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Yahoo Experimenting with Blogs? 211

Tee Emm writes "Sven Latham reports on his Yet Another Blog that Yahoo is (probably) experimenting with its blog services for its general users. The test bench is in Korea and may be followed by an international service on On the main Yahoo site, as well as both are active though they take you to yahoo groups interface."
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Yahoo Experimenting with Blogs?

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  • by w.p.richardson ( 218394 ) on Monday August 25, 2003 @10:17AM (#6783724) Homepage
    Asked as I type this into a blog site...

    The irony is palpable.

  • IM Blogs (Score:5, Funny)

    by rf0 ( 159958 ) <> on Monday August 25, 2003 @10:18AM (#6783728) Homepage
    Now what would be cool is if they could intergrate Yahoo IM so you could blog from your IM window. OF course just being careful that your talk with FitGirl 18/f/US (who is actually FatBloke 37/m/US) isn;t automatically logged :)

  • by 51M02 ( 165179 ) on Monday August 25, 2003 @10:19AM (#6783741) Homepage
    I would be interested in knowing which was the first blog system site ever created. My guess would be but I won't be sure. Does someone has a clue?
    • I would be interested in knowing which was the first blog system site ever created. My guess would be but I won't be sure. Does someone has a clue?
      Well I don't have a clue, but my guess would be
    • by happystink ( 204158 ) on Monday August 25, 2003 @10:23AM (#6783783) was, it's mentioned in Rebecca Blood's history of weblogs.
    • by Anonymous Coward
      I think is even older. Blogger was what make blogging mainstream.
    • According to an item in the LJ FAQ, LJ was started sometime in March 1999 [] while says it was launched in August 1999 []. Those are the two older ones I can think of and if they really are the two oldest it appears that LJ beat blogger to the punch.
    • "Blogging" is as old as the internet. It hasn't always been called "blogging" (thank Jebus!), but it's always been around. I remember blogging on my own website back in 1996, until I realized that it was a pretty stupid thing to do. If you think people would bother to read your blog, then you're either really famous (and you're trying to get your fans out of your face) or you're flattering yourself.
      • If you think people would bother to read your blog, then you're either really famous (and you're trying to get your fans out of your face) or you're flattering yourself.

        ..or you want your friends or family to see what you've been doing if you live on the other side of the world. ..or you want to keep a journal of your life but don't want to carry around a book and pencil. you can get online anywhere, even on vacation.

        i really don't care for all the online journals i've seen; they either had too much of
  • Just what we need. (Score:5, Insightful)

    by slusich ( 684826 ) <slusich&gmail,com> on Monday August 25, 2003 @10:19AM (#6783744)
    Another place for people no one cares about to post rants no one will ever read. Isn't there enough of this on the net already?
    • Yahoo offers a lot of people a lot of things (games, email, search, calendar service, etc). Why not put EVERYTHING that people want to use in one spot?
      • by Gherald ( 682277 )
        > Why not put EVERYTHING that people want to use in one spot?

        Does anyone _want_ yahoo ads?
      • by Moth7 ( 699815 )
        Because that results in bloatware. Does everyone want the Microsoft Personal Webserver, the Character Map, Clipboard viewer and... o_0 ... MSN explorer... *Is off to clear his so called OS components* [/Offtopic Anti-MS rant]
    • by kermitron ( 701247 ) <> on Monday August 25, 2003 @10:23AM (#6783785)
      On the upside; ever since my friends all got blogs, they've stopped sending me chain emails from 1791 that will give me good luck if I forward them to 15 other people within sixty seconds.

      There might be a downside I don't see.

    • by CGP314 ( 672613 )
      Just what we need Another place for people no one cares about to post rants no one will ever read. Isn't there enough of this on the net already?

      Well that's the tradeoff on the net. Everyone has the ability to publish their thoughts, but it turns out not everyone's thoughts make a good read. That's why search engines exist: to help you filter out the crap.
      • The problem is, the crap's become so prevalent that it's getting hard to filter it out. I believe Google finally changed their algorithm to lower the ranking of blog sites in searches, but I know that I often ran into times where the only results I could get for several pages of results were stupid blogs that had nothing to do with what I wanted.

