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Legodeath - Twisted Lego Constructs 232

Mooseboy writes "I searched /. and was suprised to find that there were no articles that referenced legodeath.com. This site has several lego mini-dioramas depicting torture, execution, domestic accidents, and other scenes of questionable taste. I've had a chance to see it, so you may commence the slashdotting!"
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Legodeath - Twisted Lego Constructs

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  • One of the funniest sites I've ever been to. Must begin project to "mirror" this site on my bookshelf.
  • Tramatic (Score:5, Funny)

    by shunk ( 84430 ) on Monday December 02, 2002 @12:31AM (#4790940)
    That site was so tramatic, I've 'blocked' it out.

    yeah yeah..bad I know.
  • and watch hundreds of lego masterpieces burn and melt as the webserver on the adjacent desk has a small thermonuclear meltdown.

    Anyone have a mirror? :(
    • I've heard of servers literally melting down before although not nearly as much today. But how exactly would something like this happen?

      I mean from my experience a cpu can only worky as hard as it was made to. I mean 100% of the cpu would be utilized and it would run a little hot. It doesn't suddenly operate at 130%-200% through dynamic overclocking (as far as i know that doesn't exist) or something of that sort. You would just busy up the server and everything would run really slowly.
    • The site has held up just fine since the story was posted -- no need for concern, I believe.

      Click away!!
  • by pVoid ( 607584 ) on Monday December 02, 2002 @12:33AM (#4790949)
    I mean, look at them, they're all smiling.
  • I wonder... (Score:4, Funny)

    by wwelles ( 621959 ) on Monday December 02, 2002 @12:35AM (#4790959)
    Hmmm... makes you wonder if the creator(s) of the site had some issues as children.

    But who cares? It's funny as hell, right up there with http://www.stickdeath.com
    • Anyone who enjoys death, psychotic violent imagery, or gore has serious mental issues. Wether it be with legos, video games, or pictures.

      It is likely the people who created this are using it as a cry for help, and I pray they do not manifest their violent thoughts in ways other than lego. Hopefully they will seek the professional help they need.
      • Dime store psychology thrown about without invitation is a sure sign of a closet control freak. :) Regards, Ross
      • Mindless modding (Score:3, Interesting)

        by MacAndrew ( 463832 )
        It's a pity that (apparently) sincere opinion in the parent is labeled a "troll." Did the modder notice that the story's author was actually soliciting opinion??? Or merely object to the parent's fairly mainstream opinion? (Not that minority viewpoints, if sincere and explained, should be censored.) I mean, what sort of reaction are we to infer is correct -- "Uhhh, good use of the new #6781 black Legos, but I think the site's HTML is kind of weak."?

        Maybe the poster's silly, maybe I don't even agree. But if the Lego work is free speech (yes), let be the critique. There is a lot of criticism on here of suppression of free speech by governments (China/filtering, U.S./DMCA), corporations (Microsoft), and individuals. Why so little of intolerant /. modders who don't like "liberal" complaints?

        Save your mod points for +mods. M2 this waste of time "unfair." [/rant] Ah, that helped.
    • First off, my first post was a joke.

      Secondly, you can't assume what people are thinking. It rather is most likely a different sense of humour. If you find it offensive, don't view it, you have the right.
  • Either these guys have too much time on their hands or have childhood memories they've blocked out.
  • by r0xah ( 625882 )
    It'd be cooler if they did action movies with the lego characters moving them like clay figures.
  • by trotski ( 592530 ) on Monday December 02, 2002 @12:40AM (#4790982)
    Theres no picture of a melted down server entirely out of lego blocks.... pehaps the slashdot effect will give them a new inspiration for they're site!
  • Lego death? (Score:5, Funny)

    by fungus ( 37425 ) on Monday December 02, 2002 @12:40AM (#4790984)
    that [digitalstuff.com] is lego death!
  • No stories? (Score:3, Funny)

    by Chacham ( 981 ) on Monday December 02, 2002 @12:41AM (#4790987) Homepage Journal
    I searched /. and was suprised to find that there were no articles that referenced legodeath.com.

    That's strange, when I searched slashdot for it I found it right here [slashdot.org].


  • Legodeath? (Score:4, Funny)

    by newsdee ( 629448 ) on Monday December 02, 2002 @12:42AM (#4790994) Homepage Journal
    Right now it's Serverdeath...

    • To be scored redundant when the similar posts are made after mine... well that's life. No worries. Nothing to see here. :-)

      • Some people are so bad at using computers, that when they read /. with moderation points using Newest First to sort comment threads, they don't realise that a comment they see farther down the page that's similar to one they've modded up earlier in the page was in fact posted earlier than the one they modded up. To cover up their ignorance, they mod the earlier posts as redundant.

