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Comment Over-engineered? (Score 1) 196

I'm excited about it in that I'd like to see a device I can play around with. The entry cost is fairly low. My concern is the amount of effort they seem to be putting into the design, or want you to believe they are putting into the design. Seems like they could have saved a lot of money by squeezing that motherboard into square-ish OEM Roku box and used some standard usb gamepads. I'd also like to see it act just like another other Android device - meaning I could install stuff from the Play store, etc.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 403

I feel I'm in the same boat as you (home/work Windows user, tablet owner), but I do feel there is a need to go this direction:

- There are some dedicated apps for tablets I often wish I had on my laptop. It wouldn't be hard to get these apps on Windows, there is just a lack of a built-in app store model to make it easy. Plus making app install/uninstall easier on a computer is a good thing (not sure if this will be the case).
- When using my tablet at home I often finding myself wishing I had a keyboard, and I almost always end up reaching for our 13" laptop to get stuff done.

The way the media portrays these things, you'd think there isn't any room for a device that has the best of both laptop and tablet worlds, but I'm a believer. Maybe not with this version though, maybe Win8 SP1 or Win9?

Comment Re:Always the frontrunner? (Score 3, Interesting) 226

I've often thought about this, and while I don't know much about this stuff other than from a fan's perspective, I have always been curious why we don't send another Voyager-style craft into space every 10-20 years. Each craft could take advantage of improvements in our technology, and possibly be cheaper since it would be based on the same design. Each one could communicate back to the other instead of having to reach back to Earth on its own, kind of like a repeater. Also, if anything would go wrong with one of them, there would be another one not too far behind.

Comment Re:Warlords Ghost (Score 2) 162

Warlords is probably the best 4-person game ever. No graphics to get in the way, just pure competition. I'm not sure a modern system could give it as much credence without one of those paddle controllers.

Comment Do some research (Score 2) 479

1. Write down every feature you want
2. Write down all the shows you like to watch on a regular basis
3. Determine the other means of obtaining those shows other than pay tv (Antenna, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc)
4. Decide the best choice for you by what features and shows you want

We went through this couple years ago and settled on a Tivo with an Antenna. We supplement with Netflix and Amazon.

Comment Re:SAP (Score 1) 772

Mod this up - there are a lot of companies looking for ABAP programmers, especially ones where the company doesn't have to sponsor a foreign worker.

To add to this point - the pond isn't a small as you think it is, but some of your expectations will have to change. You might have to take an evening class to learn a new skill, you'll probably have to take a pay cut, you might have to do more business travel, etc. For every recruiter that says that you must OWN a language, there are plenty of companies out there that value a diverse background and don't need someone to build the next twitter. I'd recommend looking at some of the smaller consulting companies in your area.

Comment Corporate politics (Score 1) 1162

Good points, and I agree with most of them, but the one thing I feel holding Blu-Ray most of all is corporate politics. These corporations have grown up and expanded so much that they want to compete at every level. None of them wants to use products from the other. Microsoft competes with the PS3, so they won't use anything that might put money or leverage into Sony's hand. I'm sure Nintendo and Apple have the same thoughts. Add to the fact that it's much cheaper for all these companies to just support some software that allows a movie to be delivered over the internet than support the hardware.

Comment No iPod Touch competition? (Score 1) 276

Who knows if this rumor is true, but it sure does sound plausible considering we haven't heard a thing from them. I don't have a Zune, but I always hoped that someday they would get around to making a real competitor to the iPod Touch. I can understand cell phone manufacturers not being interested because the profit margin is so much higher for cell phones, but I'd think a company like Microsoft would be a big enough company to subsidize such a project.

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