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Comment Re:sopa (Score 1) 213

You should be concerned. What happens in the US serves as a precedent for other countries. If it's OK to sweep up domains at some corporate entity's whim without due process, you can bet your bottom Pound/Euro/Rupee/Yen that a similar law will pass in your country in the not-too-distant future.

Comment Re:sweet! (Score 1) 202

You make it sound like the Ubuntu people aren't putting a lot of hard work into it. A lot of the work Ubuntu does on the desktop finds its way back into Debian. As a die-hard Debian user of more than a decade, I can assure you the default installations of Gnome and KDE on Debian improved like never before since Ubuntu/Kubuntu came on the scene.

Comment Re:Charity (Score 1) 362

I'm probably being dense, but how does this undermine claims that online music piracy is responsible for falling sales? (Assuming sales are falling).

I'm not convinced that sales are falling. But if they were, in fact, falling, I'd bet it's more to do with the forgettable nature and the quality of the content that shows like the X-Factor produce. Not enough good music on the shelves...

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