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Comment My sense (Score 1) 536

My sense is that the MEAN Stack (Mongo, Express, AngularJS, Node) is sort of winning. There's some packaging of it over at mean.io.

Personally, I'm really getting interested in Meteor (www.meteor.com). Watch the videos, and realize I saw a smart non-coder go from zero to *ridiculously* interactive site design in three months.

Comment It's because Python 3 is broken. (Score 2) 432

No really.

I took a pass at Python 3 a while back. The amount of hoops I needed to jump through, to deal with compilation errors around Unicode handling, was terrifying. It was simply a poor user experience.

Python 2.7 just works. Sure, it's a nightmare past a certain scale point. But until you get into the dregs of OO it really is executable pseudocode.

Python 3 is some other language that lost that property.

The big problem is that we don't ship languages with telemetry that reports when they fail to work. So things that are completely obvious to outsiders never make it to inner circles. Not that I can really see any way for Python 3 to mend its errors.

Comment Write code! (Score 3, Informative) 472

Seriously. Write some code, publish it on Github. Spin up a single serving web page, does one interesting thing as soon as you arrive. Remember, everyone else with resumes could be pretending, you're actually doing stuff.

For work experience, sign up on freelancing sites like odesk. Take jobs just to do them. Nobody knows how old you are, there. Even if all you can do is sysadmin -- well, admin some cloud services!

Comment Perspective (Score 5, Insightful) 438


Yeah. 66% of AT&T's 4th quarter sales were iPhones. I was on Verizon for years, switched to AT&T only for their iPhone, and stuck with them only for their GSM capabilities worldwide. Sure, your margins are less when you offer a better service. Would you prefer no sales though?

Comment NES (Score 2) 348

The platform that most successfully upgraded itself was the NES. One of the degrees of freedom they had, because there were chips in each cartridge, was to deploy new memory management units inside the games themselves. Quite literally, the NES became more powerful for games released later in its dev cycle. SNES did this too, with the SuperFX chip inside of Starfox (the most popular DSP in the world, for its era) but it wasn't quite the "all games ship upgrading hardware".

I suspect if there was ever to be upgradable hardware, it'd have to work by yearly subscription, and it'd have to be no more than $50 a year for the part. However, with guaranteed sales in the millions of units (as games would hard-require it) the logistics of making some pretty crazy stuff fit into $50/yr wouldn't be unimaginable. Remember that XBox Live is already pulling, what, $60/yr?

Comment It's all being worked on (Score 5, Interesting) 77

DNSSEC is an infrastructure shift, and you can't use it on .com domains for another few months. Have some patience.

At Black Hat this year, I actually demonstrated the endgame. Want federated authentication in OpenSSH that actually scales? Want servers able to autogenerate TLS keys that will be recognized and secured worldwide, even against broken certificate authorities?

Want secure email, without the mess that is PGP key management?

End to end secure key management via DNSSEC makes it all actually really easy. Code is here -- BSD licensed, feel free to play:


Also, I'm putting together a set of diaries on the subject:



Submission + - DanKam: Augmented Reality For The Color Blind (dankaminsky.com)

Effugas writes: Can your phone help you see? If you're part of the 10% of the population that's color blind, perhaps. DanKam is an augmented reality application that autocorrects visuals such that the color blind can better see colors, and the differences between colors. It's available for iPhone and Android. DanKam comes from Dan Kaminsky, best known otherwise for his work on DNS.

Comment Knock It Off (Score 1) 318

The problem is collateral damage. Legitimate actors can't get into the DDoS game, because if they legitimize DDoS, the network will *fry*.

The "good guys" cannot flood nearly as significantly as the bad guys. Worse, the good guys are significantly more exposed -- they have corpnets, they have partner nets, etc. Today it's the website, tomorrow it's Hulu.

There are paths on which the anti-piracy people have the high ground (not moral high ground, tactical high ground). DDoS, in no uncertain terms, is not one of them.

Comment Re:Science and Intuition defeating Fun Math (Score 1) 981

Fascinating! Looks like I got to spend the night being wrong myself. Serves me right for being so cocky.

It seems that the key to this question is that there are boy/boy pairs where neither boy was born on a Tuesday. That's why Tuesday matters:

If your first child was not a boy, you cannot pass.
If your first child was a boy born on Tuesday, your second child only needs to be a boy to pass.
If your first child was a boy born not on Tuesday, your second child both needs to be a boy, and needs to be born on a Tuesday to pass.

Given this complex constraint set, it's unsurprising that 50% doesn't actually show up.

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