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Journal Journal: The ENIAC Demo Competition

!!! w3lCoM3 t0 dA ENiAC dEm0C0Mp0 !!!

We are happy to announce the opening of the first demoparty dedicated to the ENIAC.
If you wish to participate, please agree to observe the following party rules:

1) Bring your own ENIACs. We do not want to see viruses on our system.

2) If you plug your ENIAC to the wall power plug, the PC, Amiga and Atari ST demomakers will saw your head off. At your own risk.

3) To give electrical power to your machine, we provide a bicycle room with attached generators. Please let us know a week in advance of the size of your group, so that we can get enough bicycles for everyone.

4) You are responsible of finding your own spot in the party room. Our ENIAC is already taking half of the available space.

5) It is forbidden to step on the wires.

6) "Flame" demo effects are forbidden. When we tried to achieve one, the vacuum tubes caught fire and we had to call 911. They were not very happy about it.

7) It is forbidden to spray paint graffiti on our ENIAC.

8) Domestic animals are forbidden. We will not pay for any damage caused by the stench of burned fur coming out of relay boxes.

9) You are responsible looking after your ENIAC. Dishonest persons may want to steal it at night.

10) It is STRICTLY forbidden to sleep on top of the ENIAC units.

11) Bring your own spare vacuum tubes and resistors. If you forget them you can buy them at the party but we will set the price... don't say we didn't tell you...

12) Musical creations are forbidden. Our musician tried to compose something and provoked the death of five dogs while trying to complete "Woof Woof ZAPPP !!", played with his newly created Music Tracker "LiveWireDogeeh".

13) Graphical creations are forbidden. Our graphist found a horrible death after making a vacuum tube box explode in an attempt to automatically create a drawing of Pamela Anderson on the floor with the glass shards. The result was not so great anyways.

14) The Bicycle Room has an excellent drink vending machine [rubs hands].

15) The coders are not allowed to access the ENIAC switches while the demo is running.

16) Any vacuum tube that fries during the demo cannot be replaced.

17) The "Plasma", "Shadebobs" or "Lens" demo effects are forbidden. Our coder placed some pot in the relay box so that we were stoned by the smoke and saw all kind of weird stuff.

18) If somebody does not respect these rules, people may be pissed off and quit the ENIAC scene !

The competition prices are as follows:

1. A brand new ENIAC
2. A Z80 building kit for every member of the group.
3. A box of General Electric vacuum tubes.

Good luck !

- Newsdee.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Video Games Movie List

This is a list of videogames movies. Feel free to add to it or comment if you think there is something worth changing.


. Super Mario Bros.
. Street Fighter
. Mortal Kombat
. Mortal Kombat Annihilation
. Dungeons & Dragons (ok, it's a table RPG, but still...)
. Wing Commander
. Resident Evil
. Tomb Raider
. Final Fantasy
. Double Dragon
. Clue (table game, see D&D)
. Last Bronx

Parasite Eve (not really, book and movie released first)


. Avalon
. Arcade
. Brainscan
. Brainstorm
. Cloak and Dagger
. eXistenZ
. Joysticks
. Jumanji
. The Last Starfighter
. Lawnmower Man
. Matrix
. Mazes and Monsters
. Nightmares - Bishop of Battle sequence
. Strange Days
. Tron
. Virtuosity
. War Games
. The Wizard

Video-game "feeling" but comes from other source.

. The 13th Floor [actually inspired from a book, Simulacron-3 by Daniel F. Galouye, 1964]

. Starship Troopers [looks like Starcraft but actually from Robert Heinlen's book of the same title, 1987]

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