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Comment Re:I don't want this. (Score 1) 177

AFAIK this is for domestic flights (which magically includes flights to Ireland BTW) only. No clue why they're doing it but I guess it's somehow related to the common travel area. It's extremely annoying since I once managed to accidentally get all the way to the gate for a flight back to Dublin without having my picture taken. When they found out I had to go all the way back (including another round of security theatre, thank FSM I didn't just buy me a bottle of water) to do that, and nearly missed the damn flight.

On flights to anywhere else, no pictures.

Comment Re:Thank . (Score 4, Insightful) 745

Assuming you're indeed an American, quit whining about gas prices and it "killing the economy". Apparently one dollar per liter is currently considered "zomg expensive" (ref: In Europe, ten years ago, one liter costed anything between 99 and 109 EUROcents (that's $1.32-$1.45). You don't even want to know what they're paying there now.

Comment Re:Google wants their cake ... (Score 1) 542

> So if google wants to help - well it can pay their debt bill. Because they are partially responsible for it.

Do you have any clue what the crisis in Ireland is about? I'm a terrible economist so I won't say I do, but this is what I know from actually living in this more or less bankrupt state:

When I walk around here, everywhere around me I see huge, empty multi-storey buildings. Heck, they're still busy building one in my street. More floors than any other place in the wide area and TBH I don't know which company will be using it, if any. Owners are trying to let/sell these places, with banners like "Superb retail opportunity" (What's so superb about it? The few shops (except supermarkets) that opened in this area have little over ten customers a day.)

Most of these buildings are now owned by banks. They're the ones who fucked up and need a little "donation". Much more than you can pay from any corporate taxes, looking at the numbers. TFA: "So far this year corporation tax has raised over €2.6bn for the Government coffers" Woo, 2.6 billion. That's almost 5% of the money flushed down a black hole by the banks here!

Comment Re:This... is really cool. (Score 1) 205

> In their hearts I think most anti-MS people on slashdot already acknowledge the fact that they've been out-eviled recently. The day of MS as the root of all IT nastiness has come and gone. They just need to say it out loud.

What I (and many others in this thread as you probably saw) actually thought was "Wow, Microsoft is doing something that is actually cool, where's the catch?"

My question was answered by the end of the article: This is just another miserable attempt to get the Silverlight market share percentage above 1%. Using a "making universe data publicly available, even. :-(

Yup, still evil.

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