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Comment Re:"A Russian cyberattack that targeted Democratic (Score 1) 282

There is a reason why the Left (as opposed to the Democrats or the Liberals) refers to the NYT as "Pravda on the Hudson". Lately, the Washington Post is the same way -- just check their headlines. If you are paying any atttention at all, you will notice that Hillary is running to the right of everyone on policy and on her actual history in office. Notice lately how they cranked it up to 11 regarding what Trump *might* do, while completely ignoring what Hillary actually *has* done.... meanwhile the media is acting all innocent as if they are governed by a bunch of angels. When in fact, they need to be punched in the face and hard.

Submission + - Linux 4.8 Prepares NVIDIA Pascal & Raspberry Pi 3 SoC Support, AMD Overclock (phoronix.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The Linux 4.8 feature merge window was open the past two weeks and it culminated with this evening's release of Linux 4.8-rc1. Now that the merge window is over, it's easy to grasp a good look at the Linux 4.8 features. Coming to the Linux 4.8 kernel is initial NVIDIA Pascal support via the open-source Nouveau driver, initial support for the Broadcom SoC found in the Raspberry Pi 3, AMD GPU overclocking support for the open-source driver, multiple new security safeguards, file-system improvements, and more.

Comment Re: Same As Before (Score 1) 503

Just out of curiosity have you tried any of the newer openSuSE versions? Its what I deploy when I just need a straight-up business/scientific desktop with everything just working and integrated seamlessly. That said, I haven't used it myself in a while, I'm on slackware ATM. Spent *years* on RH tho I think SuSE has the far better quality.

Comment Re:And you shouldn't be.... (Score 0) 254

Re:Fun Read? (Score:5, Funny)
by earlymon ( 1116185 ) Alter Relationship on Tuesday May 05, 2009 @12:38AM (#27826527) Homepage Journal

Kindly have the decency to identify us correctly by our Sacred Relic - Strunk and White's Elements of Style, First Edition.

I hope you did not mean for us to lump us in the Later Editioners - who eat off of their bellies, when there are perfectly good tables about for use of that function.

In any case, your abbreviation of the Holy Name of our Sacred Relic may well have been alleviated by the acceptable, yet colloquial (although arcane), use of et cetera, hereby illustrated as per Rule 2, as you are but no doubt aware of so to do: Stunk and White, etc.

(And yes, I thank you in advance for the opportunity of scoring points with my peers to compact my typography by ending a sentence with the abbreviated form of et cetera, thereby saving a full period. My deep appreciation is also given for the bonus points scored as well that the word period preceded it's synonymously named punctuation mark in the previous sentence. It is for this alone that I defer to kindness and not rag upon the lack of calendar year reference, similarly missing.

After all, a good Grammar Nazi is never a quibbling Sematics Nazi, nor worse, a Syntax Nazi (this last reference having been given, quite naturally, with highest reverence to the ghosts of alt.syntax).) *

Kindly remember, and please never forget: if something can be said with few words, it's worth saying very well; therefore, it worth saying with a great many words, in order to be at one's best, if for no other reason. (N.B., it is well and good that initiates question the validity of verbosity over being succinct, as an object lesson that the admonishment for clarity overrides.)

In closing, I am further compelled to compliment you upon the quite deft class-naming used for our gathering place, indicating, as it does, this modern forum while simultaneously not excluding Usenet, that is, as goes without saying, our one true Kobol, with the codex modification as it applies, naturally, to the mythology presented only in the contempory BattleStar Gallactica.

* Note the parenthetical salvation of the egregious Usenet syntax error had the sentence been constructed to end thus: alt.syntax.

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