        I have no problem with the blogs themselves, it's just that they've hit such a critical mass that they interfere with me getting things done at times that annoy
      • Of course what many people fail to realize is that a large number of (if not most) bloggers don't care if they aren't popular. The blog is there for people who ARE interested, friends and relatives mostly, to know whats up with the blogger, without him having to send possibly unwanted email around, ala the yearly newsletters from family that so many of us love to hate.
    • by sootman ( 158191 ) on Monday August 25, 2003 @10:45AM (#6783990) Homepage Journal
      Evidently, not quite. There will be "enough" when AOL and MSN and Yahoo! and everyone else offer them and every person has (at least) one. Same as anything else: companies constantly feel the need to make barriers to entry lower and lower until everyone who could possibley want one, has one.
    • No kidding. We've already got Slashdot. Anything else like this'll be redundant.
  • by CGP314 ( 672613 ) <CGP AT ColinGregoryPalmer DOT net> on Monday August 25, 2003 @10:19AM (#6783750) Homepage
    The story on slashdot was longer than the story it linked to.
  • Blog... (Score:4, Funny)

    by LordYUK ( 552359 ) <> on Monday August 25, 2003 @10:21AM (#6783760)
    I've always thought the word "Blog" sounded like something you heaved up...

    "Whats wrong with Bill today, is he sick?"

    "Yeah, he's at home, blogging up his guts."

    "Oh, I hate it when I blog."


    "OH MY GOD PULL OVER I AM GOING TO BLOG!!" ::sound of blog hitting ground::

    "BLOG!! BLOG BLOG!!! ugh, I dont feel well..."

    • Re:Blog... (Score:5, Funny)

      by happystink ( 204158 ) on Monday August 25, 2003 @10:25AM (#6783812)
      Totally, I think originally the word stood for "butt log"
    • Re:Blog... (Score:4, Insightful)

      by Ominous Coward ( 106252 ) on Monday August 25, 2003 @10:26AM (#6783818)
      sadly, there was a hole in the language available for "Blog" to fill, as a verb. "writing a journal entry" is too long for these buzz-word filled days. "journalling" doesn't sound right, and it's still too many syllables. "blogging" is short, and to the point.

      That said, I hate the word, and it's also pretty inaccurate, as a weblog (the originator of the word 'blog) is a site like Slashdot, not a personal web journal.
      • How about ... log?
        • ignores the "web", or "internet" part of the action, as well as has a different connotation. "Log" to me sounds too official, like an error log, or a ship's log for a naval cruiser. Most "blogs" are actually journals, as they're not actually logging events. But then we get back to my original point about the words.

          For better or worse (worse, I think), we're stuck with "blog". It's been coined, people use it, it's in the lexicon. Hopefully it'll pass quickly, just like the outrageously stupid "information s
          • And of course, 'logging' already has a pretty clearly defined usage. Unless you are planning on going to cut some trees, 'logging' probably isn't the word you want to use with great aunt Edna.
    • Re:Blog... (Score:1, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward
      It's all good though, this description is how I feel about most blogs.
    • In high school I went to a SciFi convention and they served Blog in the Con Suite.

      It was a mixture of vodka, grenadine, and some juices. It tasted pretty good, especially when I was 17.

  • KR. (Score:2, Informative)

    by CGP314 ( 672613 )
    Yahoo Korea looks like a lot more fun than regular yahoo. It all ani-ma-fa-kated.
    • It's funny how yahoo korea looks strikingly similar to all that korean spam I used to get. Those were fun... couldn't figure out what they were trying to sell me, or how to unsubscribe :)
      • So you couldn't figure out where the *block* button was then either? ;)
        • Actually, it got to be kind of a fun thing around the office to see what strange things the korean spam would be trying to sell me each day, so I didn't mind them that much :) Now I don't use that email anymore (moved on from that company), so I don't get to "guess what the korean spam is selling" anymore :(
  • by Capt_Troy ( 60831 ) <> on Monday August 25, 2003 @10:22AM (#6783773) Homepage Journal
    There's something about a blog that is entirely created and maintained by the blogger. I mean, would any of us really read wil wheaton's site [] if he just kept it at yahoo?

    Nothing against yahoo or anything. It's great for people who don't have the resources or knowledge to maintain such a thing, but I doubt I'll be perusing the blogs on yahoo any time soon. Would you?

    • by m00nun1t ( 588082 ) on Monday August 25, 2003 @10:31AM (#6783861) Homepage
      Just like no one would use an OS where you didn't have to compile the kernel yourself?

      Blogging is still pretty niche and dominated by techie talk, and a LOT of meta-blogging. Something like this, the AOL blogging service and presumably MSN blogs (was in job ads a few months ago) will bring blogging to the masses, for better or worse.
      • Blogging is still pretty niche and dominated by techie talk, and a LOT of meta-blogging.

