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Comment Re:Concurrency bugs found in highly concurrent lan (Score 3, Interesting) 217

Absolutely! They write:

"The major languages that contribute concurrency errors
from these classes are Go, C#, and Scala and their regression
coefficient is also statistically significant. These results confirm,
in general static languages produce more concurrency errors than
others. Among the dynamic languages, only Erlang is more
prone to concurrency errors. The regression analysis also shows
that projects written in dynamic languages like CoffeeScript,
TypeScript, Ruby, and Php have fewer concurrency errors"

Well, there isn't much concurrency to be had in TypeScript or CoffeeScript since they operate in single threaded environments, and it wouldn't surpise me if the same goes for the other ones. And saying that Erlan has problems with concurrency is... the cart before the horse.

Comment Make sure to include a lot of Sub Saharan Africans (Score 1) 392

They have bigger genetic diversity. According to Wikpiedia:

" The recent African origin theory for humans would predict that in Africa there exists a great deal more diversity than elsewhere, and that diversity should decrease the further from Africa a population is sampled. Long and Kittles show that indeed, African populations contain about 100% of human genetic diversity, whereas in populations outside of Africa diversity is much reduced"

Distribution of variation

Comment A threat is a threat (Score 4, Interesting) 706

Well, if you would send a letter to someone saying they will die, then that it is most obviously a threat. If instead, you would send a drawing, showing them dying, it would still be a threat. If you publicly or in a way that at least can bee seen by the persons depicted, post a video of them getting shot, that is still a threat. Now, I am not familiar with this app, and it might be that it does such an unrealistic job as to it not being something that can be taken seriously, but if it does a good job, and somebody decides to post it or send it so that it gets the attention of the people in the film, well then it is a threat. Think like this: If "three fingers Joe" of the mob posted the same video, I think it would be pretty clear to see that it is a threat.

Comment Bachata Linux (Score 2) 299

Take a look at Bachata Linux, it is a slimmed down Debian weighing in at less than 128 MB, needs no Internet connection when installing:

"A minimal Debian based Linux system with fully functional bash shell (with GNU coreutils, not BusyBox), TCP/IP networking with DHCP client and APT setup to be able to install any package from the Debian repositories."

Comment Logical extension of the monocoque (Score 1) 189

There was a time when all cars were built with a frame and then an additional external skin or paneling, and similar for aircraft. One then realized that one could combine the load bearing and the skin in one material, and this is called monocoque.

Using the skin for storing energy (especially storing "weightless" electrical energy) seems to be just a logical extension of the monocoque concept. Maybe cars will be built in some synthetic double shell lined with massive-surfaced nanoscale carbon structures?


Woman Develops Peanut Allergy After Lung Transplant 146

An anonymous reader writes "A woman in need of a lung transplant got her new lungs from someone with a peanut allergy who died of anaphylactic shock. Seven months after the surgery, the woman was at an organ transplant support group when she ate a peanut butter cookie and had a violent allergic reaction. So how had the woman's new lungs brought along a peanut allergy? A blog post dives into the medical details and explains that immune cells in the donated lungs couldn't have lived in the new body for long enough to cause the reaction... however, if they encountered an allergen (i.e. something peanuty) shortly after being transplanted, they could have trained the woman's native immune cells to respond."

Comment Statement from Swedish Pirate Party's leader (Score 5, Informative) 1017

Rick Falkvinge, the chairman of the Swedish Pirate Party has made a statement in an internal newsletter. It can be found here.

An excerpt in a quick-and-dirty translation by me:

"I ask everyone to exercise extreme caution in this issue and keep two very important things in mind:

We cannot and should not second guess the results of a trial. We should not even hint whether he is guilty or not, not internally and not externally. If somebody asks, we reply that it is a serious crime he is being accused of, but that there is no basis for us to speculate about his culpability.

It is not Assange that we are helping. We don't know the guy. The organisation The Pirate Party helps the organisation WikiLeaks, and that on a sound ideological common ground. If the organisation Wikileaks has problems with their staff, they have to solve it, not us.Most contact between WL [Wikileaks] and PP [Pirate Party], has been between theirs and ours technicians, and not with Assange."


First 'Malaria-Proof' Mosquito Created 261

Gisg writes "The University of Arizona team reported that their genetically modified mosquitoes are immune to the malaria-causing parasite, a single-cell organism called Plasmodium. Riehle and his colleagues tested their genetically-altered mosquitoes by feeding them malaria-infested blood. Not even one mosquito became infected with the malaria parasite."

Comment Do not count a movie's popularity in dollars (Score 1) 820

For us who do not own stock in whatever company footed the bill for this movie, it is from our perspective more interesting how many people saw the movie, dollars be damned. Why count in dollars, when we can estimate the number of people who saw it? Then you could say something like "750 000 people have seen this move", which is kind of more interesting.

Comment Substitute for human attention (Score 1) 214

Using face recognition like this is a substitute for human attention. Ideally in a school, teachers and other staff should recognize you and know your name, and notice if you are absent. It is about people actually communicating with and caring for each other. This system in the school sounds more like a prison surveillance system, used in an environment where trust cannot be built.

Comment Re:No proof yet... (Score 2, Informative) 1056

Obviously, something in our environment is making autism rates climb.

Not at all. It's a combination of 2 things:
1. the definition of autism has broadened with time so that things that weren't considered autism 50 years ago now count
2. better detection means people with autism are more likely to get counted.

The scientific consensus is that there is no reason to believe that autism is more common now than before

Wrong! It is pretty clear that autism is more common than before and it seems to be something in the environment, but we do not know what, from Scientific American:

The California researchers concluded that doctors are diagnosing autism at a younger age because of increased awareness. But that change is responsible for only about a 24 percent increase in children reported to be autistic by the age "A shift toward younger age at diagnosis was clear but not huge," the report says. Also, a shift in doctors diagnosing milder cases explains another 56 percent increase. And changes in state reporting of the disorder could account for around a 120 percent increase. Combined, Hertz-Picciotto said those factors "don't get us close" to the 600 to 700 percent increase in diagnosed cases.

Read more here: New Study:>Autism Linked to Environment: Scientific American

Comment Re:Good luck with that. (Score 1) 743

Actually, there is a car manufacturer that tailors its cars so they should sustain an impact with a moose. It is SAAB, and they do this because one of their top execs was killed in a head on collision with a moose.

SAAB tests each car model with a simulated moose coming in through the windshield. If you think about it SAAB cars' windshields are more curved. There is a reason for that.

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