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Media (Apple)

Submission + - Apple: three billion titles sold on iTunes (

allengineering writes: "In a short official statement, Apple announces today that its platform of music on line has just passed the course of the three billion sold pieces, in a little more than four years of existence. Opened on April 28, 2003 then launched to France on June 15, 2004, the initially known service under the name of iTunes Music Store passes the course of the first billion sold titles on February 23, 2006. The second billion is then reached with the day before the MacWorld last, last January. With a catalogue which counts today according to the firm five million titles, 550 emissions TV and 500 films, the iTunes Store asserts today the place of third salesman of music on the American market, which they are pieces sold in numerical form or on a physical support."
User Journal

Journal Journal: Biased Science

While I hate seeing articles like this one, where the veracity of scientific claims are brought into question, it's something that the public needs to know.

Submission + - Censorship in Brazil

FungosBauux writes: "From this article: "Telecommunications companies in Brazil began blocking access to YouTube on Monday after a Brazilian model sued to get the popular video sharing service to remove footage of her having sex from its website." What services we from Brazil can use to continue accessing YouTube? There is any tool or YouTube proxy that can give back our freedom?"

Submission + - Google patent search opens

Rob writes: The Guardian's website reports on Google's new patent search which contains seven million US patents dating from 1790 to mid-2006. Although the information was previously available online by the US patent office, Google claims to offer a better search facility for the information. The Guardian article is entertaining, describing patents filed, among others, by Michael Jackson (angled shoes allowing the wearer to "stand" at a lean angle of 45 degrees) and Jamie Lee Curtis (nappies with inetgrated baby wipes).

Submission + - Should a new LAN be entirely wireless?

massysett writes: "I'm in the brand new public library in Rockville, Maryland. Of course there is Wi-Fi for patrons who bring their own laptops. There are also about two dozen Windows PCs throughout to provide catalog and Internet access. I was surprised to notice that all of these public access machines are connected wirelessly, using D-Link expansion cards. The Ethernet jacks on the backs of the machines aren't connected to anything. I'd understand networking the machines wirelessly in an old building, to save the cost of pulling Cat 5. However, this is a brand new building built just for this library, and there is obviously room for cables — the power cords for the computers are coming out of the floors. I would think the low bandwidth of wireless, coupled with the headache of troubleshooting interference and performance issues, would rule out a deploying wireless like this — it's relatively easy to wire a brand new building. I'd also think Cat 5 is more future-proof. Obviously library staff disagreed. How do you think the advantages of wireless would outweigh the disadvantages in a setting such as this?"

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