        Thats kinda funny--my personal experience is the exact opposite. Of my friends/acquaintances who blog, they are very much not technically oriented--and none of my friends friends who are into computers & technology blog. Obviously too small of a sample size for any real meaning. My friends who blog are bigger into keeping in touch with their friends and might even write actual letters to their friends were it no

    • I mean, would any of us really read wil wheaton's site if he just kept it at yahoo?
      I don't read Wil Wheaton's site anyway.
    • by dsmoses ( 653429 ) on Monday August 25, 2003 @10:43AM (#6783977)
      >I mean, would any of us really read wil wheaton's site if he just kept it at yahoo?

      I would be willing to bet that more people outside of /. would read it then.

      Really, how many /. people use AOL, how many /. people think they can make money helping out our Nigerian friends. Yet these things still happen, and make money on them. /. users are the minority and I doubt that Yahoo is really considering the /. crowd as their target demographic.

      AOL annouced earlier this summer that they were going to set up the ability for their users to run blogs, so now Yahoo has to do it as well.
    • Content == King (Score:5, Insightful)

      by RobotRunAmok ( 595286 ) * on Monday August 25, 2003 @10:46AM (#6783998)
      Having the resources or knowledge to maintain a blog does not make what you have to write in the blog any more worth reading than what the Yahoo-ites have to say. Sadly, many of the technically-savvy have failed to realize this.

      The truth of the matter is, if what you say is worth reading on a regular, or even daily basis, someone will step in and provide you with the resources to maintain your blog, thereby freeing you up to focus on your writing. These resource-providers are called publishers. Whether or not the blog-writer has a publisher is a good litmus test for whether I will devote any of my time reading what he writes.

      As for keeping up with friends' activities: we use the telephone. Terribly Old School that way.

      It's like graphic design. The personal computer programs that have made it cheap and easy for someone to do the *work* of a designer do not magically transform everyone *into* a designer.
      • I would mod this as "insightful" if I could. I've neglected the content part of the equation. Thanks!

        So a yahoo blog with good content is surly better than a self built blog with no/bad content.

        The only problem with the yahoo stuff is that you won't (probably) find a person's blog by looking for it on google (or any other search engine besides yahoo). that's okay for the most part, but in an age when everyone uses google, you blog about something and google users will see it.
        • Dear god, NOT being on google would about the best thing that could possibly happen. The absolute last thing I want are more blogs I don't care about clogging up my search results whnen I'm actually trying to get something done. If people want to share their journals, let them link people they actually know and might have an inkling of interest to it - not throw it in the face of people that don't really give a shit anyway.
      • That's like saying that the only music worth listening to is distributed by a label. Yes, there is alot of crap out there, but don't assume that it is if it's not backed up by some organization. Listen to my unsigned band []. That's a damn good CD, recorded professionally, with no filler - and not signed to any label.

        Of course, it says that Orchard is the label, but you can read about that in my journal []. (Wonderful irony)

    • there's dozens of people have have had the intrest and skills to build a blogging system themselfs, but lack the intrest to write actual content into it. kind like my sort of blog i did, i have like 3 month peroids without writing anything there, not that anyone reads it anyways but i've regarded it more as a personal diary i can look at myself(and maybe, just maybe manage to keep the entries for 20 years as then it would be pretty cool).

  • Somehow this article seems more like a "first!" post than a news story. The actual post on is no longer than the story teaser that Slashdot has posted. And the links (as reported) don't actually go anywhere particularly interesting.

    Remember: patience is a virtue.

  • by PetoskeyGuy ( 648788 ) on Monday August 25, 2003 @10:22AM (#6783778)
    Spent all day reading slashdot again. I posted a comment and it never even got any points. Fark had an awesome story about a guy doing something dumb. I finally have my very own blog so I can share my thoughts with the world.

    August 26, 2003
    Spent all day reading slashdot again. That Microsoft Sux.

    August 27, 2003
    Spent all day reading slashdot again. I hate SCO, they suck.

    August 28, 2003
    Spent all day reading slashdot again. Just upgraded to Windows XP. It sucks.
  • Let's count (Score:2, Interesting)

    So now we've got:
    • Blogger-Powered by Google
    • Typepad-From those that brought you MovableType
    • Slashdot Journals-From those that brought you misspeeled dupes
    • Typepad
    • AOL Journals-From those that brought you cybersex
    • Yahoo! Journals-From those that brought you the dotcom bubble

    ...All so that we can hear about a 14 year old and her first day of school and how "impossible" Jr. High is. Wonder-fucking-full.

