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Comment Stop getting throttled altogether (Score 4, Informative) 118

Teksavvy have been offering MLPPP as an addon service for a while; it allows their subscribers to evade Bell's throttling. There's even a fork of the Tomato firmware dedicated for this. And a friend told me that one of their customer service reps said you can work around Rogers' throttling using this modem. Just opt for ISPs that aren't Bell or Rogers.

Comment Re:Good, but not so good. (Score 1) 638

It depends on what you expect to do in your living room. I have a really old Mini hooked up to a TV which is on pretty much all the time. Besides playing movies and streaming videos it runs Transmission, OpenVPN, shares files using NFS, and hosts some unimportant personal web apps. All that with it taking up hardly any space and not generating noticeable heat or noise - seems like a pretty good deal for $700.

Comment Re:Price point creeping up (Score 1) 638

You don't have to pay for their geniuses to upgrade your hardware if your warranty is up. Buy the ram, hard drive, or optical drive from wherever and do it yourself. I had to do a ram and hard drive upgrade, took about an hour to finish. And I'm pretty sure the standard warranty they provide you lasts for one year, not one month.

Comment Re:Anecdotal evidence (Score 1) 391

My Macbook's fan kicks in when viewing this HTML5 demo for more than 5 or 10 minutes Adobe does have a lot of work to do where Flash is concerned but from what I've read I get the impression that Apple doesn't seem to be as eager to work with them as Microsoft has been.

Comment I learnt touch typing late in the game (Score 1) 425

I was in the same boat and made multiple attempts to learn to type the "right way". My last, and successful, attempt involved this software (although any decent alternative would work) and lots of discipline. I made sure I spent at least an hour everyday learning and doing the drills, and then resisted the urge to go back to my old way of typing while not doing the drills. Now I'm doing great in life and gained an extra inch.

Comment Re:Do not want (Score 1) 172

All of those are developer/designer screw ups including the URL issue:

That's not to say Adobe shouldn't be working harder on the Flash runtime; they should probably stop with the new features for one or two releases and focus primarily on performance issues. But I'll still take them over Microsoft and Silvelight.

And despite what a lot of people are yelling right now (after Apple decided to leave Flash out of the iPad) you can't replace Flash with HTML5/JavaScript, at least not yet.

  • A standard still in draft
  • No consistent way of playing video on all browsers without still falling back to Flash on IE, Firefox (and Opera?)
  • What are indie game developers who want to publish their games online supposed to use?

Also, thinking advertisers won't resort to using HTML5 & canvas for advertisements is being a bit naive

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