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Comment Re:Oh the memories (Score 1) 212

I'll always look back fondly at the summer I spent at the spit brook road campus in Nashua. I interned there a couple years back working with a bunch of old DEC guys. A great team and a great building. It's a shame HP sold the building off. If someone from ZKO happens to run across this, send me a plate of Chori Pollo, stat! :)

Comment So here's the $10,000 question... (Score 2, Insightful) 300

Does the process separation prevent badly-behaved plugins needed for a good portion of websites in existence these days *cough*flash*cough*acrobat*cough* from killing your browser when they inevitably decide to break? Both plugins have been killing me on both win32 and linux. Noscript and mozplugger or foxit help to some degree, but firefox is by far the most unstable program I use these days because of plugins.

Submission + - Complaint to FSA on Phorm's statements to market (nodpi.org)

AlexanderHanff writes: "NoDPI have sent a letter of complaint to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) regarding Phorm Inc.'s statements to the press and market news services regarding support of legal compliance from various UK Government Departments and Regulators.

Phorm claim that the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), the Home Office and the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (DBERR or BERR) have all cleared Phorm's WebWise technology as being fully compliant under UK and EU Law.

This is contrary to action taken by the European Commission earlier this week, who have initiated legal proceedings against the UK Government specifically for failing to uphold and enforce EU Privacy Directives regarding Phorm's covert trials with BT in 2006/2007.

Furthermore, NoDPI have produced statements from DBERR, ICO and the Home Office which contradict Phorm's statements to the press and market news services this week.

NoDPI are calling for the FSA to investigate whether or not Phorm's statements to the market can be seen as breaking the rules of trading as they are misleading and could even be interpretted as fraudulant."

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