  • by Willow_mt ( 550444 ) on Monday August 25, 2003 @10:25AM (#6783811)
    This is just another addition to the idea "I want to be reachable everywhere and I want to let everyone know how interesting I am".
    Most people just don't see the point of how this makes them less interesting.

    That said, let's make another entry in my journal ;)
    • I think blogs can communicate the thoughts that people are having that might otherwise go uncommunicated to others. While there are plenty of thoughts that are pretty much worthless, no doubt looking through enough blogs one will find insights into technology, philosophy, humanity, politics, and psychology.

      Of course, a lot of the psychology is that people are nuts!

  • Wheres Aol? (Score:2, Interesting)

    I don't really see this doing anything to the blog world. If aol did one (or partnered with someone) It could be really usefull. Let it replace buddy profiles, have a little button on AIM to post a blog, Have a read my blog button in an AIM window. Hold the blogs at central server, but serve them locally (the only person who would hit there server would be the user, everyone else would read the blog off of the users computer, like the profiles are now). Im not really saying this will be usefull in anywa
    • 1. Potential nuking of dial-ups o_0 2. How does this help when we have all reached enlightenment and are running Jabber clients on *nix?
    • I think this is a "natural" fit for many companies... hotmail blogs, AOL blogs, fark blogs, /. blogs (oh wait)... However, how much is too much?

      I mean, we went through a whole pile of free mail places, many of whom have imploded. Now free blogs are popping up everywhere and the big boys are taking notice.

      And I think there's a lot of room for blog integration. Sure, you could integrate it with your IM client, but why stop there. Integrate it with the E911 system so we can know where you are at all time
  • Actual Story (Score:5, Insightful)

    by GeorgeH ( 5469 ) * on Monday August 25, 2003 @10:29AM (#6783836) Homepage Journal
    The article neglected to include the permalink to the story [].

    On a related tangent, how long before our schools start teaching kids how to write in hypertext? I would love for MLA to cover rules like "the linked resource should be relevant to the words that are used to link to it," "never include punctuation in hyperlinks," or "you will die a fiery death if you link the word 'here' to a resource."
    • Bring on the lessons in hypertext! Maybe it will stop my "savvy" friends from using deprecated tags and trying to "compile" HTML in the VB6 IDE o_0
    • You can find good hypertext rules here. []
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday August 25, 2003 @10:30AM (#6783855)
    Thought not. Better (less ad-infested) services can be found with competitors. They've stamped the only jewel in their crown, eGroups (now Yahoo! Groups) right into the ground - people only use it now because it's such a pain to migrate a mailing list elsewahere. If this blogging service is as bad as Yahoo! Groups is now, I can't see it taking off (I personally, will be sticking with my Slashdot Journal).
  • Why? (Score:5, Funny)

    by Jeremy Erwin ( 2054 ) on Monday August 25, 2003 @10:33AM (#6783879) Journal
    Suppose Yahoo starts hosting blogs.
    In three months, it will become popular.
    In four months, it will become popular with "adults."
    In five months, Yahoo Blogs will become a premiere conduit for erotic content.
    In six months, Yahoo Blogs will force the reader to view a full screen ad before reading content
    In seven months, Yahoo Blogs will start imposing bandwidth caps.
    In eight months, readers of such blogs will be denied access to archives.
  • Yes it is true (Score:5, Informative)

    by acehole ( 174372 ) on Monday August 25, 2003 @10:38AM (#6783921) Homepage
    I know the sys admin for yahoo, they've been working on a blog system since early this year. As with everything yahoo does, Korea is where they test it.

    Korea is actually thier biggest money maker too, there is a avatar system that they have access to and people pay to buy virtual clothes and other such things for their own personal avatar. They make a fortune out of it, it's crazy.

    But yeah... yahoo is definitely get a blog system.

    • you know the sysadmin for Yahoo? He must be a pretty busy guy.. I wouldn't want to manage all that by myself ;)
    • Re:Yes it is true (Score:2, Interesting)

      by kermitron ( 701247 )
      Korea seems to be massive for a lot of things internet related, and faster adapting too, so it's no shock that they'd test it there.

      For example, you take a look at the highest trafficked sites []. Not surprisingly, the top sites are yahoo and MSN... but somewhere around #3 you get a Korean site and from there on down you get a pretty solid representation between sites that are primarily American, Korean and Japanese.

