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Comment Re:pathetic (Score 1) 307

My MSI GE62 from last year have 4 core I7, 16GB, tripple m.2 SSD, 2.5" harddrive and fast nvidia graphics in less than a 3kg package.

This is not even the latest iteration of laptops. I love being able to work and game everywhere. At home I plug it into an 1440p 34" monitor, real keyboard and mouse. There is no way I'm going back to desktops again..

Comment Re:Your are kidding, right? (Score 1) 28

Who on earth would choose Javascript for server-side code?

It's not only serverside either, it's now possible to make fullblown desktop applications using mostly javascript/HTML/CSS with Atom. Atom basicaly is chromium + node.

It's picking up pace and the programs written in this feels modern, like the web. It's extremely flexible compared to any existing widget toolset out there. And the applications written are fast. I''ve used it for quite a large project and to me this is what Java promised 20 years ago regarding write once/run everywhere, pixel perfect. I will probably never use a native toolset for a larger project again, too much hassle compared to some HTML/CSS/Javascript. V8 is fast enough for most code and performance code or platform specific features can be written in a compiled language. Mutliplatform is not free but very close.

Comment Re:Desktop Windows has more users than X11/Linux (Score 2) 403

So far as I can tell, Windows 10 has absolutely no developer advantages at all

In the mobile and server fields, I'd agree. But in the desktop field, the advantage of Windows is in the economies of scale of having far more users than X11/Linux has.

I'll be sure to tell the 1% of developers still building apps for desktop OS:es.

Newflash: It's a dead market. The web won.

Comment Re:It's called a 'browser' for a reason. (Score 2) 104

We've tried the global experiment of browser-as-platform, and it has failed miserably from a security, usability and consumer-rights perspective.

The browser as a platform has definitely not failed, 90% of all computer time is probably in the browser. It has taken over almost all general computing task and more is coming. Look at the R&D invested in web technologies versus your favorite desktop OS. The desktop OS as we know it are going to die, it's already minuscule compared to the web.

Comment Re:Too little (Score 1) 50

Still too expensive and too weak. You can get an HP Stream 7 32GB for $80 + $10 USB OTG card reader/full size USB/MHL HDMI adapter and have a full Windows 8.1/10 tablet & PC.

If you want a TABLET you should probably check that one out or any of the other super lowend tablets, but I don't see how that has anything to do with HDMI dongle computers

Comment Agree (Score 1) 629

There are 84 companies in the OHA (Open handset alliance). If a company for whatever reason will not update their phones to 4.4.4 (which is the latest point release of version 4 of Android) someone should probably backport the patch to 4.3 version of Android. Android is open source and Google accepts patches.

Google is not the only one making Android and the Google supported phones are free of this vulnerability. I can see Googles position on this (they want the vendors to just update to latest point release), although it seems a bit silly.

Comment Re:Security protects the user too (Score 1) 220

There's a reason that Apple's devices are smooth, reliable, and stable... and you just can't have that when you live in the Wild West of completely open software. Yes, it means putting some trust in a company to get there, but I don't see that as any worse than the alternatives.

Oh please, come back in a year when the first major (pretty much mandatory) update hits you 1GB RAM phone, no more smooth and random crap like copy/paste stops working. Come back when Apple hardware at least runs 1% of the servers on the internet, which has to be reliable and stable. As of this moment it is the Wild West composed mostly of completely open software...

A modern phone is a small computer, nothing more, nothing less. There is no need for this hunkydory Apple store lock ins. It's not especially hard to keep any phone malware free. And pretty much every modern phone regardless of OS is smooth, reliable and stable.

I think you have been cheated by Apple marketing...

Comment Re:Root Your Device? (Score 4, Informative) 54

Don't install random crap from the internet. If you use play store the chance is virtually nil to be infected with malware. You also have to make the active choice to even be able to install these trojans by ticking "non trusted sources" down in preferences.

It isn't exactly hard to keep an Android device malware free. Same as any other operating system with a good selection of programs in the default repos and stores, like Debian, Ubuntu, or OS X. Even if those operating systems don't mandate one supplier of programs only.

If this sounds to hard, just use iPhones and Playstations which are unable to install random crap no matter how much you need it, but at least you're safe.

Comment Re:Again and again, rip and claim as their own (Score -1, Troll) 100

And again Microsoft is ripping someone else's technology and saying it is their own invention. Take your pick: dos, windows, mouse... the list goes on and on.

So who in your oppinon develops Windows? Do they rip code from little puppets from mars or something... Whatever you are trying to say, you are wrong...

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