wonderful worllddd....! hehe
  • by theluckyleper ( 758120 ) on Saturday September 18, 2004 @10:27AM (#10284577) Homepage
    I love gaim, and I use it every day, but man it confuses me sometimes. How are you supposed to pronounce it? A bunch of people at work use it, and mention it sometimes in telephone conversations, pronouncing it "game", which I guess is correct (or is it (GEE-AIM?). Sample confusing usage:

    THEM: Do you have gaim?
    ME: What game? I have lots of games.


    THEM: Send me a message, I've got gaim.
    ME: So... you want me to send you a message about playing some basketball? You got game?

    And so on. How do other people combat this conversational conundrum?!
  • Sign onto AIM and GAIM at the same time and IM yourself.

    The font you see in GAIM is actually a lot smaller than what it really is... so if you're seeing "normal" text im GAIM, your recipient is getting this god awful 18 pt type.
  • I was trying the other day to make someone switch to gaim. It looks like the best feature people like about messenger is something about adding pictures of yourself.
    I find that reason amazing, in addition Messenger comes pre-installed and is a hell [] to uninstall.
    Anyway I do use gaim, and we're lucky there is a windows version. Thank you
  • Last night someone commenting on the idea of 3D avatars in IM software made the point that these things are fairly useless, but what would be really useful would be a kind of canvas next to the text area where one could just do simple black and white sketching, since a sketch is a wonderful way of getting and idea across when words fail one.

    I thought about this and realised some points (which also relate to GAIM to bring this post on topic):
    1. There have been some Flash and Shockwave based sketching chat i

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