  • The horror (Score:4, Funny)

    by KU_Fletch ( 678324 ) <<bthomas1> <at> <>> on Monday August 25, 2003 @10:42AM (#6783972)
    Great, now I'm going to have to ignore a few thousand more blogs about how teenagers hate their parents and shut-ins hate society.
  • Redundancy (Score:3, Informative)

    by satyap ( 670137 ) on Monday August 25, 2003 @11:05AM (#6784120)
    Too many blogs. I'll stick to livejournal, TYVM. At least it's relatively ad-free and I can get RSS feeds and export my journal.
  • Blogs are repetative (Score:2, Interesting)

    by jj00 ( 599158 )

    My roommate has a Photo Journal [] on his web site. While some days are really cool, and he is a really talented amature photographer, most days consist on what he ate for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

    I generally use it to figure out what I was doing on a particular day. His girlfriend gets a bit embarrased - she must feel like a rock star at times.

    I'm wondering if in the long run this is work Yahoo's time and money. If it is cheap to implement, then why not.
  • by bob670 ( 645306 ) on Monday August 25, 2003 @11:09AM (#6784151)
    an overly tech oriented replacment for "Dear Diary" and a waste of time for most readers. So unless your the current equivalent of Lewis & Clark or General Grant or Abraham Lincoln it's pretty much just cheap therapy and soap boxes for the commons...

    Not trying to create flamebait, but honestly, what use is...

    Dear Blog (July 25): Just read an article on Yahoo about the guy with no feet who is walking cross county on his hands to raise money for kids born without ear lobes. Isn't that uplifting???

    Dear Blog (July 25) I love my new iMac, it's just so yummy and friendly, not like the evil Micro$oft Winblows. Yuck!

    Dear Blog (July 26): I hate that darn Marsha Brady, she's just so perfect!!!

    Dear Blog (July 29): I just read an article on Yahoo about world politics, what follows are my 3.5 pages of unfocussed rant, aren't I smart world?

    Dear Blog (July 30): Why won't he notice me damnit? Well, he'll notice when his cat disappears, the PETA website says we should free all the domestically enslaved house pets anyway. Here goes nothing?

    Dear Blog (July 31): Mom took me to the doctor today, they say the Lithium will take the edge off, but I am not sure what that means. Think I will take a nap now......

    Who F ing cares, personal Blogs are 99% attention whoring. And there's plenty of chat rooms, message boards and newsgroups for that purpose, just use this post as an example.

    • by limako ( 45118 ) *
      Whereas I used to maintain a regular email correspondence with friends and family, I now spend most of that time writing a blog entry. It represents what I would have said to one or more of my regular correspondents, but it is written for a slightly more general audience. I still use email, but my messages tend to be shorter and more personal -- anything of general interest, I just post in my blog. I made the change because I found that I found that I fairly frequently wrote messages that mixed public an
    • Like you said, who cares? My blog is just cheap therapy and a soap box. Got a problem with that? Then don't read it, I won't lose any sleep over it. No one is forcing you to read anyone's blog.

      I prefer blogging over a private diary because there is the off chance that a friend or random person will read it and make a comment to me, and it will start a conversation. Conversing with other people helps me learn about myself and the world.
  • by Greyfox ( 87712 ) on Monday August 25, 2003 @11:11AM (#6784166) Homepage Journal
    Call me paranoid but I got $10 that says that once they get established, some guy comes along with a submarine patent and sues them and every other blog site on the Internet.

    If no one has patented blogging, it's not too late as many previous patent suits have shown us!

  • Wow! I use yahoo for a certain amount of anonymity, and am still surprised how they get hold of all the addresses to spam them.
    Now I'll have the opportunity to provide even more info about my perversi..., er I mean interests, political and otherwise - yeah, that's what I meant :)
  • by zapp ( 201236 ) on Monday August 25, 2003 @12:02PM (#6784559)
    I was always confused by the concept of a blog. Here's a few reasons I can think to use a blog, and why each one sucks.

    1. Personal diary. Since it's public, you probably shouldn't put anything "diary worthy" in it. Also, years from now you can still pick up your paper diary and read it, think all these blog sites will still be around?

    2. Updates to family and friends. OK, I can almost buy this, but really do we need to put up another barrier between those we love? I would rather tell my parents news on the phone, than tell them to go read my blog. Also, not everyone you know/love knows how to get to it.

