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Comment Re:NT (Score 1) 214

Specified the act of sending a packet to ::x.y.z.z to allow an IPv6 host to seamlessly communicate with an IPv4 host. Obviously they'd need to be a proxy in the middle doing the translation. Basically NAT64 or SIIT, but with a fixed address and specified early on.

Comment Re:They also support 6RD and 6to4 (Score 1) 214

DD-WRT doesn't support IPv6. At least not in any usable sense. To get it working, you need to create the RADVD configuration file, and write a script to calculate the 6to4 address and add it to the interface. There are no GUI options for configuring IPv6.

It has less functionality in this regard than the firmware that came with the router (a Linksys WRT610N). At least that automatically configured 6to4, even if it still didn't have any GUI options.

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