        Here's one such example [slashdot.org]. I was the first to bring up that LANL was using the cutesy Shuttle cases, so I brought it up early in a blantant karma whoring attempt. It back fired due to moderator error of modding me redundant, when in fact, I was first. Oh well. Anyone who sucks so bad in life as to actually have mod points gets my pity. They probably couldn't speak their mind if their life depended on it. At least I get paid to surf /.
  • by dagg ( 153577 ) on Monday December 02, 2002 @12:42AM (#4790995) Journal
    Blood! That dude in the rack's head fell off... and it is surrounded by red logo's. That is pretty sick, man!

    Loading up the Flash was annoying at first... but once it all loaded, I didn't seem to have to hit the server again. That's a plus in a case like this. I hate to just see an introduction page... and then nothing else because of a slashdotting.

    • Actually, having a flash-only site like that is very bad design, in several ways:
      • True, you don't see one page and have the rest fail, but I think that's better than seeing no page at all (like so many other posts have indicated upon the initial slashdotting).
      • You're forced to download every "page" in the flash animation, even if you only want to see one.
      • You can't judge the quality of the flash "site" until the entire thing's been downloaded.
      • It breaks the "back" button so many of us rely on - you're forced to use their concept of navigation.
      • There's no way to link or bookmark a specific page, destroying one of the greatest functionalities of the Net (mind you, some could argue this is a good thing, like those sites who don't WANT to be deep-linked).
      • Flash is not nearly as widely supported as plain old HTML on various platforms.
      • Profit! (sorry - it felt wrong to make a list on Slashdot without having this entry...)
      Now, Flash can be useful, especially for animated comics and whatnot, but there's nothing at this site that requires it. The camera-panning can just as easily be accomplished with javascript (or even regular links, albeit they'd be a lot slower), and then if someone doesn't have javascript enabled, at least they still see the first frame.

      Sorry for the rant - I'm just not a big fan of "fad" technologies that break away from the web standards so many are trying to push.
  • Nicely Choreographed (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Mirell ( 459881 ) <tryn@mirell.org> on Monday December 02, 2002 @12:43AM (#4790999) Homepage Journal
    Now what would be nice if the designer of these works of art actually sat down with a CAD software for Legos, such as MCLAD, and nicely worked out all the specific designs, and determined the best view-points, then rendered them with POV-Ray...

    Maybe it's best most engineers aren't really artists per se...
  • ... that it's also the death of his server.
  • Mirror (Score:2, Informative)

    by Cyno01 ( 573917 )
    Google Cache []
    • Re:Mirror (Score:2, Troll)

      by IanBevan ( 213109 )
      Crikey - even the google cache has been slashdotted ! Now *that's* impressive. I think we should collectively sell our services as the ultimate distributed load testing tool.
      • Re:Mirror (Score:2, Informative)

        by Anonymous Coward
        The link contains a flash. Google doesn't cache flash (or gif), therefore the cache is useless in this instance. The pause is google's cache page trying to load the flash of the original site.
  • My favorite has to be the one with the cannon. I literally fell out of my chair laughing at that one. I think I scared the cat.

  • mediocre (Score:5, Insightful)

    by jonnyfivealive ( 611482 ) <skinnyjonsperformance.yahoo@com> on Monday December 02, 2002 @12:47AM (#4791014) Homepage Journal
    perhaps it hasnt been on slashdot before because theyre pathetic compared to the other useless but nonetheless amazing lego stuff out there...
  • by Kyn ( 539206 )
    Well, at least they died smiling...
  • its a redirect (Score:3, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday December 02, 2002 @12:54AM (#4791035)
    the real site is here

    http://www.whitebreadblues.com/ld/menu.htm [whitebreadblues.com]
  • by interactive_civilian ( 205158 ) <mamoru&gmail,com> on Monday December 02, 2002 @01:07AM (#4791073) Homepage Journal
    So...does this [legodeath.com] plus this [death-from-above.com] equal "Lego Necrophilia"??

    No...I didn't really say that...go read some other comments or something.

    /me slinks away in shame... ^^;

  • by Cokelee ( 585232 ) on Monday December 02, 2002 @01:09AM (#4791081)
    They must be psychotic, they use FRAMES!
    I wish Lego Killing was their only problem!
  • My mom never bought me those sets when I was a kid.

    Maybe that's why I never wanted to go goth.
  • by shoemakc ( 448730 ) on Monday December 02, 2002 @01:17AM (#4791103) Homepage

    My gift to you, the slashdot community...

