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Journal Journal: Way overdue update

OK, I'm well into my 40's now. Yeah, time marched on. Moved 3x and retired. Managed to cram SuSE-11.2 onto a P2-466 mHz box with 5 gigs of disk. Still got the old SMP Pentium pros and a few Alpha boxes.

Still at it, complete with natalie portman and hot grits, go figure. Broadband is nice tho. My last journal entry was on dialup.

Trying to figure out the new metamod system.

Kids are in college now. Time for a new GF, its been 15 years. Car and house are paid for anyway.

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Journal Journal: getting older *way* too fast here...

'Nother b-day rapidly approaching, gonna be 36 yrs. W00t! (sorta). There's _way_ too much shit going on; most of the guys at work are new now, but they might have to lay off again. I plan to be elsewhere by then cuz unemployed holidays suck. Thinking to go west or to the Pacific. It doesn't help that my entire industry got outsourced 20 yrs ago. getting older still: I remember when Dad was engineering prof. at the Uni Illinois, champaign-urbana. (bout 1972) He turned 36, and had time on the school's 4070 mainframe. I had a ball learning punch cards. the idea of abstraction to a series of symbols was fascinating. Cooking up a new version of SteigenLinux, the old site is just embarassing now. The landlord just asked me to leave, so that'll delay things a bit. Playing with the 2.6-test kernels lately, its gonna rock. No I don't care a hoot bout the SCO thing either. I read the stuff but I'm not worried.
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Journal Journal: back again but kinda tired

Back from vacation, gotta go to work tomorrow. Weird how everybody I know has the same gripes about work, even in totally different fields.

Cool that 2.6 is in testing. I see AC has his own patch set started already. This should be good, if 2.5 was any indication. Makes me wonder where Con would go with it...

Cool, Linus and AKPM are at OSDL now. Also, the SGI stuff is giving me a serious hard-on. Now all I need is a few more $$$...

Called upon to moderate again, but kind of tired ATM. I'll prolly take it easy instead. Weird how vacations can wear you out; did you ever try to drive 1000 miles with a 4-year old? It sure makes work seem irrelevant...

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Journal Journal: looks like...

slashcode frapped out again *sigh* gonna have to re-do it all...

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Journal Journal: Moderation

Moderation is kinda weird; this group is a *lot* looser than the "traditional" Usenet groups I'm used to. For instance, *nothing* is assumed, not a common interest, background, or anything else. Hence, I take it seriously when I have to moderate, and I take it all with a grain of salt when I get moderated. Meta-moderation is even harder.

On a similar note, it's cool when I get a story accepted (rarely). Mainly, the context is all-important, and there are as many different contexts as there are slashdot users it seems.
Often the meaning that I intended gets mangled beyond recognition, and the follow-up posts are even more mangled. Once again, joy with a grain of salt. All of it is educational and enlightening; discretion and judgement are required tho; being dispassionate is the rule of the day.

Overall, I'd rather be editing (with maybe a script to catch dupes), but it's OK that maybe I should hold off on that kinda thing for now. Regardless, I'd *always* rather be posting and participating.

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Journal Journal: Mitnick

Wrote in a question to Kevin Mitnick today. Waited 8 years to see if there was a similar-thinking soul. I hope he gets it, it's not even close to all that I would ask in a similar vein, but I think it's the kind of thing he would go for. Everyone else seems to be asking "How do you hope to get up to speed?"

I'm asking "Do you think humanity is any different because of their technologies? Is it better? Worse? Why or why not?"

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Journal Journal: mixed reviews

Mixed reviews to "India Rising" story (posted by Timothy as "YRO: Speaking out for Free Software in India") along with a few mis-understandings... overall, I'm pleased because at least it looks like it got people to think and read/write. Need to find a way to avoid the mis-understandings in the future, except for the obvious trolls, sloppy readers, and the generally trashed. Very pleased that a few Indians posted thoughtfully after carefully reading.

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Journal Journal: wow it finally happened

A story I submitted finally got accepted... go figure. Makes my day, actually; less work than moderating, and I always appreciate good writing and thinking, even if I had to blog most of it. It keeps life interesting when you can deal with people on the other side of the world *right now*

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