    3. "Making your mark on the world / etc". No one cares what you have to say, and no one probably reads it. If you have something worthy to say, make a real website, or find a position in the world where people will be able to hear what you have to say.

    My biggest problem with though, is #1. I fear that the tech boom will hurt us big time in about 20 years when we realize all our digital videos, pictures, blog entries, etc have disappeared and we have no paper record of our lives. I am looking at it from a purely personal-records point of view, but it affects society on a much higher level as well.
    • "Making your mark on the world / etc". No one cares what you have to say, and no one probably reads it.

      Then what's the point of posting on Slashdot? Cancel your account immediately.
    • The biggest advantage of blogs is that it lets you keep in touch with friends and acquaintances you don't normally interact with often. I don't like purely personal journals (they are usually too boring), but journals that mix semi-personal thoughts and intellectual thoughts are quite fun to read. It is a great motivating factor to keep a journal of research work you have done, and to see what other people are working on.
    • WIth livejournal you can secure your personal entries or have your friends view them. I met some cool and weird people so far but maybe its because I do not have a life.

    • My biggest problem with though, is #1. I fear that the tech boom will hurt us big time in about 20 years when we realize all our digital videos, pictures, blog entries, etc have disappeared and we have no paper record of our lives.

      Very good point; I make a point of keeping stuff that's important to me on paper, and one of these days I plan to get some of my digital photos printed. On the flip side, though, we don't need everything about us recorded on permanent media; I see the blog as a good medium for

  • by baomike ( 143457 )
    does anyone else see a problem here?
    I block most Korean sites, to much spam.

    second thought: may be this is good, put all blogs
    in korea and block it.
  • Recursion Anyone (Score:3, Informative)

    by Karna ( 80187 ) on Monday August 25, 2003 @12:37PM (#6784947)
    If you want some of the scoop on what Yahoo is up to, you should probably be reading Jeremy Zawodny []'s blog, for example:

    * Y! Blogs [] releases in Korea
    * Y! Unix messenger [] group begun
    * Y! Search [] group begun

    And other goodies :)
  • Makes total Sense (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Monofilament ( 512421 ) on Monday August 25, 2003 @01:03PM (#6785241) Homepage Journal
    Well hmm what happened earlier this year?

    Google bought or something like that, the biggest of the Blog hosting sites/engines.

    So in Yahoo's scramble.. to figure out why they're loosing to google, they're gonna start blogs too.

    Personally i think Yahoo has always had a lot going for them .. they should try and keep doing their thing instead of copying Google. Google is a wonderful salad bowl search engine .. but well .. their categorization of things into easy categories has somethingn to be desired. I've alwasy gone to yahoo for stuff when i didn't exactly know what the site was but I wanted to find it by driling down in categories. Yahoo has always been good for that.

    oh well maybe they'll figure out what their looking for some day.
  • I don't know.. (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Quass ( 320289 ) on Monday August 25, 2003 @01:06PM (#6785273) Homepage Journal
    Blogs can serve a purpose..
    Some people on here are just ranting about how the personal experiences, or "dear diary" type of blogs are just flooding the internet, and are completely devoid of any interesting, or entertaining thought. Well, that may be true.. and I'm sure Yahoo! blogs will foster this kind of thing even more (because of easy access, and a large user base), but there are certain blogs out there that are useful, and serve a purpose.

    Take my blog for instance (no I'm not linking it..). I created it by using one of those bloggin' apps (pmachine I think..), created my own stylesheet, etc.. So for 1 it looks original. But aside from that, I use it as a way to communicate to my friends and family. I'm away from home (toronto) for the next several months on business in Costa Rica. I don't get to call home that much, and writing emails is tedious to 20+ people, so I update my blog on a daily (heh, okay a few times a week) basis. They reply to me in comments, and it's working out quite well.

    So who says they can't be useful?
  • I hope Yahoo enables all of these fatures:
    • Topic icons and preferably custom. I love topic icons!
    • Friends like in here, along with new journal notifications. Communities are nice too (like in LiveJournal) but I'm not used to them.
    • Erase comments of annoying people and ban them too, and block anonymous posters. Slashdot kinda lacks in that.
    • Embedding pictures in the blog and preferably allowing to upload them on the same server too.
    • Lists that can appear on the side of the blog.
    • Marital status, search
  • Check out [] - Yahoo Avatars! Too bad my Korean's not so hot.

Make it myself? But I'm a physical organic chemist!