    Jar Jar Binks...being tortured...in lego [union.edu].


  • Leocad anyone? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by newsdee ( 629448 ) on Monday December 02, 2002 @01:24AM (#4791121) Homepage Journal
    It would be nice to have these models as Leocad [leocad.org] files so that we can make our own modifications and contributions. :-)

  • UserFriendly had this sight as a Link of the Day [userfriendly.org] back in February.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday December 02, 2002 @01:35AM (#4791156)
    Konzentrationslager [erols.com]
    • by xsfo ( 604140 )
      Polish artist Zbigniew Libera's Holocaust Lego kits [erols.com] are amazingly subversive pieces of contemporary art. I love them and I would not hesitate to get those kits if they were available. They are much more compelling than Legodeath. Legodeath seems almost amateurish in comparison. With the Holocaust Lego, Libera not only constructed Lego scenes but created Lego box packaging for fictional Lego Holocaust sets. Brilliant.

      Imagine: Mommy, can I get another gas chamber for my concentration camp?

      First you're shocked by the subject matter (whoa...).
      Then perhaps sickened a little (oh that's just wrong!).
      Finally facinated by the idea (where can I get one of these kits?).

  • by updog ( 608318 ) on Monday December 02, 2002 @01:38AM (#4791166) Homepage
    I searched /. and was suprised to find that there were no articles that referenced legodeath.com.

    Don't worry, I'm sure after this, you'll find this site referenced many times on /., sometimes even referenced a couple of times the same day... :-)

  • That's all I needed. A new hobby.

  • Lego Porn (Score:5, Funny)

    by pctainto ( 325762 ) on Monday December 02, 2002 @02:02AM (#4791230) Homepage
    I can't believe that no one has linked to the Lego Porn [corrupt.net] yet! Check out all the series. You will never look at Legos the same after seeing this.
    • Re:Lego Porn (Score:2, Interesting)

      by Qender ( 318699 )
      Someone who used to go to my college (calarts) made a lego film called "Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World" that was a bit more explicit. It's actually pretty funny too. It won a few awards and stuff. I think it's on IFILM, hold on... Yes, here it is:

      http://www.ifilm.com/ifilm/product/film_info/0,3 69 9,438936,00.html
    • Actually there has been links to it in the past. In fact I found out about the Lego Death site from slashdot before this posting.
  • by masterv ( 173870 ) on Monday December 02, 2002 @02:14AM (#4791262) Journal
    Mooseboy writes
    "I searched /. and...

    You've already done more work than most of the Slashdot editors :)
  • Iron maiden (Score:5, Funny)

    by andy@petdance.com ( 114827 ) <andy@petdance.com> on Monday December 02, 2002 @02:35AM (#4791318) Homepage
    "Put them in the iron maiden"
    "Iron Maiden? EXCELLENT!"
  • Why, these lego photos are more twisted than. . .Sinbad's take on marriage. He he he
  • but it didn't make it. i guess my description wasn't as appealing?
  • by jonr ( 1130 )
    A submitter who claims he actually vistited the site before it got slashdotted! STOP PRESS! This is news!
    Anyway, how can I get through that evil Flash gatekeeper?
  • Yes, that's why I continue to read slashdot; I don't get enough questionable taste in life, particularly where it deals with plastic toys.

    Ok, I'm all for plastic toys, but I'd really prefer if people kept the questionable taste to themselves. Not all geeks are actually _demented_ you know.

  • Admit it! (Score:3, Funny)

    by vjzuylen ( 91983 ) <vjzuylen@ho[ ]il.com ['tma' in gap]> on Monday December 02, 2002 @08:22AM (#4792431) Homepage
    Seriously, though. None of you ever built these contraptions when you were a kid? I mean, not even once? Come on!

    Uh... Me neither. Just-- just checking, you know. (shuffles away quietly)
  • by jeepliberty ( 624159 ) on Monday December 02, 2002 @09:57AM (#4792835) Homepage Journal
    Sex and violence. Thats entertainment. Here a LEGO sex link: Lego sex [missoizo.com]. I was surprised that Bill and Monica weren't portrayed.
  • This reminds me of 4 years ago when my own Lego-death scenes made the /. front page. You know, back when /. was fun to read still. Unfortunately, the server they live on is having a little net problem right now, else I would put up another link...
  • to my mind is: The Brick Testament. The Bible in Lego. As anyone who's really read the Bible knows there's some disturbing stuff in there. Seeing some of that material in Lego makes it even more troublesome.


    Fair warning: The site is Extremely slow.


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